Prescription Snow Goggle Inserts

I will demonstrate on the Oakley Airbrake to show you how to get your prescription insert in and out of your snow goggles; most goggles follow this format for inserts. Click the video to watch and follow along with these super simple steps:

  • Insert the bottom part of the lenses first, and then apply a little pressure to get the top part to snap in.
  • As you’re snapping in the top portion of the inserts, push down on the springy tabs (those antenna-looking things) to allow them to slide in more fluidly.
  • Make sure the middle of the insert is over the padding on the nose bridge.

To remove your prescription inserts…

  • Pull from the middle of the insert right above the nose bridge and push down on the springy tabs.
  • You may have to wriggle ‘em around a bit, but they will pop right out!
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If you need some prescription snowboarding or ski goggles, you came to the right place! If you already have goggles and just need the Rx inserts, feel free to hit us up! For more snow goggle questions, check out the rest of our blog or feel free to call or email us at

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