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Your favorite pair deserves an upgrade. Bring a fresh view to your go-to sunglasses or eyeglasses with prescription replacement lenses.

Hands down better than buying from Oakley directly. Better service. Better correspondence. Able to facilitate my needs and requests in a timely fashion and delivered everything they said they would ahead of time. I couldn't be happier.

— Stephen J.


Your frames work just fine, so why get new ones if you only need to update your lenses? The great news is that you don’t have to! Prescription replacement lenses allow you to put new Rx lenses in your existing frames to make them just like the day you first bought them.

Your favorite pair has probably seen a lot (no pun intended!). Whether you want to replace scratched lenses, swap your non-prescription lenses for Rx ones, or you need to change your prescription, your most well-loved sunglasses or eyeglasses can be rescued.

Order Rx Replacement Lenses From Home

SportRx makes it easy to update the lenses in your glasses or sunglasses! While there are a few places you can find for ordering replacement Rx lenses online, here are a few ways we stand out from the rest.

We Offer Authentic Branded Lens Tech

SportRx is the only online lens replacement service that offers proprietary lens technology from your favorite brands, including Oakley PRIZM™, Costa 580®, and Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2®. We also offer branded lens tech for clear lenses and eyeglasses! That means we can remake your lenses so they’re as close as possible — if not identical — to your original ones. And in your prescription.

We get the most requests for branded sunglass lenses. Because they’re made in their respective labs, you get an authentic product. You can order replacement prescription sunglass lenses for your frames in a range of exclusive lens technologies, including:

We maintain trusted relationships with each of these brands, and you can expect to see the same quality, value, and brand recognition.

We Offer Affordable Customized Lenses

Do you love premium quality and great value? We got you! SportRx offers Build-Your-Own lenses — the most customizable replacement lenses on the market at a crazy reasonable price.

Why do we offer so many options? Because our team brings decades of optical expertise to the table, so we know what works! SportRx custom lenses give you countless ways to personalize your specs.

Choose from a range of options, including:

  • Prescription Type — Single vision, progressives, bifocals
  • Sport Optimized Lenses — Pre-designed to optimize performance by activity
  • Lens Material — Polycarbonate, Trivex, High Index
  • Unique Tint & Mirror Pairings
  • Polarization & Transition Lenses
  • Lens Coatings — Scratch resistance, anti-reflective, blue light blocking, anti-fog, hydrophobic, oleophobic

You don’t have to pay a fortune to replace lenses in existing frames. Build-Your-Own with SportRx custom lenses!

We Are Opticians

That brings us to our next point: We’re opticians! More than standard opticians, we are Sports Opticians who are ABO-certified and well-researched in providing solutions for the everyday person as well as the performance athlete. We are the only online replacement lens company who has Sports Opticians on staff who know the sport, play the sport, and can translate its demands into game-changing optics.

Forget about ordering your prescription replacement lenses from an online retailer who may not have the skills or knowledge to guide you. Our Sports Opticians are as excited about your new lenses as you are — maybe more!

Our Sports Opticians:

  • Have 300 years of combined optical experience
  • Are athletes and perform our own research and development to understand athlete’s optical needs
  • Foster rich relationships with our brands and their reps, and
  • Stake our reputation on our quality, expertise, and service

To get the most out of your prescription replacement lenses, give our Sports Opticians a call. We’re stoked to help!

We Do High Rx Lenses

If you have a high prescription and have been turned away from other places or told your high Rx replacement lenses couldn’t be done, come to us! SportRx offers high index lenses and works with even the most complex vision needs. We can find a way to fit lenses into most frames, even discontinued models.

When we say we love what we do, we mean it. Clear vision is a gift we believe everyone is meant to enjoy. A high Rx should never hold you back from doing what makes your heart happy. Our Board-Certified opticians have a combined 300 years of optical experience. We have a solution for almost every optical conundrum. If you've hit a wall with other replacement lens services, chances are we're the experts you've been looking for.

We Have Free Returns & Exchanges

We know that ordering Rx replacement lenses online can feel like a gamble, especially if it’s your first time doing so. We understand the care and precision that each order requires, which is why every single one is backed by our See Better Guarantee™.

Try your Rx replacement lenses for 45 days and if you aren’t totally jazzed about them, we will happily remake them to perfection, set up an exchange, or refund your order in full. And don’t worry about shipping — it’s covered, too!

As part of our five-star service, SportRx Sports Opticians are also available to answer your questions, make experienced recommendations, and ensure your complete satisfaction all the way from start to finish.


Yes! SportRx can work with just about any Rx-friendly frame you want to replace prescription lenses for. There are exceptions to this at times. However, the more information you provide about your frames, the easier it is for us to see how we can help. We love to provide solutions, so reach out to us with your questions!

Yes, we can! We’ll ask for any information you have on the frame, including a picture. Our opticians will review the information, and if we’re not sure, we may reach out and ask to see the frame in-hand to confirm.

While you do not have to have purchased the frame from SportRx, it does need to be prescription compatible. Aren’t sure if it is? Never fear! Our optical geniuses will help determine whether your frame can hold prescription lenses.

No, you do not have to have purchased your existing frames from SportRx. However, they do need to be prescription compatible. Aren’t sure if yours are? Never fear! Our optical geniuses will help determine whether your frame can hold prescription lenses.

That depends! Typically, if your frames do not wrap all the way around your lenses (half-rimmed or interchangeable), you do not need to send them to our facility. If your frames touch all the way around the lens (full-rimmed), they will need to be sent in. Prescription lenses are cut and shaped to fit the frame as seamlessly as possible. This makes it much harder to pop them in and out than non-prescription lenses. Installing Rx lenses often requires heating the frame, which is why we will need them in-hand.

If your lenses are half-rimmed or interchangeable, you can probably install them yourself, but certain model types will be more challenging than others. We always recommend working with our Sports Opticians to understand the installation process. If you’d like to give it a go, we’ve created several videos on how to install your own Rx lenses here.

If your lenses are full-rimmed, we will definitely need to install the lenses at our facility. Trust us! You don’t want to risk damaging your beloved frames by putting the lenses in yourself. Your frames will be in skilled, careful hands.

The only measurement we need is your pupillary distance. This is a physical measurement that is usually taken at an eye exam. You can get this from your eye doctor or the last place where you bought glasses. While this is our first recommendation, you can also reach out to our Sports Opticians for help with finding your pupillary distance measurement. We’ve also got an easy to follow video on how to measure your own pupil distance.

At this time, we can only cut lenses in pairs. This is to ensure the measurement and tint on both lenses is identical, and cutting only one lens leaves room for error with this process.

Not to worry! If the model number has rubbed off the frame arm or you simply don’t know it, our product knowledge experts can identify your frame with just a few pictures. At the very least, we’ll be able to confirm whether your frames will hold prescription lenses.

Our Build-Your-Own lens configurator lets you create the lenses of your choice. Or, check out our Sport Optimized lenses, which are specifically designed to maximize performance for your sport or activity.

Sometimes! If it’s a frame we currently carry, we may be able to order replacement parts. However, not all brands offer them. Reach out to one of our friendly Sports Opticians to see about replacement parts for your frame.