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Whether you're on an uphill climb, cruising on a descent, or about to tackle a tricky jump, the right pair of mountain bike glasses is essential. They help you pick better lines, nail your landings, and enhance your view of the terrain.READ MORE

To find your rhythm on the mountain, clear vision is crucial. That's why we only offer mountain biking glasses from the best MTB brands, including Oakley, SMITH, and 100%. Explore our collection of mountain bike glasses, all designed with your comfort and safety as top priorities.

Need prescription glasses? At SportRx, combine the advantages of mountain bike glasses with the strength of your prescription. Our extensive range of prescription MTB glasses will boost your confidence to take on any challenge!


When shopping for mountain bike glasses, there are two important things to consider: frame and lens technology. Here’s a quick look at both, but if you want more details, check out our MTB Sunglasses Buyer’s Guide.

Frame Technology

When mountain biking, you need sturdy glasses that can handle dirt, dust, debris, and the occasional fall. Look for frames made of materials like TR-90 nylon or Oakley's O Matter™. Both are impact-resistant and lightweight. Avoid metal frames as they can be dangerous if there's an accident.

Lens Technology

For lens material, polycarbonate is best. It is impact-resistant and provides great optical clarity. Stay away from glass lenses, which weigh more and can shatter during a fall. As for lens colors, rose, amber, and copper shades enhance contrast. They make it easier to see details on the trail like dips, rocks, and obstacles. Our Sports Opticians recommend Oakley PRIZM™ Trail and SMITH ChromaPop™ lenses for the best view.


Each year, we look forward to selecting the best mountain bike glasses. Our Sports Opticians and fellow MTB riders get out on the trail and put the year's latest designs to the test. Afterwards, we choose MTB glasses that have earned their place in your biking gear. Here are some of our winners, below.

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  • Best Prescription MTB Glasses
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  • What color lenses are best for mountain biking?

    Selecting the ideal lens color for mountain biking depends on your preference, riding environment, and lighting conditions. Opt for colors that enhance contrast and improve trail visibility. Popular choices include rose, amber, and copper lenses. You can learn about the benefits of different lens colors in our Mountain Biking Lens Buyer’s Guide.


    At SportRx, we understand the importance of clear vision while participating in your favorite sports. That's why we have a variety of prescription mountain bike glasses available for your next ride.

    Have a tough prescription and dream of a sports wrap frame? Reach out to us! We enjoy taking on unique requests and finding ‌solutions. We’ll design ‌a pair of prescription MTB glasses just for you.


    Buying mountain bike glasses online has never been easier. Our step-by-step customization process guides you through each option to create your unique pair. We’ve even made your prescription submission an easy step during checkout. Don’t have it on hand? No worries! Send it to us later.

    If you need help ‌designing your prescription mountain bike glasses, Give us a call! Our friendly Sports Opticians are happy to help.


    Guess what? You can use your FSA and HSA funds to purchase prescription mountain bike glasses! Prescription glasses qualify as eligible FSA/HSA expenses, and we happily accept FSA/HSA cards as payment. During checkout, just enter your FSA/HSA card details and select the "FSA/HSA" option. If you have any questions about using FSA/HSA funds for your prescription mountain bike glasses, visit our blog on FSA & HSA spending for more information.


    Experience peace of mind when you shop for mountain bike glasses online at SportRx. If you're not completely satisfied with your MTB glasses or prescription mountain bike glasses, contact us—you’re covered by our See Better Guarantee™. We'll gladly remake them to perfection, coordinate an exchange, or provide a full refund. No need to worry about shipping expenses—we’ve got it covered. We also never charge restocking fees. Have the best online shopping experience for new MTB glasses at SportRx.

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    1. Best Seller
      SportRx Huckson sunglasses
      6 Colors
      2 Colors
      SportRx Huckson
      Starting at $99
    2. New
      Oakley Bisphaera sunglasses
      9 Colors
      5 Colors
      Oakley Bisphaera
      Starting at $202
    3. Oakley Sutro Sunglasses
      9 Colors
      Oakley Sutro
      Starting at $192
    4. Smith Leadout PivLock sunglasses
      2 Colors
      2 Colors
      Smith Leadout PivLock
      Starting at $215
    5. Rudy Project Agent Q
      4 Colors
      4 Colors
      Rudy Project Sirius
      Starting at $164.99
    6. Electric Knoxville Sport sunglasses
      2 Colors
      1 Color
      Electric Knoxville Sport
      Starting at $225
    7. New
      100% Aerocraft sunglasses
      3 Colors
      100% Aerocraft
      Starting at $189
    8. Best Seller
      SportRx Olsen sunglasses
      5 Colors
      1 Color
      SportRx Olsen
      Starting at $150
    9. Giro Lupra sunglasses
      5 Colors
      4 Colors
      Giro Lupra
      Starting at $125
    10. SportRx Cadence sunglasses
      6 Colors
      2 Colors
      SportRx Cadence
      Starting at $150
    11. Oakley Portal X sunglasses
      5 Colors
      5 Colors
      Oakley Portal X
      Starting at $175
    12. Best Seller
      Oakley Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses
      17 Colors
      11 Colors
      Oakley Flak 2.0 XL
      Starting at $174
    13. SportRx Jaxon sunglasses
      6 Colors
      2 Colors
      SportRx Jaxon
      Starting at $130
    14. New
      Tifosi Rivet sunglasses
      2 Colors
      2 Colors
      Tifosi Rivet
      Starting at $49.95
    15. Oakley Airbrake MTB Goggle
      2 Colors
      2 Colors
      Oakley Airbrake MTB Goggle
      Starting at $161
    16. Smith Squad MTB Goggle
      5 Colors
      5 Colors
      Smith Squad MTB Goggle
      Starting at $60
    17. Best Seller
      Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL sunglasses
      4 Colors
      1 Color
      Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL
      Starting at $152

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