Today, we're looking at the Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Blue Mirror lens. This grey-based lens excels in bright conditions and provides superior visual comfort on even the sunniest of days. Join SportRx as we review tech specs and share which activities will benefit from this vibrant lens.

Table of Contents

1. Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ Overview
2. Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Blue Mirror
3. Prescription Wiley X Sunglasses at SportRx

Eyeglass Tyler explains the ins and outs of Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lenses and the Polarized Blue Mirror in particular.

Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ Overview

If you're new to Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lens technology, here's a brief overview of how they work and their features.

It all starts with the visible light spectrum. Within this spectrum, our human eye easily distinguishes the blues, greens, and reds as distinctive colors. However, where these colors overlap with one another, our eyes struggle to decipher and see clearly. CAPTIVATE™ lenses filter out this confusing light by separating the blues, greens, and reds to increase contrast and clarity. You'll get true color definition, better depth perception, and superior optical clarity when wearing Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lenses.

With eight different lens options each designed to improve contrast in a specific environment, CAPTIVATE™ lenses always have the right tint for every condition. These lenses also protect against UV & harmful HEV blue light, an essential step in preventative eye care. As for coatings, CAPTIVATE™ lenses include scratch-resistance and an oleophobic treatment that repels water, dust, and oil. This makes cleaning a breeze, meaning more time seeing clearly while doing what you love.

Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Blue Mirror

Now that you're familiar with Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lens technology, let's take a look at the lens itself.

The CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Blue Mirror lens is a stylish option that excels in performance on sunny days. A grey base darkens the tint, while the blue mirror coating prevents certain harsh light from reaching your eyes. A polarized filter reduces glare and prevents eye-fatigue in bright light-reflective conditions. What do these three features together mean for you? Superior sun protection, greater contrast, and optimal visual comfort on even the brightest of days.

Get a closer look of the CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Blue Mirror lens on the Wiley X Glory below.

wiley x captivate polarized blue mirror lenses in glory sunglasses

Wiley X Glory in Gloss Demi with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Blue Mirror Lenses

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Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Blue Mirror Key Features

  • Grey base + polarization provides ultimate sun protection
  • True-to-color experience
  • Glare-reduction
  • Best for bright sunlight
  • 10% Visible Light Transmission (What is VLT?)

CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Blue Mirror lenses are designed for bright and sunny conditions. The mirror finish and grey base provide superior protection from UV rays and blinding glare. This lens excels in environments with highly reflective surfaces, such as bodies of water and open road. We recommend the CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Blue Mirror lenses for deep-water fishing, day driving, or everyday wear if you live in a sunny environment. And if you need prescription, SportRx offers Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lenses with prescription.

Prescription Wiley X Sunglasses at SportRx

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