Best Oakley Snow Goggles for 2018

The 2018 winter season is around the corner, and we are here to inform you of the best Oakley snow goggles to date! Each of the following goggles comes with triple layer foam technology, which is made of microfiber, and simply is the softest and most comfortable technology that a goggle can have. They all have the dual shield lenses that reduce fogging, and contain a silicone strap to ensure that the goggles stay in place while you ride. Our optical experts, Rob and Tyler, talk in depth about the best Oakley snow goggle collection in our video below.

Oakley Goggles with PRIZM Lens Technology

Any of the amazing Oakley Snow goggles featured in our video above or blog below are available with PRIZM Lens Technology. Whats makes PRIZM lenses so great? Well, I am glad you asked! PRIZM is Oakley's proprietary lens technology and it works by fine tuning lenses for specific environments. In doing so, each lens is created differently to boost contrast and allow you to see like never before. If you need something to help you navigate the mountain on an overcast day, a lower tint lens like PRIZM Hi-Pink would be great. And if you need something for optimal protection on a sunny day, PRIZM Black Iridium is your new best friend. PRIZM lens tints that work great for all around conditions include Jade, Torch, and Sapphire. Continue on to take a closer look at some of our top Oakley Snow Goggles.

Oakley Flight Deck

Oakley Flight Deck Oakley Flight Deck in Blackout with Prizm Jade 

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The Oakley Flight Deck goggles are available in a couple different sizes, the original, and the XM (extra medium). The XM came out a few seasons ago and is the latest version of the Flight Deck series. It has the same technology as the original, but has a smaller fit. The lenses have a spherical shape, with a rimless look.

Oakley Airbrake XL

Oakley Airbrake XL, Oakley PRIZM Snow Oakley Airbrake XL PRIZM Snow Goggles featured in Jet Black with PRIZM Black Iridium 

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The Oakley Airbrake XL is the upgraded version of the Airbrake, and fits a large to extra large head. Some great features of these goggles include the switch lock system. This system makes it super easy to change lenses in and out. If you have trouble doing so, we have videos on our website. Also, these are the only pair of Oakley goggles that come with two lenses, one being for brighter conditions, and the other for lower light situations.

Oakley Line Miner

Oakley Line Miner snow goggle Oakley Line Miner in Matte Black with PRIZM Torch 

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The Line Miner is a new model from Oakley. The main difference between the Line Miner and the Fall Line is the lenses. The Line Miner has taller lenses in comparison. One of the cool features of these goggles is the cylindrical design. This allows Oakley to bring the lenses closer to the face, which gives a wider field of view and better peripherals.

Oakley Fall Line

Oakley Fall Line Oakley Fall Line in Factory Pilot White Out with PRIZM Sapphire

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The Fall Line from Oakley is similar to the Line Miner design, with a couple of minor differences. The Fall Line lenses are shorter, but make up for their height with the rimless edges, which look a little cleaner.

Oakley Prescription Snow Goggles at SportRx!

Dealing with over the glasses goggles (OTG) is so...not even last shouldn't even be a thing at all anymore. You can custom tailor your Oakley snow goggles to your prescription allowing nothing to hold you back on the slopes. As always, you can get prescription inserts for each of these goggles! All you have to do is contact SportRx and we will take care of the rest. Check out our website or give us a call!