Watch out PRIZM HI-Pink! There is a new Oakley PRIZM low light lens on the block. PRIZM Persimmon will be released for the 2019/20 season and it is already generating a lot of hype. We headed up to Mammoth Mountain to see how PRIZM Persimmon stacks up against PRIZM HI Pink. Sunglass Rob and Tyler give you their take on the similarities and differences between both lenses. Discover the differences between PRIZM Persimmon and HI Pink with the review below.

The conditions for flat light lens testing were perfect! The snow was dumping and there was no way we would be getting down the mountain without a flat light lens. Luckily, we had two of the best flat light lenses to help us navigate through the stormy conditions. At the end of the day, it was tough to choose one lens over another because they both perform great. We think it comes down to personal preference and aesthetics more than anything. We will dive a little deeper into the comparison between PRIZM Persimmon and PRIZM HI-Pink below. You can also check out our Complete PRIZM Snow Lens Guide if you want to see the full collection.


Similarities Between PRIZM Persimmon and HI Pink

PRIZM Lens Technology

Any PRIZM Snow lens is going to give you that contrast enhancement that Oakley PRIZM Lens Technology is so well known for. Better contrast means the details in your environment are easier to pick up and you will be able to react quicker. Have a safer and more enjoyable ride with a boost in contrast!

Visible Light Transmisson

Both lenses seemed to function fairly similar. Out on the mountain, PRIZM Persimmon seemed to be just a bit darker. However, Oakley has it pegged as being a lighter lens than HI Pink. This means that technically speaking, PRIZM Persimmon will have a higher VLT than HI Pink. VLT, or Visible Light Transmission, is a measure of the percentage of light coming through a lens. A higher VLT lens will allow more light through the lens to your eyes and a lower VLT means a darker tint and more light blocked out. If you want a an even darker tint you may be interested in PRIZM Rose. It is still considered a low light lens but it is darker than Persimmon and HI Pink. You can check out our PRIZM Persimmon vs Rose Review to see how they compare.

Dual Pane Lenses

Dual pane lenses balance internal and external temperatures to reduce any chance of fogging.


Anti-fog coating comes standard with any Oakley Snow lens. This, combined with the dual pane lens structure should do the trick to keep you fog free for a full day out on the slopes.

Differences Between PRIZM Persimmon and HI Pink


From an outside perspective, PRIZM HI Pink has a pink, rosy tint. When you are wearing the PRIZM HI Pink lens you will see the world through a rose filter because the base tint of the lens is rose. On the flip side, PRIZM Persimmon looks like an a light orange lens. When you are looking out through it you will see everything in a light orange color. One color is not necessarily better than the other which is why much of your decision comes down to personal preference.

Color Boost

PRIZM Persimmon will give you a more profound 'pop' in color. The color change that you experience when putting your goggle on is more noticeable with PRIZM Persimmon. Everything you see appears in a light orange color. PRIZM HI Pink is closer to a clear lens with just a hint of pink. HI Pink gives you a more subtle color pop that isn't as significant as Persimmon. With either lens you will still get the same great contrast enhancement that all Oakley PRIZM lenses are known for.


PRIZM Persimmon

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Oakley Flight Deck XM

Oakley Flight Deck XM in Matte Black with a PRIZM HI Pink lens

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