Riding safely in style makes a day on your motorcycle that much better. At SportRx, we understand the need for clear visibility and eye protection while you're on the road. Join us as we highlight our picks for the Top 7 Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses & Goggles for Men!

Table of Contents

A. Video Review
B. What to Look For in Men's Motorcycle Riding Glasses & Goggles
C. Top 7 Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses & Goggles for Men
1. 7eye Churada
2. Wiley X Breach
3. Wiley X Airrage
4. Wiley X Gravity
5. 7eye Bora
6. 7eye Panhead
7. Wiley X Boss
D. Prescription Motorcycle Glasses & Goggles at SportRx

Video Review

Join Eyeglass Tyler as he discusses our picks for the best men's motorcycle riding glasses and goggles. For a more detailed rundown of each frame, continue reading!

What to Look For in Men's Motorcycle Riding Glasses & Goggles

During your motorcycle rides, you want a pair of glasses or goggles with strong durability for handling big winds, blocking potential dust and dirt, and withstanding the test of time in extreme exposure. Frames with an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) rating will give you peace of mind. ANSI-certified glasses and goggles are specifically tested for protection against common hazards including fine particles, splashes and droplets, fumes, and blunt impact.

Face foam is another important key feature in riding glasses and goggles. Foam provides comfort, as well as a barrier between your eyes and outdoor debris. Glasses and goggles with helmet compatibility are also important for protecting your eyes and noggin!

For more information on motorcycle glasses and goggles, visit our Motorcycle Sunglasses and Goggles Buyer’s Guide.

Top 7 Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses & Goggles for Men

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7eye Churada

For smaller faces, the 7eye Churada is a great pick! The Airshield® face foam provides a secure seal — protecting your eyes from wind and debris. The closed-cell foam is more resistant to sweat and oils, and has a longer lasting life. Ventilation on the upper frame minimizes fogging and promotes circulation, so your lenses and vision are clear. The rubber temple grips will ensure that your Churada frames will remain securely on your face.

7Eye Churada in Glossy Black with Sharpview Grey PC Lenses

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7eye Churada Key Features

  • ANSI Z87.1 safety rating
  • Airshield® foam technology provides a comfortable, secure wear
  • Vented frame reduces fogging
  • Rubber temple grips keep frames in place
  • Available in Rx
  • SFW: 129 (Men’s S)

Wiley X Breach

The Wiley X Breach will keep your ride crystal clear. The open-cell foam design provides a little more breathability, as well as a comfortable fit and reduced lens fogging. These men's frames feature a dynamic ventilation system, which is triggered from side buttons for controlling air flow — opening and closing the ventilation. The Breach also comes with an elastic strap for a more secure fit, as well as rubberized grips on the temples and nose pad.

wiley x breach sunglasses with captivate platinum flash lenses

Wiley X Breach in Kryptek Typhon with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Platinum Flash Lenses

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Wiley X Breach Key Features

  • ANSI Z87.1 safety rating
  • Open-cell foam allows for a breathable fit
  • Side ventilation promotes air circulation
  • Large lenses offer ample coverage and eye protection
  • Available in Rx and CAPTIVATE™ lens tech
  • SFW: 133 (Men’s M)

Wiley X Airrage

The Wiley X Airrage is the perfect riding partner. While the lenses are smaller, the Airrage is still an incredibly popular frame and design. The T-Peg strap is a strong feature and provides a solid hold. The temples offer a substantial amount of rubberized grip, adding to the guaranteed security and stability of the frames.

Wiley X Airrage

Wiley X Airrage in Grey Lens and Matte Black Frame

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Wiley X Airrage Key Features

  • ANSI Z87.2 safety rating
  • Wrap around frame design offers ample coverage
  • Secure T-Peg strap for a strong fit
  • Anti-fog lens coating keeps lenses crystal clear
  • SFW: 133 (Men’s M)

Wiley X Gravity

Durability is the name of the game with the Wiley X Gravity. Large lenses paired with the wrap around design provide optimal coverage and protection. The textured temple tips feature rubberized grips, so these shades remain securely on your face. The Adaptor option for the Gravity works well with strong prescriptions while providing distortion-free visibility.

Wiley X Gravity polarized prescription sunglasses in black with blue mirror lenses.

Wiley X Gravity in Black Crystal with Green Polarized Blue Mirror Lenses

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Wiley X Gravity Key Features

  • ANSI Z87.2 safety rating
  • Oleophobic lens coating repels oil, dust, and dirt
  • Adaptor option can handle strong prescriptions
  • Available in Rx
  • SFW: 135 (Men’s M)

7eye Bora

Your eyes are protected and clear in a pair of 7eye Bora sunglasses. The Airshield® face foam resists sweat and oil, keeping moisture at bay. The lens shape provides extended downward visibility, while the rubberized temple grips keep the frames secure. 7eye’s SPF100 technology also blocks out wind and dust — for a comfortable and safe ride.

7eye Bora

7eye Bora in Glossy Black with Sharpview Grey PC lens

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7eye Bora Key Features

  • Airshield® face foam keeps moisture away from eyes and lenses
  • Lens shape provides extended peripheral vision
  • Rubber temples offer a strong hold and fit
  • Available in Rx
  • SFW: 136 (Men’s L)

7eye Panhead

A 2018 SportRx REXY nominee, the 7eye Panhead is a men's motorcycle riding favorite. Large, rectangular lenses offer excellent coverage, while the foam wrap is a bit more subtle than other frames on this list. Airshield® ventilation maintains air flow, ensuring fog doesn’t build up on the lenses. The adjustable temples allow you to customize the fit, while the straight temples are incredibly helmet compatible.

7eye Panhead

7eye Panhead in Matte Black with Sharpview Grey PC Lenses

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7eye Panhead Key Features

  • Lens ventilation minimizes fogging and moisture
  • Adjustable temples allow for a tailored fit
  • Rubberized temples and nose pad offer a secure hold
  • Available in Rx
  • SFW: 139 (Men’s L)

Wiley X Boss

Safety and style come together for the Wiley X Boss men's motorcycle frames. The large lens and bigger frame size are ideal for those with a bigger head. The impact-resistant lenses feature a T-shell coating, which protects against scratches — making these frames a durable option.

Wiley X Boss

Wiley X Boss in Matte Black with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Blue Mirror lens

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Wiley X Boss Key Features

  • ANSI Z87.2 safety rating
  • Lens and frame size ideal for bigger heads
  • Adaptor option reacts well to strong prescriptions
  • Available in Rx
  • SFW: 140 (Men’s L)

Prescription Men's Motorcycle Glasses & Goggles at SportRx

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