If you have a prescription and love to ski or snowboard, you may be wondering, “How do you ski if you need glasses?” While there are a few answers to this question, some solutions are better than others. Whether you’re an avid skier who just got a prescription, or a prescription wearer who is new to the slopes, keep reading to find the best prescription snow eyewear for you!

Guide: How Do You Ski If You Need Glasses?

1. Is It Possible To Get Prescription Ski Goggles?
2. Should I Wear Contacts With Ski Goggles?
3. Can I Wear My Glasses Under Ski Goggles?
4. What Is The Best Option For Skiing If You Wear Glasses?
5. Shop Prescription Goggle Inserts At SportRx

Is It Possible To Get Prescription Ski Goggles?

Is it possible? Yes. Is it common? Not necessarily. Prescription ski goggles are goggles that have a prescription embedded in the goggle shield. Prescription ski and snow goggles are hard to find. This is due to a couple of reasons. The first is that the shape and size of a snow goggle isn’t very compatible with a prescription. Snow goggles come in spherical, cylindrical, and toric shapes, which are tricky to fit a prescription into due to the curvature of the lens. With more size and curvature to a lens, the higher the chance of unwanted distortion. Additionally, quality snow goggles are an investment. As prescriptions may change over time, you may need to purchase multiple pairs of Rx snow goggles. There used to be more prescription snow goggle manufacturers, but due to cost and imprecise optics, many stopped production and shifted to a better alternative called a prescription goggle insert. A prescription goggle insert is a removable device that easily fits into your snow goggle and holds your prescription. Goggle inserts help you see clearly and safely on the slopes without issues like discomfort and fogging.

Should I Wear Contacts With Ski Goggles?

If it works for you and you don't have any complaints, then more power to you! Many people choose to go the contacts route. However, while wearing contacts underneath snow goggles is an option, there can be some drawbacks. Some feedback we have heard from skiers and snowboarders who have worn contacts on the slopes complain of dryness and irritation. Even underneath a goggle, contacts can dry out on a day at the mountain due to extremely cold temperatures. While you don’t have to worry about stopping and defogging like you would with glasses, you may need to stop and apply rewetting drops throughout the day to keep your contacts moisturized. This can be especially frustrating if you need to do this on the slopes with freezing temperatures and gloves.

Can I Wear My Glasses Under Ski Goggles?

Yes you can. In the snow sports world, this is called “OTG,” or “over the glasses.” OTG goggles are specifically designed to be worn with your glasses underneath. While this is a widely familiar option, it has some drawbacks. Many goggles come with an anti-fog coating; however, this doesn’t stop your eyeglasses from fogging up. In addition to cloudy vision, wearing glasses underneath goggles is not the most comfortable experience, and not the safest for your eyes either. When you take a fall on the slopes, you risk the wellbeing of both your prescription glasses and your vision. If you do choose this option, make sure you purchase a snow goggle that is specifically an OTG goggle.

Man Wearing Goggles Over Glasses

OTG "Over the Glasses" Goggles

What Is The Best Option For Skiing If You Wear Glasses?

Now that we have discussed a few options for prescription wearers on the slopes, you’re probably wondering which is the best. The answer is a prescription goggle insert. You can get a goggle insert with your custom prescription that works for your exact goggle model, or works well with multiple goggle models. Therefore, if you have a goggle for bright days and another one for cloudy days, you can simply transfer your insert to whichever goggle you want to use. Goggle inserts are safer than OTG goggles worn over glasses, fog less, and don't have the fuss that comes with wearing contacts. The best part? When you purchase a prescription goggle insert with a snow goggle, both the insert and goggle are eligible for FSA and HSA.

Prescription Snow Goggle Insert

Prescription Snow Goggle Insert

Prescription Goggle Insert fitting inside of a snow goggle

Prescription Goggle Insert Inside Snow Goggle

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