Hope you're ready for an exciting snow season this year! We sure are, that's why we're preparing to head out fully equipped with Anon snow goggles. In addition to revolutionary MFI and PERCEIVE technologies, many Anon goggles feature a MAGNA-TECH quick change lens system. We'll explain what that is and how to use it below.

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MAGNA-TECH is Anon's proprietary snow goggle lens change system. Most brands use some type of magnetic tech in their snow goggles, but Anon is unique for using only magnets, rather than using them in addition to buttons or levers. This means Anon goggle lenses are easy to swap out with one hand, perfect for when you're on the chairlift and spot the weather changing.

Since these lenses attach with only rare earth magnets, you might think the lens will pop out more easily if you get knocked around, but MAGNA-TECH boasts unsurpassed retention with up to 8 points of connection. The lenses stay securely in place even when you get fancy with tricks and jumps.


Changing lenses with MAGNA-TECH is pretty straightforward. For most Anon goggles, all you need to do is pull the lens out. But some models, such as the M3 and M4, require a bit more maneuvering. Since the M3 has a frame around the whole lens, use a twisting motion to remove the lens. Meanwhile, the M4 has grip tabs on top of the lens. You can see them in the picture below:

Anon M4 Magna-Tech

Anon M4

Despite the extra steps, it's still easy to swap out your lenses with one hand. All Anon goggles come with a spare bonus lens to help you stay covered in all light conditions. Make the most of MAGNA-TECH on your next ski trip!

Anon Goggle Prescription Insert

In addition to all the cool features you get when you buy Anon snow goggles, they are all prescription insert compatible. SportRx designed and manufactured this insert to fit Anon goggles, so all you need to do is buy the goggles, customize the insert to your liking (we really recommend an anti-fog coating!), and submit a copy of your valid prescription. We'll take care of the rest, and you'll soon be seeing like never before.
Anon Snow Goggle Insert

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