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Prescription Golf Sunglasses

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Golfers know that the right gear is key for performing your best on the course, and that includes your eyewear. Unlike your everyday shades, prescription golf sunglasses provide special features to enhance your view of the fairway. From wrap around shapes to cool performance models, you’ll find all you need to suit your vision and style at SportRx.READ MORE

Our collection includes only the best golf sunglasses for both non-Rx and prescription wearers. SportRx is proud to be an authentic brand partner for top names like Oakley, Nike, and Maui Jim. Get started by browsing our curated collection below, or read on for our favorite guides and tips on choosing the perfect pair.

Choosing Your Golf Sunglasses

Before you start your search, there are a few basic features to keep in mind when looking for golf sunglasses. These will help you narrow your selection and make sure you get the most out of your next pair. Our Sports Opticians share their expertise and break it down in simple tips below, starting with the frame.

For a full breakdown on what to look for, check out our Golf Sunglasses Buyer’s Guide.


Your frame shape, material, and fit can all make a big difference in your comfort. If you prefer more coverage, full wrap frames are an excellent choice for blocking out sun and wind. They’re also ideal if you’re sensitive to light or just want extra peripheral protection. Otherwise, you can go with a flatter, 6-base style that doubles as a golfing companion and casual wear frame. Whichever shape you choose, a lightweight, sturdy material will make them easier to wear. Durable options like TR90 nylon are not only super comfy, they’re weather-resistant, too! They’ll resist heat and cracking to last you several seasons.

Along with this, choosing golf glasses for your size and head shape will help you avoid potential gaps or discomfort. This can be challenging, since there isn’t a universal sizing system for eyewear. The great news is our Sports Opticians are experts at helping you determine your proper fit. Lastly, rubber grip on the nose pads and temple tips is a must for golfers. Not only does it keep them in place as you track your ball, you’ll love it on warmer days when you work up a sweat.


There’s plenty to consider when picking lenses for your prescription golf sunglasses, but perhaps the most important is your lens color. Also known as the tint, golfers should go with warm tints like brown, amber, or rose. Warm shades heighten color and contrast, whereas cool tones like grey, black, or blue tend to neutralize your surroundings. Golf terrain is full of color, and seeing in detail matters. Choosing a warm lens tint will give you the best edge for tracking your ball all around the course.

SportRx offers a range of lens tints for golf sunglasses in both prescription and non-Rx. For a deep dive into lens colors, check out our blog on the Best Lens Colors for Golf Sunglasses.

Finally, when we talk about lens height for Rx golf sunglasses, we mean having enough lens coverage both above and below your eyes. An ideal lens height will keep you from seeing below your frames when looking down in your stance, and seeing above them during your follow-through on your drive. It will also give you a better field of view with less distraction from a frame.

Rx Golf Sunglasses for Everyone

For prescription wearers, no piece of golf equipment can replace a quality pair of prescription golf sunglasses. When your vision is one of your greatest assets on the course, it makes sense to support and protect it. Rx golf sunglasses provide benefits that neither your contacts nor your everyday glasses can. Both eyeglasses and contacts can create discomfort, especially after hours of wear, and glasses lack UV protection—a must for any golfer.

Prescription golf sunglasses are built to keep your eyes comfortable and protected for hours on end. On top of shielding your eyes from harmful UV exposure and potential dust or debris, nothing beats the clarity and contrast they bring to the fairway.

SportRx is proud to offer one of the widest selections of Rx golf sunglasses available. We provide a customized experience for every customer that can’t be beat. Like the rest of your equipment, your golf sunglasses should be tailored to your needs—and at SportRx, they are. If you’ve been turned down elsewhere or told your Rx is too complex, reach out to us! Our friendly, knowledgeable Sports Opticians are eager to help you create the golf sunglasses of your dreams.

Browse our collection of men, women, and youth golf sunglasses to get started!

Get Golf Sunglasses at SportRx

Play your best game yet with prescription golf sunglasses from SportRx! You can shop confidently knowing your order is backed by our See Better Guarantee, which lets you try your new golf sunglasses risk-free for 45 days. If you don’t love them, simply let us know and we’ll be happy to set up a refund or exchange for a better pair. We even cover shipping both ways!

Don’t forget, you can also use your FSA or HSA funds towards any pair of prescription golf sunglasses. All Rx orders qualify as eligible expenses! Just enter your benefits card information at checkout and you’re done. You can read more on FSA and HSA eligible eyewear in our blog How to Use Your FSA & HSA For Glasses & More.

Contact us to start your order with personalized one-on-one assistance.


Can you wear any sunglasses for golf?

Any UV protection is better than none, but a performance sunglass frame is best for the golf course. Look for features such as rubber grip on the nose pad and temples, lightweight and durable frame material, and contrast-enhancing lens tech.

Are transition lenses good for golf?

Transition lenses are a versatile lens option for golfers, since they darken with UV exposure and adjust to variable lighting within moments. These are an excellent option for any golfer who prefers the flexibility of having more than one lens tint without carrying an extra pair of golf glasses.

Can I put new prescription lenses into my current golf sunglasses?

Yes! SportRx has authentic prescription replacement lenses for a wide range of top brands, including Oakley PRIZM™, Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2®, and Costa 580® lenses. We also have SportRx brand Sport Optimized lenses that are expertly customized for a wide range of sports.

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    100% Blake
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    Nike Victory
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    Electric Knoxville Sport
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