Heat Wave

Heat Wave Regulator Overview

The Heat Wave Regulator brings the brand's West Coast roots to life in this frame's clean design. Unapologetically bold and far from shy, the Regulator sunglasses are the perfect companion for any of your spontaneous adventures and social outings. Join SportRx as we spill all the details on these Heat...

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Heat Wave Vise Z87 with Side Shields Overview

When working in situations with dust, dirt, and debris, it's crucial to protect your most important asset — your vision. The Heat Wave Vise Z87 with Side Shields provides greater peripheral protection from flying objects and guarantees clear vision to get the job done. Join SportRx for a frame overview...

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Heat Wave Vise Z87 Overview

What do you get when you cross California-cool style with serious safety eyewear? An ANSI-rated frame that looks so good, you'll keep it on even after clocking out. Introducing the Heat Wave Vise Z87, the ideal frame for protecting your vision on the job and blocking UVs during an after-hours...

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Heat Wave Vise Review

Take life by the horns and embrace adventure with the Heat Wave Vise sunglasses. Designed as bold as the people who wear them, these frames are the perfect blend of superior optics and a casual cool style. Join SportRx as we highlight everything you need to know about one of...

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