With features like their MFI facemask integration and MAGNA-TECH lens change system, Anon makes some of the best snow goggles on the market. One of the most popular facets of this line of ski goggles is its lens technology. Continue reading our Anon Lens Guide to learn all about these game-changing lenses.

Anon Lens Guide

1. Anon Lens Guide Overview
2. Anon Lens Chart—PERCEIVE Lenses
2.1 Anon Sunny Lenses
2.2 Anon Variable Lenses
2.3. Anon Cloudy Lenses
3. How to Change Anon Goggle Lenses
4. ICT Anti-Fog Technology
5. Prescription Anon Snow Goggles at SportRx

Anon Lens Guide Video

Anon Lens Guide Overview

Anon offers a wide range of lens tints with varying visible light transmission (VLT). VLT is the percentage of visible light that passes through the goggle. The lower the VLT, the darker the lens. For example, Anon’s darkest lens, ideal for bluebird days is Sunny Onyx, which has a VLT of 6%.

Anon’s proprietary snow goggle lens tech is called PERCEIVE. Exclusively developed for snow sports, it increases depth perception and enhances contrast, while maintaining the true colors of your surroundings. PERCEIVE technology delivers ultimate clarity so you can easily find your lines and quickly spot changes in terrain.

Anon Lens Chart—PERCEIVE Lenses

The chart below shows each of Anon’s PERCEIVE lenses. They are separated into three weather categories: Sunny, Variable, and Cloudy. Anon goggles come with two lenses so you're prepared for changing weather on-the-go. Each goggle model comes with a few lens combo options like one Sunny lens and one Variable, or one Variable and one Cloudy, etc.

Anon Snow Goggle Lens Chart

Anon Lens Chart—PERCEIVE Snow Goggle Lenses

Anon Sunny Lenses

Sunny Lenses are the darkest of the bunch. These lenses are ideal for bright, bluebird days. They are the best choice to protect your eyes on days when the sun is reflecting off the stark snow. These lenses have a stronger mirror intensity than the other categories to combat that harsh glare.

  • Sunny Onyx
    • Base Tint: Violet/Gray
    • Mirror: Dark Silver
    • VLT: 6%
  • Sunny Red
    • Base Tint: Violet/Gray
    • Mirror: Dark Red
    • VLT: 14%
  • Sunny Bronze
    • Base Tint: Dark Orange
    • Mirror: Bronze
    • VLT: 17%
Anon M4 MFI Toric Goggle

Anon M4 MFI Toric Snow Goggle in Black with PERCEIVE Sunny Red Lens

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Anon Variable Lenses

Variable lenses work well in average weather conditions. If you aren’t in extreme sunny or extreme cloudy weather, this category is your best choice. Wear these when there are some clouds and sun. Their middle-of-the-road tint intensity means they keep up with ‌changing conditions. Remember, you get two lenses with your Anon goggle purchase. So depending on your lens types, if it starts to go from partly cloudy to completely sunny or foggy, you can swap to your other lens.

  • Variable Blue
    • Base Tint: Orange
    • Mirror: Blue
    • VLT: 21%
  • Variable Green
    • Base Tint: Orange
    • Mirror: Green/Gold
    • VLT: 22%
  • Variable Violet
    • Base Tint: Orange
    • Mirror: Violet
    • VLT: 34%
anon sync snow goggle in black with perceive variable green lens

Anon Sync Snow Goggle in Black with PERCEIVE Variable Green Lens

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Anon Cloudy Lenses

Cloudy lenses have the lightest tint of the bunch. These lenses are ideal for whiteout conditions or dense fog and clouds. These lenses still feature a mirror coating, but the mirror has a much lower opacity than the ones in the other lens categories. If you're looking at someone wearing a Cloudy lens, you'll be able to see their eyes through it.

  • Cloudy Pink
    • Base Tint: Amber
    • Mirror: Pink
    • VLT: 53%
  • Cloudy Burst
    • Base Tint: Amber
    • Mirror: Red
    • VLT: 59%
  • Cloudy Night
    • Base Tint: Light Amber
    • Mirror: AR Blue
    • VLt: 72%
anon wm1 mfi snow goggle in white with perceive cloudy pink lens

Anon WM1 MFI Snow Goggle in White with PERCEIVE Cloudy Pink Lens

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How to Change Anon Goggle Lenses

Stay on the slopes longer with Anon’s easy lens-changing system. Unlike some other goggle brands that only come with one lens, all Anon snow goggles come with two—each designed for a different weather condition. Most Anon snow goggles come with their MAGNA-TECH lens swap technology. If you’re skiing or snowboarding in changing weather conditions, you can easily swap out your lenses without taking a break off the mountain.

As the name suggests, MAGNA-TECH uses magnets to securely hold the lens in place, making swapping on-the-go easy. Depending on the goggle, either slightly twist the frame to pop the lens out or press down on the grip tabs. To put a lens back in, simply hover over the frame and let the magnets do the work. For more information and a visual demonstration, check out our in-depth guide on How to Use Anon's MAGNA-TECH Quick Change Lens System.

ICT Anti-Fog Technology

When you're working up a sweat on the mountain, the onset of foggy lenses can ruin a great run. Anon lenses feature ICT anti-fog coating that keeps lenses crystal clear, no matter how intense your ride gets. The inner lens is constructed with porous cellulose with the ICT chemically embedded into the lens. This process offers superior moisture-shedding and long-lasting clear vision that other anti-fog coatings just can't match. Anon's anti-fog technology takes care of itself, so there's no need to touch or clean the inside of the snow goggle shield. In addition, Anon goggles also feature an oleophobic lens coating that prevents fingerprint smudging. Ride on!

Prescription Anon Snow Goggles at SportRx

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Anon Prescription Snow Goggle Insert

Anon Prescription Snow Goggle Insert

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