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This goggle insert changed my skiing life. No more glasses. No more fogging. Can barely even see them through the mirrored lens so I still look cool.

— Craig B.
  1. Sale
    Anon M5S MFI Snow Goggle
    6 Colors
    Anon M5S MFI Snow Goggle
    $210 Starting at $210 was $299.95
  2. Sale
    100% Norg Snow Goggle
    8 Colors
    100% Norg Snow Goggle
    $175 Starting at $175 was $250
  3. Sale
    Spy Marauder Elite Snow Goggle
    1 Color
    Spy Marauder Elite Snow Goggle
    $140 Starting at $140 was $280
  4. Best Seller
    Smith 4D Mag Snow Goggle
    13 Colors
    Smith 4D Mag Snow Goggle
    $238 Starting at $238 was $340
  5. Sale
    Smith Grom Snow Goggle (Youth)
    7 Colors
    Smith Grom Snow Goggle (Youth)
    $63 Starting at $63 was $90

Rx Goggle Inserts for Ski, Snowboard, Dirt Bike, & MTB Goggles

Prescription goggle inserts allow you to instantly make almost any goggle — ski, snowboarding, motocross, dirt bike, and even snowmobile goggles — into prescription eyewear in just seconds. The insert can be mounted and removed easily in the goggles you already have so you don’t have to purchase new ones. Not only is this more cost-efficient in the long run, it also makes it easier when you need to update your prescription.

Goggle inserts are also available with progressive lenses and high index lens materials for higher prescriptions.

Prescription Ski Goggles Inserts

By far our most popular type of insert, a prescription ski goggles insert is a must for anyone with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or even both. A key advantage of using prescription goggle inserts versus OTG goggles is fog reduction. Unlike OTG goggles, which keep your glasses lenses close to your face, goggle inserts are mounted inside your ski goggles within the ventilation system to wick away moisture and condensation. You also have the option of creating your prescription ski goggles insert with an anti-fog coating to help keep your vision clear on the slopes all day long.

RX Inserts for snowboard goggles

Like ski goggle inserts, prescription snowboard goggle inserts offer snowboarders with Rx needs a ton of benefits. Since lighting conditions are so important when it comes to snow sports, your lens tech matters. Our prescription goggle inserts are compatible with 99% of models on the market. This means you get to take advantage of all the lens tech your favorite brands offer without compromising your sense of style or desired lens options.

Motocross Goggle Inserts

Your safety on the circuit is a top priority, which is why a prescription motocross goggle insert is preferred by riders everywhere. SportRx can customize your motocross goggle insert with the lens material of your choice, including impact-resistant polycarbonate. Not only is a prescription goggle insert much safer than wearing goggles over the glasses, it also protects your glasses in the event of a tumble. The last thing you want is to ruin your expensive glasses on top of risking an eye injury when you’re riding.

Prescription Goggle Inserts vs. OTG Goggles

How do OTG goggles compare with prescription goggle inserts? SportRx’s prescription goggle inserts come highly recommended by both our delighted customers and our Sports Opticians, who use inserts themselves.

If you’re still unsure about whether a goggle insert is right for you, check out the graphic below. Here are 7 ways your prescription goggle insert can give you a better experience.

7 Ways Goggle Inserts Are Better Than OTG Goggles

 OTG GogglesPrescription Goggle Inserts
ComfortPress glasses onto the face, which can lead to soreness or headachesZero facial contact
SafetyIncrease eye injury risk in the event of a fall or if glasses break, especially with metal framesLower eye injury risk — lenses are made with impact-resistant material and sit within the goggles
ClarityFogging occurs frequently because glasses lenses sit close to the face where warmth isReduce fogging — lenses are off the face, mounted inside the goggle’s ventilation system, and treated with anti-fog coating
Lens TechLimited to the lens tech of OTG goggles. A smaller selection of OTG goggles means a smaller selection of lens techWorks with any lens tech, and just about any goggle
GlassesCould damage your glasses if you take a fall, or if your goggle/helmet fit isn’t idealNo glasses necessary, so you can protect your glasses investment. Rx glasses aren’t cheap!
AdjustmentsSlipping, fogging, and discomfort often make you take your goggles off to adjust your glassesNo adjustments necessary
PerformancePotential discomfort or fogging is distracting both indoors and on your rideHands-free, fog-free, and worry-free, which means you can focus better — literally


No. We have developed a line of inserts that are designed to fit 99% of the goggles on the market. SportRx is proud to carry several sizes of unique inserts designed to fit different goggle types, models, and brands. We offer the most highly customizable goggle inserts and are the only provider of a truly unique prescription goggle solution!

One “universal fit” goggle insert will not suit every goggle brand and model. This means you may have to settle for a prescription goggle insert that isn’t the best fit for your needs. At SportRx, we provide you with a variety of options, so you’ll never have to compromise on clarity, comfort, or quality.

There is no difference between prescription inserts for ski goggles and those for snowboarding goggles. Each snow goggle is fitted for the best insert design for that goggle. The lenses are made of the same materials and coatings and the insert is mounted the same way.

SportRx makes goggle inserts for SMITH, Oakley, Giro, 100%, Rec Specs, SPY, Anon, and more! We do not use a universal goggle insert for all goggles; instead, we have several sizes to work with, and our expert Sports Opticians will perfectly match your prescription goggle insert to your model and size.

Installing and removing your prescription goggle insert is quick and simple. Check out the video below, where Sunglass Rob shows you how to pop your insert into your snow goggles. You can also check out our blog on How to Install and Remove Your Inserts.