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100% Goggles & Prescription Goggle Inserts

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Gear up for dirt biking, skiing, and snowboarding with 100% goggles. Made for extreme-sport fans, they offer top safety, performance, and style. Whether you're tearing up the track or shredding down mountains, 100% goggles have the features you need.READ MORE

Benefits of 100% Goggles

100% goggles are great for all skill levels, beginner or pro. Packed with perks, here are some features that set 100% goggles apart.

  • Multilayer Face Foam wicks away sweat to keep your eyes clear and comfortable as you turn up the heat.
  • HiPER® Lens Contrasting Technology ramps up contrast, amps up colors, and enhances detail. It provides a depth-defining boost so you know the exact moment to send it full throttle.
  • Gravit8™ Lens Changing System has 8 powerful magnets on the lens and goggle. It makes lens swaps easy so you can quickly adapt to changing riding conditions.
  • 3DPlane™ Molded Lens fits perfectly into the chassis. It stays secure and steady when the terrain gets rough.
  • 100% Prescription Goggles

    Say goodbye to contacts drying out when bombing down slopes, or glasses breaking after a gnarly fall. Get your new 100% goggles with a prescription goggle insert! Our inserts easily secure into place to give you crystal clear vision in an instant.

    Already own 100% goggles? No problem! Simply tell us which model you have and we’ll pick the perfect insert for you. Unsure which one you have? No worries. Just send us a picture and our Sports Opticians will match it with the right insert. Some inserts work across multiple models, so you may only need one insert for your 100% goggle collection!

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    Our 100% goggles provide the best clarity and protection for thrill-seeking lifestyles. With sizes to fit men, women, and kids, our selection has something for everyone. Browse our collections below or contact us for a tailored list of options.

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  • 100% Goggle FAQs

    What is the Best 100% Google Lens Color?

    The best lens color for 100% goggles depends on your riding conditions. 100% HiPER® lenses come in a range of VLTs (visual light transmission) to work with the different lighting, terrain, and hurdles you may face. To learn which 100% goggle lens is best for your riding conditions, check out our 100% goggle lens guide.

    How do you clean 100% goggle lenses?

    Before cleaning your goggles with a microfiber cloth and optical cleaner, give them a quick rinse to remove any dirt or mud to prevent scratching.

    Where can I get 100% goggles?

    SportRx is the ultimate spot for 100% goggles. From feature-packed to the most stylish models, we offer a variety of options.

    How much do 100% goggles cost?

    100% goggles vary in price based on factors like goggle size, lens features, and whether you need them in prescription.

    Use FSA/HSA Funds on Prescription 100% Goggles

    100% prescription goggles are FSA & HSA eligible expenses, and we gladly accept FSA/HSA cards for payment. During checkout, simply enter your FSA/HSA card as a typical debit card. Still have questions on prescription goggles as eligible products? Visit our FAQ section on FSA and HSA Eligible Eyewear or contact us!

    Free Shipping & Returns on 100% Goggles

    We're confident you’ll love your new 100% goggles, but if for any reason you are less than 100% satisfied, you're covered by our See Better Guarantee. Simply let us know within 45 days of receiving them. We'll happily provide an exchange or refund. We've also got shipping covered and never charge restocking fees. Check out our 100% goggles today!

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