Best Motorcycling Sunglasses Something to think about when choosing motorcycle eyewear is what kind of coverage you’re looking for, i.e., protection from wind, light, dust, glare, debris, etc. Another thing to consider is how you ride. Do you wear a full-face or open-face helmet? If you ride with a full face, is the shield clear or tinted?

For Full-Face Helmets

Bolle Spiral Sunglasses

Bolle Spiral

Bolle Spiral – We’ve been doing prescription in this frame for a long time. it’s a high-wrap frame so there’s a lot of coverage. It works well with a full-face helmet because of its slim temples that slide easily under the padding of your helmet. It features nose pads for comfort as well as temple pads that don’t tug on your hair.

For Open-Face Helmets

Wiley X Echo Sunglasses

Wiley X Echo with Removable Orbital Pad

Wiley X Echo – My personal favorite. It features a vented foam eyecup to keep the wind out by creating a seal around the eye socket. The foam slides right out for when you’re off your bike and want to walk around wearing your shades. It features a t-peg strap that holds your glasses on tightly so that you have a really good seal up against your face.

Wiley X Gravity, Best motorcycle sunglasses, prescription motorcycle sunglasses

Wiley X Gravity

Wiley X Gravity – Another great design from Wiley X’s Climate Control series. It also features the foam orbital seal with anti-fogging vents. It has similar features to the Echo, however it’s a smaller fit – a M/L, whereas the Echo is more like a L/XL.

Specifically for the Ladies

7eye Briza sunglasses

7eye Briza

7eye Briza – An excellent piece of eyewear for riding full-face or open-face. It also features a removable foam orbital seal and a big lens area for excellent coverage. The comfortable frame design features temple pads that don’t pull your hair when you’re sliding them out of the helmet.