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Electric Sunglasses, Goggles & Electric Prescription Eyewear

Electric Eyewear, an edgy eyewear brand that is rooted in the rich culture of Southern California. Electric sunglasses and Electric goggles are inspired by SoCal music, art, and action sports, and are designed for the creative soul living an active lifestyle. With Electric sunglasses and goggles worn globally, the cool, SoCal vibe permeates throughout many parts of the world. Shop the collection of Electric sunglasses and Electric goggles online to find superior eyewear that meets the standards of your active lifestyle.

Electric OHM Polar

Electric’s target for satisfying the needs for those living an active lifestyle is represented with the technology in their polarized lenses. Like all polarized lenses should, Electric’s polarization reduces glare, so you can see clearly through the water surface, or across the snow. What makes this polarization stand up above the rest is the synthetic melanin infused in each of the lenses. This enhancement blocks harmful UV & HEV blue light, relaxing your eyes and providing vivid, crisp, haze free vision.

Electric Prescription Sunglasses & Prescription Goggles Online

Need Electric prescription sunglasses or Electric prescription snow goggles? Our awesome team of opticians has perfected custom prescription lenses and prescription goggle inserts. SportRx will uniquely craft your Electric prescription sunglasses & snow goggles for all your surf, skate, and snow adventures.

Have questions about prescription sunglasses or prescription ski goggles? Feel free to Call us with any questions you can come up with about Electric prescription eyewear. Our opticians are here to help, 7 days a week.

Filling out your prescription with us is easy, took. When you checkout, you can fax, email, or upload your up-to-date prescription online. Don’t have it on hand? Do it later. We’ll email you a reminder so you can get your new prescription Electrics as soon as possible.

SportRx Worry-Free Shipping & Easy Returns

You're never stuck with anything that you buy from SportRx, because you’re backed by the See Better Guarantee on every order.If you're not more than 100% satisfied with your Electric sunglasses, goggles, or prescription eyewear, send 'em back to us within 45 days of receiving them. Forget about paying shipping and get a full refund or your choice of credit towards a better pair or another future purchase.

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  1. Electric Knoxville
    17 Colors
    Electric Knoxville
  2. Electric Tech One
    15 Colors
    Electric Tech One
  3. Electric Knoxville Union
    4 Colors
    Electric Knoxville Union
  4. Electric Knoxville XL
    17 Colors
    Electric Knoxville XL
  5. Electric Black Top
    6 Colors
    Electric Black Top
  6. Electric Charge
    4 Colors
    Electric Charge
  7. Electric Bengal Wire
    7 Colors
    Electric Bengal Wire
  8. Electric Mudslinger
    5 Colors
    Electric Mudslinger
  9. Electric Backbone S
    6 Colors
    Electric Backbone S
  10. Electric Outline
    1 Color
    Electric Outline
  11. Electric Road Glacier
    3 Colors
    Electric Road Glacier
  12. Electric Swingarm
    9 Colors
    Electric Swingarm
  13. Electric Swingarm S
    8 Colors
    Electric Swingarm S
  14. Electric La Txoko
    5 Colors
    Electric La Txoko
  15. Electric Big Beat
    1 Color
    Electric Big Beat
  16. Electric Charger Snow Goggle
    7 Colors
    Electric Charger Snow Goggle
  17. Electric Charger W Snow Goggle
    1 Color
    Electric Charger W Snow Goggle
  18. Electric Crasher
    5 Colors
    Electric Crasher
  19. Electric Danger Cat
    7 Colors
    Electric Danger Cat
  20. Electric Danger Cat LX
    5 Colors
    Electric Danger Cat LX
  21. Electric Dude
    6 Colors
    Electric Dude

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