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Sport-Specific Sunglasses. Why They Are an Athlete's Must-have.

Having a Dedicated Pair of Sports Sunglasses Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ I’m going to start with an analogy. A Ferrari is arguably the nicest car in the world. Well, you don’t go off-roading in a Ferrari because that’s not its intended purpose. Same with Michael Kors stilettos. You don’t go...

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Many Triathletes Endure Events without Prescription Eyewear. Why?

Prescription Eyewear for Triathletes CAN be Done. Many hardcore triathletes don’t wear prescription eyewear for their races. And there are two main reasons why. The first reason is that many people, even gear-focused people, aren't aware that serious, high-quality, multisport glasses are available in prescription. If they have asked their...

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