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What Can You Buy with Your Flexible Spending Accounts?

All things prescription eyewear from SportRx!

Flex eyeglasses, flex sunglasses, goggles and readers are eligible FSA expenses and HSA expenses that can be purchased online or over the phone with a friendly, helpful optician,. It's never been easier to use those savings accounts on HSA eyeglasses, FSA eyeglasses, or flex sunglasses when you shop for prescription eyewear online at SportRx. So, don’t let your Flex dollars go to waste, and instead use 'em to get those sweet Oakley Crosslinks you've been eyeing, or even some awesome Ray-Ban Wayfarers with your flex and HSA funds.


About HSA Accounts & FSA Accounts

What is an HSA or FSA account?
HSA = Health Savings Account
FSA = Flexible Spending Account or "Flex Account"

Can You use HSA and FSA on prescription sunglasses?


Can You use HSA and FSA on prescription eyeglasses?


Can You use HSA and FSA on prescription goggles?


An HSA or FSA account is like a rainy day fund that you may set aside through your employer to use on various medical expenses. These funds are pre-tax dollars, meaning, the funds you contribute to your HSA or FSA  will not be counted towards your taxable income. For example, if you contribute $2,500 for the year, your income will be taxed as though you made $2,500 less than what you actually earned.

One big difference between HSA and FSA is that HSA funds roll over year after year, while FSA funds expire at the end of each year if left unused. Knock on wood you never have to use 'em – however, you don’t have to let them go to waste!

How to Spend your Flex Accounts Online at SportRx:

Once you find the perfect pair of prescription eyewear, the awesome SportRx opticians make it easy to apply those flex funds you have saved up! If you’re using a payment credit card issued by your FSA provider, please contact us immediately after placing your order so that we can process your payment before the December 31st deadline. If you’d rather place your order over the phone and share your FSA Account info all at once, we’re happy to help you, every step of the way!

Time's a tickin'! Shop the SportRx website or Call or LiveChat with a SportRx optician to use your FSA account on prescription eyewear before the December 31st deadline!

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