Oakley has re-written the tale of sport-performance sunglasses with the evolution of PRIZM Lens Technology. Oakley PRIZM Trail lenses are no exception to this story. This lens technology guarantees a whole new edge to your riding experience every time you hop on the trail. Pro mountain biker, Stephane Roch, is a true testament as to why Oakley PRIZM Trail lenses are the only way to see with the utmost clarity while out on the back roads.

Oakley engineers recently created a new version of PRIZM Trail known as Trail Torch. Adding a torch iridium coating to the outside of the lens while sticking to the classic PRIZM Rose base gives this lens a new aesthetic that is perfect for bright light environments. Discover all the differences between PRIZM Trail and PRIZM Trail Torch in our comparison review.


  • Enhances reds and browns. The colors commonly found on the trail become highly detailed.
  • Plants and foliage colors become more vivid, allowing you to spot roots and dips.
  • Enhanced vision in both bright light and shadows. These lenses won't leave you blinded when you exit the forest and find yourself in a sunny spot.
flak 2.0 XL w PRIZM Trail

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL in Polished Black with PRIZM Trail

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jawbreaker PRIZM Trail

Oakley Jawbreaker in Carbon Fiber with PRIZM Trail

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How Oakley PRIZM Trail Lenses Work

During off-road activities, such as running, hiking, and especially biking it is crucial to be able to recognize the conditions, and more importantly the continuously changing of conditions. Oakley PRIZM Trail lenses do just that so you can react quick, and spend less time thinking about what’s coming up. The lens technology will not only enhance contrast of the things you need to see, but they’ll also sharpen edges of plants, trees, and roots, while working to enhance the colors in your trail environment.

PRIZM Trail enhances reds and browns so you can quickly spot sand, rocks, root and other transitions in shade and bright light. The PRIZM Trail lens is exceptionally important for downhill mountain biking because it helps the rider spot subtle variations in shades of brown, enabling better sight of obstacles and subtle transitions in dirt conditions. Many people wonder if they can use PRIZM Trail for road cycling and the quick answer is yes but we have a guide comparing PRIZM Trail and PRIZM Road to tell you all of the differences between the two lenses.

Is Oakley PRIZM Trail Polarized?

PRIZM Trail is not polarized. Not all Oakley PRIZM Sport lenses are polarized because this could inhibit your on-bike performance. Polarized lenses are great for glare reduction and recommended for water activities or driving but the main drawback to polarized lenses is that they throw off depth perception due to the polarized filter that cuts out the horizontal wavelength found in glare. But don't worry, your eyes are still safe from the sun because any Oakley Authentic lens is 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protected.

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