The Best Alternative to OTG Goggles: Prescription Goggle Inserts

OTG goggles used to be the most known solution to your vision needs on the slopes, but they’ve become a thing of the past with SportRx prescription inserts. There are a number of reasons as to why prescription goggle inserts are your best bet for your prescription solutions and visual clarity on the mountain. Now you can make the most of your snow goggles this winter! In the video below, Sunglass Rob shows you how they work and why they are the way of the future.


As we can only imagine, you must be fed up with wearing glasses under your goggles. Fogged lenses, constant readjusting, pressure points from temples. The list goes on. Inserts are the solution to these annoying problems, and more. When you use prescription goggle inserts, not only will you be able to see with the utmost clarity, but you’ll also be able to ride with the same comfort as those gifted with 20/20 vision out on the slopes. The expert opticians at SportRx have perfected the art of prescription goggle inserts, otherwise known as the best alternative to OTG goggles, for more reasons than one. Installing & removing inserts is super quick and easy too!


Prescription Goggle Inserts & How They Work

The expert opticians have perfected the clarity and fit specs of prescription goggle inserts. With many sizes to choose from, we’ve got a number of prescription goggle inserts that’ll be sure to fit your favorite pair of snow goggles. Our prescription goggle inserts sit comfortably inside the frame of your goggles, granting the best comfort and peripheral vision prescription goggles could possibly offer. You’ll hardly notice the goggle inserts are in your goggles, and you’ll be able to see even better than you would with OTG goggles. Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it? It is!


Single Vision VS Progressive

The majority of prescription inserts we make at SportRx are single vision but we do offer progressive inserts as well! A progressive insert is recommended if you want the ability to read trail maps, check your phone, or simply prefer having the option to read out on the slopes. Otherwise, a single vision insert should suit your needs just fine for hitting the slopes.


Regular Single Vision VS Digital Single Vision

Simply put, digital lenses use precise cutting-edge technology to give you the clearest and most fine-tuned optics possible. Digital lenses are recommended because they compensate for the slight change in prescription caused by the difference in Vertex Distance compared with a pair of glasses. Vertex Distance is the distance between your eye and the prescription lens. Since the insert sits within the goggle frame, it sits a little farther from your eyes than a standard pair of glasses sit. Digital lenses help to compensate for the slight change in prescription due to this added distance. Also, if you have a higher cylinder value on your Rx, digital lenses are even more recommended to help correct for your astigmatism and minimize the already increased lens distortion inherent with astigmatism correction.


5 Reasons Why Prescription Goggle Inserts Work Way Better than OTG Goggles

1 | No More Fogging

When wearing glasses under your goggles, it’s very likely they’re going to fog up because they sit close to your face where the heat is coming from. Inserts are a better alternative in the area of fogging because they rest inside the frame of the goggle, sitting much closer to the shield, where the goggle’s ventilation system lives. Plus, anti-fog coatings are available for prescription inserts, which also drastically helps with fog-prevention.


2 | Enhanced Field of Vision

Prescription goggle inserts are constructed with much bigger lenses than eyeglasses, so you’re going to get better optics with greater peripheral vision and a larger lens surface area to look through than if you were looking through your glasses with a pair of OTG goggles.


3 | Comfort

Inserts are a much more comfortable option for your prescription needs on the slopes. Even if you have specific OTG goggles with temple cut-outs on the side, you still have the temples to deal with. The combination of temples (that’ll most likely cause annoying pressure points), the goggle strap, a helmet, and two frames resting on your face, all make for a pretty complicated setup. Prescription goggle inserts alleviate the annoyances that are likely to come with this uncomfortable setup.


4 | Saves Your Glasses

Glasses weren’t designed to be worn inside a pair of goggles, and because of this, it’s likely that they can get banged around, smashed, or bent. Prescription goggle inserts could save your glasses from undue damage wear and tear.


5 | Safety

Our number one concern with OTG goggles is your safety. If you’re on a trip for a week, it’s probably the case that you only have one pair of glasses with you. Say you take a spill and break or lose them. Not only did you fall and hurt your ego, and maybe your leg, but now you can’t see. Obviously losing a pair of prescription goggles isn’t fun, but you’re probably a lot safer off if you lose those instead of your glasses. And besides, losing or breaking a pair of prescription goggle inserts is a lot less likely to happen in the first place because they live much more secure inside the frames of your goggles than do glasses.

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If you haven’t found a pair of snow goggles that you’re obsessed with, we’ve got a wide variety of snow goggles to meet your needs. If you have any further questions about this superior alternative to your OTG goggles, or how prescription goggles work don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or LiveChat. We can’t wait for you to experience the greatest prescription solution to snow goggles and save you from ever resorting to OTG goggles.