Prescription Ski Goggles & Snowboarding Goggles

Prescription ski & snowboarding goggles. Say Whaaaat?! Yes, it can be done. And we've been doing for almost two decades. That’s right. Prescription ski & snowboarding goggles.

Prescription goggle inserts, Prescription ski goggle inserts, prescription snow goggle inserts These nifty little inserts snap snugly inside your goggles

No more awkwardly shoving your regular prescription glasses underneath your snow goggles. No more crashing on the mountain and breaking your only pair of Rx glasses as you throw a yard sale. No more ruining the rest of your vacation because you can’t see after you lost your glasses into a snowy abyss. And best of all, no more glasses fogging up inside your non prescription ski goggles! The innovative opticians at SportRx have created Rx solutions so that you can have custom prescription ski & snowboarding goggles in all the top brands. You’re. Welcome.

As you can "see," there are multiple benefits to having prescription snow goggle lens inserts rather than wearing your regular Rx glasses underneath your goggles. Here's a breakdown of just three of 'em:

1) Comfort. Prescription ski goggles are far more comfortable than having to mess with the temple of your regular eyeglasses and the strap of your goggle, and the awkward adjusting of your frame, and things moving around inside the snow goggle, etc., get the idea.

2) Anti-Fog. Prescription snow goggles have anti-fog capabilities far better than the eyeglasses-inside-the-goggle combo. And here's why: A) The Rx insert for your prescription goggles sits flush against the shield of the goggle. That means they sit closer to the venting and farther away from your face, which is where the heat is coming from. B) Rx inserts for your prescription ski goggles have an anti-fog coating - the same type of anti-fog technology brands use on their goggles.

3) Safety & Damage Control. Let's face it. Regular eyeglasses - especially those made with glass lenses - is not the safest thing to have next to your eyes when you're bombing down hills at 40+ MPH.  Not only that, if you take a spill, you risk damaging your only pair of everyday eyeglasses, or even worse, you lose them in the sea of snow. Total bummer – especially if you're out of town.

For all these reasons, SportRx developed innovative Rx solutions to provide skiers and snowboarders alike with the best prescription solution out there. Now you can rock your favorite ski & snowboarding brands in prescription! Check out the video to see how it works!

Smith I/OX prescription ski goggles, Prescription Ski & Snowboarding Goggles Smith I/OX Snow Goggles

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