Welcome to the world of Bajío sunglasses and LAPIS™ lens technology. A brighter, clearer place where anglers' eyewear dreams become a reality. At SportRx, we're not one to get emotional, but Bajío lenses have us feeling some type of way — and we couldn't be more stoked to talk about it. We see a lot of lens technologies come through our doors and when the office starts to buzz, we know we've got a winner. Join us as we review the lens tech that's been making waves with our opticians and the fishing community in this Bajío Lens Guide. We'll cover the science behind the lens, review all 7 Bajío lens colors, and provide a handy comparison chart, so you can find your perfect match.

Bajío Lenses

A. Video Review
B. What You Need to Know
C. LAPIS™ Lens Technology
D. Bajío Lens Comparison Chart
E. Bajío Lens Colors
1. Blue Mirror
2. Green Mirror
3. Silver Mirror
4. Rose Mirror
5. Violet Mirror
6. Grey
7. Copper
F. Bajío Lenses FAQs
G. Shop Prescription Bajío Sunglasses Online at SportRx

Video Review

Want to see the lenses in action? Join Eyeglass Tyler for a complete breakdown of Bajío lenses!

What You Need to Know

Bajío is committed to helping you see more, so you can catch more. They use proprietary techniques to manipulate the light spectrum and fine-tune colors for greater clarity and contrast, which ultimately reveals more fish. We'll get into the science behind the lens when we talk about LAPIS™ technology, but until then, let's review the key components of Bajío lenses.


All Bajío lenses are polarized because Bajío understands the importance of glare defense when trying to make a catch. Polarized lenses enhance depth perception and reveal higher-definition contrast, so you can more easily spot and track movement beneath the surface of the water. Ideal for sight fishing, and a must-have for any type of water activity, polarized lenses create comfortable vision free from glare.

Lens Materials

Bajío sunglasses are available with glass or polycarbonate lenses, depending on the lens color. Glass lenses offer the greatest clarity and highest scratch-defense but are noticeably heavier than their polycarbonate counterparts. Conversely, polycarbonate lenses are more lightweight and are extremely impact resistant, while glass lenses are not. Ultimately, you can't go wrong with either one and it comes down to personal preference. Curious which lens colors offer both glass and polycarbonate options? Check out our Bajio Lens Comparison Chart below!

Note for Rx: When you order Bajío prescription sunglasses, your Rx lenses will be polycarbonate. All Bajío frames are Rx-able and available in both single vision and progressive. And, as always, when you shop with SportRx, you're backed by our See Better Guarantee™. If you're not 100% satisfied with your eyewear, including prescription, just let us know and we'll do everything to make it right. It's a promise!


Bajío lenses feature an oleophobic coating and backside anti-reflective coating. The oleophobic coating repels water, oil, sweat, and moisture, while the AR coating minimizes light bouncing off the backside of the lens into your eyes when the sun or other light source is behind you. In addition to providing clear, comfortable vision, coatings also enhance the life of the lens and add scratch resistance.

LAPIS™ Lens Technology

We've reached the real star of the show, LAPIS™ lens technology. Unlike other polarized lenses on the market that focus on managing yellow light, LAPIS™ lenses also target blue light reduction. Blue light, which is often associated with digital screens, lives within the 400–500 nanometer range on the visible light spectrum. This range of light can be further split into "good" and "bad" blue light. "Good" blue light helps boost alertness and regulates your sleep-wake cycle, while "bad" blue light disrupts your circadian rhythm and poses a potential risk to the long-term integrity of your vision. Bajío LAPIS™ tech blocks 95% of harmful blue light up to 445 nanometers while allowing "good" blue light through the lens. This unique filtering process reduces glare and haze so you experience more crisp vision with greater color definition when wearing Bajío LAPIS™ lenses.

To learn more about the harmful effects of blue light, visit our blog about blue light lenses.

Graphobic on Bajio LAPIS polarized lens technology and how it separates colors.

Bajío Lens Comparison Chart

For a quick and easy lens comparison, check out our Bajío lens color chart. We'll review each of these Bajío lenses in detail next.

Lens ColorImageBase ColorLens MaterialBest forLight ConditionsVLT %Rx-able?
Blue MirrorBajío Blue Mirror LensGreyGlass/PolyOffshore fishing; bright sunLight Conditions Icons Medium to Bright12%Yes
Green MirrorBajío Green Mirror LensBrownGlass/PolyFlats, reefs, & shorelines; bright sunLight Conditions Icons Medium to Bright14%Yes
Silver MirrorBajío Silver Mirror LensCopperGlass/PolyFishing in variable lightLight Conditions Icons Low to Bright16%Yes
Rose MirrorBajío Rose Mirror LensRedPolyRiver & lake fishingLight Conditions Icons Low to Bright18%Yes
Violet MirrorBajío violet mirror lensRedPolyShallow water & sight fishingLight Condition Icon Low to Medium Light18%No
GreyBajío Grey LensGreyGlass/PolyNatural vision with low contrastLight Conditions Icons Low to Bright16%Yes
CopperBajío Copper LensCopperPolyWarm vision with high contrastLight Conditions Icons Low to Bright16%Yes

VLT: Visible Light Transmission is the amount of light that passes through a lens. The lower the percentage, the darker the lens tint will be with the least amount of light reaching your eyes.

Bajío Lens Colors

All Bajío lenses are polarized and use their proprietary LAPIS™ lens technology. LAPIS™ lenses manage light and color separation, so you get haze-free vision with zero color interference or color confusion. Regardless of which Bajío lens color you choose, you'll experience brighter colors, enhanced contrast, and greater clarity in all Bajío sunglasses.

Onto the lenses!

Blue Mirror

Starting with the darkest lens, the Bajío Blue Mirror is ideal for bright, sunny conditions. A grey base creates a true-to-color visual experience, while the blue mirror blocks blinding glare off the water. This lens is perfect for those who want to enjoy nature's colors in their purest form with comfortable vision free from harsh UV rays. If you're an offshore angler, or enjoy water activities on the open ocean, the Bajío Blue Mirror is the lens for you.

Bajío Roca sunglasses in tortoise with blue mirror lenses.

Bajío Roca in Tortoise Gloss with Blue Mirror Glass Lenses

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Green Mirror

The Bajío Green Mirror is their second darkest lens. Like the Blue Mirror, this lens color is also best-suited for full sun and bright conditions. A brown base creates a slightly warmer visual experience, which allows you access to details that are easily missed by the naked human eye. This tint is ideal for those who want the competitive edge that high contrast lenses offer for sight fishing. It is perfect for fishing flats, reefs, and shorelines since the brown base brightens colors, while the green mirror adds more protection in bright, sunny conditions.

Bajío Nato sunglasses in dark tortoise with green mirror lenses.

Bajío Nato in Dark Tortoise Gloss with Green PC Lenses

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Silver Mirror

The Bajío Silver Mirror is a medium-light, high contrast lens. It features a copper base that works similarly to a brown base lens. You'll see details with greater clarity and richer colors that have a slightly warmer hue. The Bajío Silver Mirror acts as glare defense in sunny conditions, while the copper base brightens your vision on lower-light days. This color is one of the most versatile lenses since it performs in all lighting conditions. If you do a variety of fishing, or fish at varying hours of the day, the Bajío Silver Mirror can keep up without skipping a beat. It also excels for treelined Western rivers and lake fishing.

Bajío Bales Beach sunglasses in green with silver mirror lenses.

Bajío Bales Beach in Green Cervesa Matte with Silver Mirror Glass Lenses

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Rose Mirror

Another equally versatile lens is the Bajío Rose Mirror. Slightly more fashion-forward than the last lens, the Rose Mirror is as visually stunning on the wearer as is your visual experience looking through it. A red base creates high contrast in overcast conditions and the rose mirror provides comfortable vision on even the sunniest of days. Overall, this lens performs well in a variety of lighting conditions and makes an excellent choice for Western rivers and lake fishing.

Bajío Nippers sunglasses in dark tortoise with rose mirror lenses.

Bajío Nippers in Dark Tortoise Gloss with Rose Mirror PC Lenses

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Violet Mirror

Bajío's newest lens color, Violet Mirror, is another stylish choice that doesn't compromise on performance. It uses a red base to brighten your surroundings in low-light conditions and outperforms standard yellow lenses that create a more artificial brightening effect. The red base also aids your depth perception, making the Bajío Violet Mirror a standout lens color for sight fishing. Its unique color combination helps you more accurately distinguish colors underwater, which aids in spotting bedding bass.

Bajío Cometa sunglasses in purple gloss with violet mirror polarized lenses.

Bajío Cometa in Claret Gloss with Violet Mirror PC Lenses

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Perfect for water and land activities alike, the Bajío Grey lens is a versatile choice for an everyday pair. It provides natural vision that is true-to-color, so you can enjoy the great outdoors just as Mother Nature made it. As for contrast, this Bajío lens color is considered low contrast, so you won't notice a significant difference in contrast or depth perception. Overall, the Grey lens is an accommodating color that works in a variety of lighting conditions with one of the most natural visual experiences.

Bajío Caballo sunglasses in navy blue with grey lenses.

Bajío Caballo in Blue Vin Matte with Grey PC Lenses

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Our final Bajío lens color is one of the most popular options thanks to its ease of wear. For decades, anglers have trusted copper lenses to bring just the right amount of contrast in a variety of conditions. This do-it-all lens delivers the contrast you crave on overcast days, and the UV protection you need for comfortable vision on sunny days. It creates a subtle warm wash of color to brighten your surroundings and make details pop. If you need a versatile lens that can handle a variety of fishing styles or a reliable everyday color, Bajío Copper is a functional lens color that never goes out of style.

Bajío Balam sunglasses in black and tortoise with copper lenses.

Bajío Balam in Tortoise Split Gloss with Copper PC Lenses

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Bajío Lenses FAQs

If you still have questions after our Bajío Lens Guide, we've come prepared. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions we get about Bajío lenses!

What is the best Bajío lens color for fishing?

Selecting the right lens color depends on your fishing style and environment. For offshore fishing, the Bajío Blue Mirror provides comfortable vision in bright sun and harsh glare. For inshore, the Green Mirror and Silver Mirror both have warm bases to enhance contrast and make details pop. The Rose Mirror is best for fishing in lakes and rivers, and the Violet Mirror is a solid all-around choice for sight fishing in low-light conditions.

Which Bajío lens color is darkest?

The darkest Bajío lens color is their Blue Mirror. It has a 12% visible light transmission, which means it allows the least amount of light through the lens. With a grey base that delivers a natural color experience and a blue mirror that combats blinding glare, you'll experience comfortable vision on bright, sunny days.

Which Bajío lens color is lightest?

Both the Rose Mirror and Violet Mirror have an 18% visible light transmission, which allows the most amount of light through the lens. However, while the Rose Mirror can combat brighter sun conditions, the Violet Mirror is best-suited for lower-light conditions. It has a brightening effect that allows your environment to be seen in greater detail even when lighting conditions are less than optimal.

Are all Bajío lenses polarized?

Yes, all Bajío lenses are polarized. Polarized lenses combat glare and are a must-have for anglers since water is one of its greatest sources. All 7 Bajío lens colors use polarization to block glare and reveal greater definition and contrast. You'll also experience more comfortable vision when wearing Bajío polarized sunglasses.

Can I get Bajío lenses in prescription?

Most Bajío lenses can be made to your prescription. Of the 7 color options, only the Violet Mirror is unavailable in Rx. All 6 other colors are available in prescription.

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We hope this Bajío Lens Guide has made you as excited as us about the newest lens tech to hit the fishing community. It's one of those things that you have to experience yourself to fully understand, but we're confident it will all make sense the moment you slip on a pair of Bajío sunglasses. Have prescription needs? We've got you covered. All Bajío sunglasses are Rx-able, and when you shop with SportRx, you’ll find video guides and tooltips as you customize your perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, contact us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house Sports Opticians who can help you build your Bajío prescription sunglasses.

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