Shred the slopes in a pair of Anon snow goggles, one of the most popular brands of snow eyewear in the world! With Anon lenses, you'll receive sharpened clarity, truer colors, and an enhanced optical experience. Continue reading our Anon Lens Guide for everything you need to know about Anon lens technology.

Table of Contents

A. Integral Clarity Technology
B. Anon Lens Technology
1. PERCEIVE Lenses
2. Sunny Tints
3. Variable Tints
4. Cloudy Tints
C. How to Change Anon Goggle Lenses
D. Anon Snow Goggle Prescription Insert
E. Prescription Anon Snow Goggles at SportRx

Integral Clarity Technology (ICT)

When you're working up a sweat on the mountain, the onset of foggy lenses can ruin a great run. Anon lenses feature their ICT anti-fog coating that keeps the lenses crystal clear, no matter how intense your ride gets. The inner lens is constructed with porous cellulose with the ICT chemically embedded into the lens. This process offers superior moisture-shedding and long-lasting clear vision that other anti-fog coatings just can't match. Anon's anti-fog technology can take care of itself, so there's no need to touch or clean the inside of the snow goggle shield.

In addition, Anon goggles also feature an oleophobic lens coating that prevents fingerprint smudging. Ride on!

Anon Lens Technology

Anon offers the widest range of lens tints with Visible Light Transmission (VLT) that cover every light condition. Exclusively developed for snow sports, the Anon PERCEIVE lenses increase depth perception and enhance contrast for the best possible definition, all while maintaining the true colors of your surroundings. PERCEIVE technology means ultimate contrast and clarity, giving you the best possible definition and terrain recognition.

To make a good thing even better, all Anon snow goggles come with two lenses so you can enjoy the slopes in any type of weather.


anon perceive vlt list

Sunny Tints

For bluebird days, opt for a darker tint that has a lower VLT.

  • Sunny Onyx (VLT: 6%)
  • Sunny Red (VLT: 14%)
  • Sunny Bronze (VLT: 17%)

Variable Tints

Versatile variable tints work in most weather conditions.

  • Variable Blue (VLT: 21%)
  • Variable Green (VLT: 22%)
  • Variable Violet (VLT: 34%)

Cloudy Tints

For those whiteout days, go for tints that offer higher VLTs.

  • Cloudy Burst (VLT: 53%)
  • Cloudy Pink (VLT: 59%)
  • Cloudy Night (VLT: 72%)

How to Change Anon Goggle Lenses

Most Anon snow goggles come with their MAGNA-TECH lens-changing system. If you find yourself skiing or snowboarding in different weather and lighting conditions, you will quickly come to appreciate the ease of interchange! Using only magnets, Anon lenses can be seamlessly popped out with one hand. Depending on the goggle, either slightly twist the frame to pop the lens out or press down on the grip tabs. To put a lens back in, simply hover over the frame and let the magnets do the work.

But don't worry — even though the lenses are easy to change out, they're fully secured and remain intact for a full day on the slopes!

For more information and a visual demonstration, check out our in-depth guide on How to Use Anon's MAGNA-TECH Quick Change Lens System.

Anon Snow Goggle Prescription Insert

Have prescription needs? SportRx has you covered with Anon prescription snow goggle inserts that fit securely in your Anon goggles. Customized for your vision needs and personal preferences, you'll get a tailor-made experience including superior quality and clarity. Have any additional questions? Give us a call and chat with one of our friendly Sports Opticians!

Anon Prescription Snow Goggle Insert

Anon Prescription Snow Goggle Insert

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