You’ve heard the buzz, but why is Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lens technology creating such a stir?

With an unwavering commitment to providing the best protective eyewear, Wiley X is no stranger to innovative design and pushing boundaries. Their newest lens technology, CAPTIVATE™, is no exception and delivers the same uncompromising performance and impressive optics we’ve grown to love from this family-owned brand.

Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lenses are based on serious research and SportRx is here to tell you all about it. Join us as we explore the science behind this impressive lens technology, learn how this changes the way you view the world, and discover the vibrant lens colors of Wiley X CAPTIVATE™!


1. The Science Behind the Lens
2. Benefits of Wiley X CAPTIVATE™
3. CAPTIVATE™ Lens Comparison Chart
4. CAPTIVATE™ Lens Colors
4.1. Lens Features
4.2. Non-Mirrors
4.2.a. Grey
4.2.b. Copper
4.3. Mirrors
4.3.a. Blue Mirror
4.3.b. Green Mirror
4.3.c. Bronze Mirror
4.3.d. Red Mirror
4.3.e. Rose Gold
4.3.f. Platinum Flash
5. Prescription Wiley X Sunglasses at SportRx

Eyeglass Tyler breaks down Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lens tech before diving into the individual lens colors. Tune in below or keep reading to learn more!

The Science Behind the Lens

It all starts with the visible light spectrum. Within this spectrum, our human eye easily distinguishes the blues, greens, and reds as distinctive colors. However, where these colors overlap with one another, our eyes struggle to decipher and see clearly. CAPTIVATE™ lenses filter out this confusing light by separating the blues, greens, and reds to increase contrast and clarity. You’ll get true color definition, better depth perception, and superior optical clarity when wearing Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lenses.

visible light spectrum without wiley x captivate lenses

visible light spectrum with captivate lenses

In addition to filtering out this confusing light, CAPTIVATE™ lenses also block the harmful light within the VLS. While many of us are already familiar with the benefits of sunglasses decreasing UV exposure, there is also the lesser-known HEV light, which poses a risk to our eyes. HEV, also known as blue light, is commonly associated with digital usage but is also ever-present outdoors. In fact, Wiley X research discovered “that spending one hour outside on a normal overcast day exposes our eyes up to at least 30 times more blue light than spending one hour inside sitting in front of a screen.”

Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lenses block this ‘bad’ blue light, reducing the risk of damage to retinal cells and macular degeneration. It is also the only premium polarized lens technology that blocks this blue light up to 430nm.

Benefits of Wiley X CAPTIVATE™

While SportRx Opticians love CAPTIVATE™ lenses for its innovative and research-based technology, we also understand that it can be tricky to understand how this information translates to the wearer’s visual experience. Let’s take a look at the visual benefits that you can see when wearing Wiley X CAPTIVATE™.

example of vision with and without wiley x captivate lenses

Enhanced Color
By filtering out confusing light in color spectrum that is difficult for the human eye to see, you get a truer color experience.

Greater Clarity
‘Bad’ blue light can create haze. CAPTIVATE™ lenses block this haze so you get crisper vision. This also allows you to see distant objects more clearly.

Better Depth Perception
By separating & enhancing colors on the color spectrum, you’ll experience more accurate depth perception.

Increased Awareness/Elevated Mood
Now, as much as we’ve been stressing the importance of blocking harmful light, not all blue light is created equal. ‘Good’ blue light exists and has a variety of benefits for the human body. It regulates our Circadian rhythm (the sleep/wake cycle) and elevates your mood. By blocking ‘bad’ blue light and allowing ‘good’ blue light through, CAPTIVATE™ lenses help you benefit from the positive aspects of blue light!

Greater Contrast
There are a variety of lens colors designed to increase contrast in specific environments. With each lens color, you’ll receive a carefully chosen base and finish that optimizes your visual experience depending on the conditions. Continue reading to explore the CAPTIVATE™ lens colors and discover which environments they enhance.

ANSI Z87.1 Rated Protection
CAPTIVATE™ lenses are up to the same safety standards we know and expect from Wiley X. All CAPTIVATE™ lenses have passed rigorous safety testing to meet ANSI Z87.1 requirements, meaning you can enjoy your adventures in complete confidence.

Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ Lens Comparison Chart

For a quick lens comparison, our Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ chart has you covered. Looking for more information on the individual lenses? Just keep scrolling!

Lens ColorImageBase ColorColor EnhancementLight ConditionsVLT %Rx-able?
Greywiley x captivate grey lensesGreyNatural vision & enhances greensLight Conditions Icons Medium to Bright15%Yes
Copperwiley x captivate copper lensesCopperEven color distributionLight Conditions Icons Low to Bright16%Yes
Blue Mirrorwiley x captivate blue mirror lensesGreyNatural vision & enhances greensLight Conditions Icons Medium to Bright10%Yes
Green Mirrorwiley x captivate green mirror lensesCopperMore vivid greens, oranges, & redsLight Conditions Icons Low to Bright12%Yes
Bronze Mirrorcaptivate bronze mirror lensesCopperMore saturation of reds, yellows, & greensLight Conditions Icons Low to Bright15%Yes
Red Mirrorwiley x captivate red mirror lensesGreyEnhances blues & greensLight Conditions Icons Medium to Bright13%Yes
Rose Goldwiley x captivate rose gold lensesGreenMore vivid yellows & greensLight Conditions Icons Low to Bright15%Yes
Platinum Flashwiley x captivate platinum flash lensesGreenBalanced color perceptionLight Conditions Icons Medium to Bright13%Yes

VLT– Visible Light Transmission is the amount of light that passes through a lens. The lower the percentage, the darker the lens tint will be with the least amount of light reaching your eyes. CAPTIVATE™ lenses have a variance of +/-3% depending on the conditions.

CAPTIVATE™ Lens Colors

With eight different lens options each designed to improve contrast in a specific environment, CAPTIVATE™ lenses have the perfect tint for every condition. Before we jump into the individual lens colors themselves, here’s a breakdown of features that are on every CAPTIVATE™ lens.

Features on All Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ Lenses

  • Polarization: all Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lenses are polarized.
  • Oleophobic Coating: prevents oil, water, dirt, and dust from sticking to the lens. This makes cleaning a breeze and helps you go longer between cleaning sessions.
  • Scratch Resistance: 7 rating on the Bayer Abrasion Test, the most commonly used method to measure abrasion resistance. The industry standard is a four-rating for premium coatings.
  • ANSI-Rated: all Wiley X lenses pass strict ANSI regulations.
  • Rx-able: all Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lenses are available in prescription at SportRx!

wiley x captivate lenses with oleophobic coating

Onto the lens colors! We’ll break it down into two categories: Non-Mirrors & Mirrors.


CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Grey

This grey-based lens equalizes the visible light spectrum so colors enter more uniformly. You’ll achieve true-to-color vision with enhancement of greens, and ultimate sun protection on even the sunniest of days. To learn more about this high-performance lens, see our review of the Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Grey Lens.

wiley x captivate polarized grey lenses in the omega matte black sunglasses frame

Wiley X Omega in Matte Black with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Grey Lenses

Shop Wiley X Omega

CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Copper

This copper-based lens enhances contrast in low-light conditions and provides a dark enough tint to handle bright, sunny days. To read more on this versatile lens, check out our full review of the Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Copper Lens.

wiley x peak sunglasses with captivate polarized copper lenses in matte black frame

Wiley X Peak in Matte Black with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Copper Lenses

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CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Blue Mirror

This grey-based lens provides a vibrant splash of color while delivering ultimate visual comfort on bright days. If you want to know more about this eye-catching lens, read our full review of the Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Blue Mirror.

wiley x captivate polarized blue mirror lenses in glory sunglasses

Wiley X Glory in Gloss Demi with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Blue Mirror Lenses

Shop Wiley X Glory

CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Green Mirror

This copper-based lens excels in environments with highly-reflective surfaces (bodies of water & open road, we’re looking at you). The vivid green mirror delivers a stylish look while delivering seriously impressive optics. Learning everything you need to know in our Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Green Mirror Lens Review.

wiley x captivate polarized green mirror lenses in the wiley x kingpin graphite sunglasses

Wiley X Kingpin in Matte Graphite with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Green Mirror Lenses

Shop Wiley X Kingpin

CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Bronze Mirror

This bronze-based lens is a versatile option that works well in a variety of light conditions. When wearing this lens, you’ll see more refined details and reduce eye-fatigue. To learn more, check out our review of the Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Bronze Mirror.

captivate polarized bronze mirror lenses in wiley x omega sunglasses

Wiley X Omega in Matte Black with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Bronze Mirror Lenses

Shop Wiley X Omega

CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Red Mirror

This grey-based lens provides brightness protection while keeping your vision true-to-color. With a visually unique look, you’ll stand out from the crowd when wearing these high-performance lenses. Want to learn more? We have a Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Red Mirror Lens Review waiting for you!

wiley x captivate polarized red mirror lenses in the p-17 sunglasses

Wiley X P-17 in Black Crystal with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Red Mirror Lenses

Shop Wiley X P-17

CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Rose Gold

One of the prettiest lenses we’ve ever seen, this copper-based lens doesn’t compromise on performance. A versatile option that makes nature’s yellows and greens pop, we love this lens for enjoying the great outdoors. Learn more about it in our review of the Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Rose Gold Lens.

wiley x captivate polarized rose gold lenses in weekender sunglasses

Wiley X Weekender in Crystal Blush with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Rose Gold Lenses

Shop Wiley X Weekender

CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Platinum Flash

This green-based lens enhances contrast while providing a true-to-color visual experience. You’ll receive superior sun protection and reduced glare when wearing the Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Platinum Flash lenses. If you’d like to know more, see our full review.

wiley x breach sunglasses with captivate platinum flash lenses

Wiley X Breach in Kryptek Typhon with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Platinum Flash Lenses

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Prescription Wiley X Sunglasses at SportRx

Need prescription Wiley X sunglasses? Done. When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tooltips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, give us a call! We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help you build your prescription Wiley X sunglasses. They can also help you pick the best CAPTIVATE™ lens to match your environment and visual needs!

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