Introducing The Dawn of the Most Advanced Lens Technology: Oakley PRIZM Lens Technology

Everyone has heard about Oakley PRIZM lenses, but do you really know what it's all about? Oakley is known for combining cutting edge technology and performance-driven function. PRIZM continues that legacy with a ground breaking sport specific, prescription-ready lens technology.

Everything You Need to Know About PRIZM

A. What is PRIZM?
B. Key Benefits of Oakley PRIZM Lenses
C. How Do Oakley PRIZM Lenses Work?
D. What are PRIZM Lenses Made of?
E. Are all PRIZM lenses polarized?
F. Do PRIZM lenses have UV protection?
G. PRIZM Lens Guide
H. PRIZM Sport
-PRIZM Golf and PRIZM Dark Golf
-PRIZM Field
-PRIZM Deep Water & PRIZM Shallow Water
-PRIZM Road & PRIZM Low Light
-PRIZM Trail
J. PRIZM Everyday
L. Oakley PRIZM in Prescription at SportRx

What is PRIZM?

There is no way to fully understanding the benefits of Oakley PRIZM lenses until you experience them for yourself. But we will start by comparing sunglasses to a stereo. In the past all we could do was make lenses lighter or darker, kind of like only having a volume knob on your stereo. Then contrast enhancing technologies became available, which would be like also having bass and treble control. Oakley however takes that technology one major step further. They fine tune the light spectrum with PRIZM dyes to increase contrast and reduce glare for your specific sport, environment, and condition. That would be like having a personal sound technician to make all necessary adjustments for the highs and lows throughout each song so you can feel the individual notes.

Key Benefits of Oakley PRIZM Lenses

  • Sharpens visual perception to help you see more clearly and react faster
  • Enhances color recognition through boosted contrast to help you quickly spot what you need to see
  • Optimizes your ability to better see the important moving objects in your environment

How Do Oakley PRIZM Lenses Work?

PRIZM is a new Oakley lens technology that fine tunes vision for specific environments. The lenses work to emphasize colors where the eye is most sensitive to detail, which in return, helps to enhance performance and safety.

Traditional sunglass lenses force us to make a compromise between the colors we want to see in an environment and the other colors that interfere with our perception. Oakley PRIZM works to filter out any "noisy" light that could interfere with vision, while emphasizing the colors necessary for optimal performance.

Oakley achieved this innovation by utilizing hyperspectral imaging, a technique used by spy satellites that helps analyze light in real-world environments. The hyperspectral camera allowed engineers to see the patterns and conditions of the spectral peaks that exist in a wide variety of conditions. Once the transmission peaks found in nature were identified, a lens dye was scientifically engineered to match the absorption peaks, which help to boost the "good" light and filter out the "noisy" light.

What are PRIZM Lenses Made of?

All PRIZM lenses are made of Plutonite, Oakley's proprietary lens material. Plutonite is a high-grade polycarbonate that is highly impact resistant. PRIZM lenses are created by melting plutonite down to liquid form and then adding dyes to give it the desired color and tint. This manufacturing method is better than other brands because the lenses never fade over time and the UV protection cannot be scratched off because it is infused in the lens.

Are all PRIZM lenses polarized?

Not all PRIZM lenses are polarized. This is because not every situation will require it and in some instances it may inhibit performance. Polarized lenses are great for glare reduction and recommended for water activities or driving. Glare is created when the vertical wavelength from the sun reflects off a surface such as water or car bumper and combines with a horizontal wavelength. The main drawback to polarized lenses is that they throw off depth perception due to the polarized filter that cuts out the horizontal wavelength found in glare.

Aside from PRIZM Deep Water and PRIZM Shallow Water, the PRIZM sport lenses are not polarized. So you may be asking yourself, 'What If I encounter glare in a sport environment?' Don't worry, Oakley has a solution for that too. There is a mirror coating on the outside of all of the PRIZM sport-specific lenses that will help with brightness from the sun without sacrificing depth perception or contrast. Here's a closer look at how these game-changing lenses function in their respective sport environment.

Do PRIZM lenses have UV protection?

All Oakley Authentic lenses block 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC and harmful blue light up to 400 nanometers. Blocking out harmful UV rays reduces strain and increases the long-term health of your eyes. By reducing this stress, you can stay focused on what matters.

PRIZM Lens Guide

We created this PRIZM guide to help you make the best possible lens choice for your favorite activity.

*VLT-visible light transmission is the amount of light that passes through the lens to your eye. For example, a darker tint lens will have a lower VLT percentage and a lighter tint lens will have a higher VLT percentage.

PRIZM TypeColorActivitiesConditionsRx-ablePolarized available?VLT %
GolfGolf, Tennislow to mediumyesno25-35%
Dark GolfGolf, Tennismedium to brightyesno16-25%
RoadCycling, Running, Drivinglow to brightyesno16-25%
Low LightCycling, Runninglownono75%
TrailMountain Biking, Trail Runninglow to mediumyesno31-41%
FieldBaseball, Cricketlow to brightyesno12-20%
Deep WaterOffshore Fishing and Boatingbrightyesyes12-20%
Shallow WaterInshore Fishing and Boatingmedium to brightnoyes16-26%
DailyEverydaylow to mediumnoyes10-21%
Black IridiumEverydaybrightyesyes8-15%
Sapphire IridiumEverydaymedium to brightyesyes8-18%
Jade IridiumEverydaymedium to brightyesyes10-21%
Tungsten IridiumEverydaymedium to brightnoyes8-18%
Ruby IridiumEverydaymedium to brightnoyes12-21%

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PRIZM Golf and PRIZM Dark Golf

Targetline prizm dark golf Oakley Targetline in Matte Black with PRIZM Dark Golf

Shop Oakley Targetline

PRIZM Golf and PRIZM Dark Golf lenses allow a golfer to see the changes in texture and the different greens so they can recognize where the rough begins and the green ends. PRIZM Golf lenses are suitable for low to medium light conditions, whereas PRIZM Dark Golf lenses are ideal for bright light conditions. Gauge distance and grass conditions better than ever when hitting the course in a pair of Oakley PRIZM Golf Sunglasses.


  • Helps you spot grass textures you might otherwise miss
  • Improves contrast between changes in the greens, therefore helping you spot fairways/fringe/rough transitions
  • Enhanced ability to see and track the ball

*PRIZM Golf and Dark Golf is available in prescription

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flak 2.0 xl prizm field Oakley Flak 2.0 XL in Polished White with PRIZM Field

Shop Oakley Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

PRIZM Field lenses work to enhance contrast between the ball and the background, making the important colors more vivid. This makes the ball easier to see among the other colors present in a baseball field environment. Perform at your peak with Oakley PRIZM Baseball Sunglasses.


  • Gives an infielder the ability to see the greens and reds which allow the ball to stand out more against the grass and dirt
  • Enhances the sky colors to yield better contrast for fly balls

*PRIZM Field is available in prescription

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PRIZM Deep Water & PRIZM Shallow Water

prizm deep water Oakley Split Shot with PRIZM Deep Water Polarized lenses

Shop Oakley Split Shot

Likewise with baseball, there can be completely different light conditions for fishing and so Oakley created PRIZM Shallow Water Polarized lenses and PRIZM Deep Water Polarized lenses. Both of these water lenses have been enhanced with HDPolarized filtering to block 99% of reflected glare, leaving out distortion. So whether you're a deep sea fisherman or a stream fisher, Oakley has you covered. We also have a comparison review of the similarities and differences between PRIZM Deep and PRIZM Shallow Water lenses.


Shallow Water Polarized:

  • Boosts green and copper hues that define hiding spots
  • Maintains bright whites to easier spot the fish and flies on the surfaces of the water
  • Helps define shadows of the fish

Deep Water Polarized Lenses:

  • The deep water lenses filter out specific shades of blue that crowd your vision on the open water so you can see below the surface
  • Strengthens the reds and greens colors that will give you a better view of the activity below the surface
  • Darker than the shallow water PRIZM lenses

*PRIZM Deep Water Polarized is available in prescription

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PRIZM Road & PRIZM Low Light

radar ev path prizm road Oakley Radar EV Path in Matte Black with PRIZM Road

Shop Oakley Radar EV Path

PRIZM Road lenses will enable a cyclist to see all the details and changes of the road surface or trail they are riding on, as well as enhancing the blues and greens of their path for a more enjoyable ride. As great as the PRIZM Road lens is, Oakley saw an opportunity to bring something new to the market by identifying every possible need for a cyclist. The PRIZM Low Light lens is the newest addition to the PRIZM family. Designed as a high transmission lens, it was made for low light situations such as early mornings, twilight, or canopy cover. See all that you are meant to see and more with Oakley PRIZM Cycling Sunglasses.


  • Improved vision in both bright light and shadows
  • Traffic lights become more vibrant, and white and yellow lines are more clearly differentiated
  • Blues and greens are enhanced for a more pleasant ride

*PRIZM Road is available in prescription

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racing jacket prizm trail Oakley Racing Jacket in Carbon with PRIZM Trail

Shop Oakley Racing Jacket

PRIZM Trail lenses are perfect for trail running, hiking, and mountain biking because it enhances the colors on the trails along with the light conditions in and out of shadows. You will be able to see and react faster to the patches of sand, roots, rocks, and other obstacles that are crucial to avoid. Experience the trail like never before with Oakley PRIZM Trail.


  • Enhances reds and browns
  • More vividly represents plants and foliage colors
  • Improved vision in both bright light and shadows

*PRIZM Trail is available in prescription

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Oakley Flight Deck Oakley Flight Deck in Blackout with PRIZM Jade lens

Shop Oakley Flight Deck

PRIZM Snow technology allows you to see the bumps, holes, and small details in the snow that other goggles won't catch. Engineered to perfection, the lenses can help you perform better with a greater range of lighting conditions, which also reduces the need to have different goggles for every weather condition. Now do you understand why these lenses are worth the hype? They're revolutionary! Oakley PRIZM Snow Goggles are available in several tints so you will have a ripping time no matter what.


  • Enhanced contrast with a PRIZM option for any condition on the mountain
  • Read the lines and bumps in the snow more clearly
  • Get the maximum or minimum amount of light desired based on the weather

*PRIZM Snow is available with a prescription insert

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PRIZM Everyday

Oakley Holbrook Oakley Holbrook in Woodgrain with PRIZM Daily

Shop Oakley Holbrook

Oakley created PRIZM Everyday lenses so people can enjoy the benefits of PRIZM technology all the time. The PRIZM Daily lens was first tint introduced for everyday use and now other tint combinations have been added for multiple aesthetic and performance options. These lenses will maximize contrast and enhance visibility so you can have an experience that is relaxing and pleasing to the eye wherever you go.


  • Deeper reds
  • Enhanced blue sky
  • Blooming hues of green
  • HDPolarized lenses that block 99% of reflected glare

*PRIZM Daily polarized options: Black, Sapphire, Jade, Ruby, and Tungsten

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Airbrake MX in Tld Megaburst Orange Navy with PRIZM MX Torch Airbrake MX in Tld Megaburst Orange Navy with PRIZM MX Torch

Shop Oakley Airbrake MX

Spotting ruts and dips ahead of time is key in motocross. Many top riders consider PRIZM MX lenses a necessity out on the track. This lens will allow a rider to see the subtle changes in dirt conditions to make the split-second decisions for a safe ride. PRIZM MX lenses are available in multiple tints to meet your riding needs.


  • Boosted contrast to help you see the variations and textures in track surfaces
  • Increased depth perception and ability to pick up on and read shadowy ruts
  • Improved vision in both bright light and shadows

*PRIZM MX is available with a prescription insert

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Oakley PRIZM in Prescription at SportRx

Did you know you can get most of the Oakley PRIZM lenses in YOUR prescription? That's right! Oakley authentic PRIZM lenses made custom for your sunglasses. We also make prescription inserts that are compatible with any Oakley goggle. We're here for you 7 days a week so call or Live Chat an optician with any questions about Oakley PRIZM prescription sunglasses or Oakley PRIZM prescription goggles. All you have to do is contact us to order yourself one of the many goggles or glasses with Oakley PRIZM technology.