PRIZM Snow: For Every Condition

Oakley PRIZM lens technology introduces a new way of looking at goggles...literally. PRIZM Snow tailors the lens and tints to specific environments and conditions you will encounter out on the mountain. It drastically increases contrast and visibility, bringing you an experience, like you've never seen before. Scope out the video below to see Sunglass Rob and veteran optician, Tyler, show you all of the PRIZM lenses and explain the types of conditions that they are great for.



With six different options to choose from, there is always a PRIZM lens to meet YOUR needs. Explore all the Oakley PRIZM Snow lens options below. We have a complete Oakley goggle guide if you are still trying to make up your mind on which model to choose.

Oakley Prizm Snow Lenses, Oakley snow goggles

Struggling to choose the perfect Oakley PRIZM lens for your Oakley snow goggles? We present the complete guide of Oakley PRIZM Snow lenses!


prizm hi-pink PRIZM HI-Pink

PRIZM HI-Pink is Oakley's answer for the ultimate low-light lens. It will bring you unbelievable contrast on white out or overcast days, allowing you to see every little detail. HI-Pink has a visible light transmission of 35-40% with boosted contrast. A higher VLT will allow more light through the lens than a darker tint so you can see more clearly. The increase in contrast from PRIZM lens technology makes picking up on details in the snow easier, giving you a safer riding experience. 


prizm rose PRIZM Rose

PRIZM Rose is very similar to HI-Pink, with a few key differences. PRIZM rose is also ideal for low light or overcast conditions but features a lower visible light transmission of 25-28%. This means that PRIZM Rose is a slightly darker lens than PRIZM HI-Pink. We also have a separate blog explaining the differences between PRIZM Rose and PRIZM HI-Pink.




PRIZM Torch,  PRIZM Jade, and PRIZM Sapphire are all similar functionally, but feature different aesthetics. When deciding which lens tint is right for you, it ultimately comes down to which color you like best. The light transmission is 17-20% on all three lenses, making them perfect for a variety of conditions. 


prizm black iridium PRIZM Black Iridium

PRIZM Black Iridium is constructed for the bright, blue bird days. These goggles have a light transmission of 10-13%, making them the darkest tint in the PRIZM Snow collection. PRIZM lens technology guarantees the best possible contrast so you can find your lines with ease. 


Oakley Prizm Lens Technology

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Oakley PRIZM Snow Lens Technology will enhance your vision and give you a more vibrant and exciting experience out on the slopes. With so many PRIZM Snow lenses available and the best Oakley snow goggles to choose from, we will have something to meet your specific riding needs. If you are in need of a Oakley PRIZM prescription snow goggle option, we can do that too! Contact us if you need help placing an order or if you have any additional questions!