OTG goggle solutions are a thing of the past! Now you can make the most of your snow goggles with prescription inserts. These Rx inserts are the answer to any of your snow vision needs. Continue on to discover why we love prescription inserts as an Rx solution!

Prescription Ski and Snowboarding Goggles

1. How To Install Your Prescription Goggle Insert
2. How To Remove Your Prescription Goggle Insert

Catch our video tutorial of Sunglass Rob from SportRx installing and removing a goggle insert.

Prescription Snow Goggle Inserts

Prescription ski & snowboarding goggles. Say Whaaaat?! Yes, it can be done. And we’ve been doing for almost two decades. That’s right. There are many advantages to using a prescription insert.

No more awkwardly shoving your regular prescription glasses underneath your snow goggles. No more crashing on the mountain and breaking your only pair of Rx glasses as you throw a yard sale. No more ruining the rest of your vacation because you can’t see after you lost your glasses into a snowy abyss.

And best of all, no more glasses fogging up inside your non prescription ski goggles! The innovative opticians at SportRx have created Rx solutions so that you can have custom prescription ski & snowboarding goggles in all the top brands. You’re. Welcome.

How to install your prescription goggle insert

  • Insert the bottom part of the lenses first, and then apply a little pressure to get the top part to snap in.
  • As you’re snapping in the top portion of the inserts, push down on the springy tabs (those antenna-looking things) to allow them to slide in more fluidly.
  • Make sure the middle of the insert is over the padding on the nose bridge.

How to remove your prescription goggle insert

  • Pull from the middle of the insert right above the nose bridge and push down on the springy tabs.
  • This will allow you to pop out the top arms first.
  • You may have to wiggle the lower arms around a but they will pop right out!

SportRx developed innovative Rx solutions to provide skiers and snowboarders alike with the best prescription solution out there. Now you can rock your favorite ski & snowboarding brands in prescription!

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