Side Shields vs. No Side Shields

When it comes to providing maximum eye protection, side shields play a crucial role. While safety glasses offer essential coverage for the front of your eyes, side shields provide additional safeguarding from hazards that may come from the sides.


So, do you need side shields for your safety glasses? The answer is found in the type of frame your safety glasses have. ANSI Z87 safety-rated glasses with a sporty, wrap around frame have enough coverage without side shields. The 8-base wrap has a curvature that offers plenty of side protection as is.

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If safety glasses are less curved and shaped more like eyeglasses, the frames are going to be flatter and will lack the curve you need for side protection. Part of the safety standard is preserving your eyes from side impact, or dust and debris that can sneak in through different angles and directions. Without side shields, these glasses are not considered safety-certified.

Removable side shields are convenient because you can wear your glasses for everyday life, and work life. The moment you attach the side shields, your glasses are safety-certified.

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In a Nutshell

If your safety glasses have a high-base curve with a wraparound design, you do not need side shields. If your safety glasses have a low-base curve and look like eyeglasses, you do need to attach side shields to make them safety-certified.


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