If you're here, you probably have a pair of Wiley X MIL-SPEC shield sunglasses. The lenses and nose pads on these are interchangeable, but the process of swapping them might be confusing. Follow our guide to learn how to easily change Wiley X lenses and nose pads so you can reassemble your ballistic glasses, even when under pressure.

Table of Contents

1. Removing the Lens
2. Removing the Nose Pads
3. Replacing the Nose Pads and Lens
4. Prescription Wiley X Sunglasses at SportRx

Video Tutorial

Eyeglass Tyler shows you a step-by-step process of removing the lenses and nose pads on Wiley X MIL-SPEC shield frames, then demonstrates how to replace them. Tune in to see the video or keep reading to learn more.

Removing the Lens

One thing to note before you get started is that these Wiley X lenses don't pop out easily. You may feel like you're about to break them, but remember these frames are safety-rated and designed to take force. Another thing Tyler emphasizes is that it's much easier to remove these lenses and nose pads when you take hold of the whole lens. While you will get some smudges on the lenses, you can easily clean them after the removal process.

To remove the lens, Tyler recommends starting from the outside corner and getting a good grip by taking the lens in the palm of your hand.

Removing Wiley X MIL-SPEC Shield

Once you have the lens in your hand, pull up on the frame until you hear a click. For this step, we recommend holding your sunglasses by the frame front rather than the temple. If you pull the lens away by holding the temple, you're putting unwanted strain on the hinges.

Keep pulling the lens away and you'll have the whole lens removed.

Removing Wiley X MIL-SPEC shield lenses

Now that the lens is out, you can see how it mounts into the frame in the two upper corners and in the middle. Tyler points out the notches in each area in the screenshot above.

Removing the Nose Pads

Once you've gotten the lens out, it's time to remove the nose pads. As with removing the lens, it's best to get the whole lens in the palm of your hand. You also want to be careful not to pull the nose pads out by the adjustable portion. Like with the temple, it adds unwanted strain. Tyler points out the correct area to grip, on the nose piece itself, below.

Removing Wiley X Shield Nose Pad

Once you've taken hold of the nose piece, rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise away from the lens to remove it. Repeat this process from the other side to take the nose pads out.

Replacing the Nose Pads & Lens

This is the easiest step. To replace the nose pads, line them up with the groove at the bottom of the lens and push them in until you hear a click. And to replace the lens, we recommend mounting it in the middle first. Push the lens into place until it clicks, then replace each corner.

That's it! Enjoy the new lenses on your Wiley X MIL-SPEC safety glasses.

The example frame we used in the video is the Wiley X PT-1, available in prescription with an Rx insert. You can buy it with one lens or multiple, tinted or clear.

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However, you can also use this method on other Wiley X MIL-SPEC shield sunglasses such as the Saber Advanced.

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