Learning how to install and remove prescription goggle inserts can seem daunting. But really, it's super quick and easy thanks to our step-by-step blog and video guide. We also have a guide on How Prescription Inserts Work if you're looking for more information. Once you get the hang of installing your prescription goggle inserts, you'll enjoy the clarity and confidence to be your best snow-shredding self!

Table of Contents

1. How to Install and Remove Prescription Goggle Inserts
1.1. Installation
1.2. Removal
2. Prescription Goggle Inserts Online at SportRx

Sunglass Rob shows you the ropes on how to install and remove prescription goggle inserts in the video below. You can also keep reading for a quick recap.

How to Install and Remove Prescription Goggle Inserts


  • Insert the bottom part of the lenses first, and then apply a little pressure to get the top part to snap in.
  • As you’re snapping in the top part of the inserts, push down on the springy tabs (those antenna-looking things) to allow them to slide in more fluidly.
  • Make sure the middle of the insert is over the padding on the nose bridge.

And voila! You've installed your prescription goggle inserts. You're now prepared for your next snow outing with the convenience of clear and unobstructed vision.


  • Pull from the middle of the insert right above the nose bridge and push down on the springy tabs.
  • You may have to wiggle ‘em around a bit, but they will pop right out!

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Not as complicated as you thought, huh? With goggle insert installation and removal this easy, you don't have to resort to the hassle of wearing regular prescription glasses under your goggles. Not only are prescription inserts more comfortable, they're much safer, too! If you still have issues or questions about how to remove your prescription goggle inserts, reach out to us. We're here to help!

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