SPY HD+ lenses are the only lenses on the market with therapeutic benefits! Stick with us as we explain everything you need to know about SPY lens tech.

Table of Contents

1. Who is SPY?
2. SPY Optic HD+ Lens Technology
3. Picking Out Your SPY Optic HD+ Lenses
3.1. HD+ Bronze Lens
3.2. HD+ Grey-Green Lens
3.3. HD+ Polar Lens
3.4. HD+ Lens with Spectra Mirror
4. Prescription SPY Optic Sunglasses Online at SportRx

Sunglass Rob and Shady Brady break down the steps to finding your perfect shades with the Ultimate SPY Optic Lens Rx Guide. We go over who SPY is, what HD+ lenses are, and the types of HD+ lenses available to you in prescription!

Who is SPY?

Since 1994, SPY has prided themselves on being a happy-go-lucky family committed to providing unbeatable optical products. SPY sunglasses are durable and reliable for any of your adventures, and are also stylish for all day use. Whatever your day has in store for you, you can rely on SPY sunglasses to make you happy.

Spy Optic Lens, Happy lens technology, spy prescription sunglasses

SPY Optic HD+ Lens Technology

You may have heard of SPY’s Happy lenses, and now all the buzz is about HD+ lenses. So what’s the difference between Happy and HD+? Actually, there is none! HD+ is just the new name for SPY’s Happy lenses, with all the same great technology.

SPY Happy lenses weren’t named that for no reason. They’re the only patented lenses that provide a therapeutic benefit in addition to enhancing color and contrast. They literally make you happier! Naturally, this legacy carries over into the HD+ lenses as well.

SPY’s HD+ lens technology is based on scientific studies about seasonal affective disorder (also called seasonal depression) and the usage of long- and short-wave blue light. A lack of sunlight can cause a decrease in serotonin, a brain chemical that affects your mood. And while short-wave blue light is harmful to the eye, long-wave blue light stimulates the brain’s level of serotonin to help increase alertness and promote a healthy circadian rhythm.

So HD+ lenses allow in the long-wave blue light (the good), while protecting against the damaging short-wave blue light. Long-wave blue light enhances color, contrast, and clarity offering a more vivid and defined surrounding. You get unbeatable clarity and an improved mood. See better and feel better with SPY HD+ technology.

Spy Optic Lens, Happy lens technology, SPy optic prescription sunglasses

Picking Out Your SPY HD+ Lenses

These mood-enhancing lenses are starting to sound pretty appealing, right? After all, we could all use a little more happiness in our lives. So next, we’ll break down the different types of HD+ lenses SPY has to help you decide which features you need. They are all also available in prescription!

Spy Optic Lens, Happy lens technology, spy prescription sunglasses

There are 2 main lens tints from SPY, HD+ Bronze and HD+ Grey-Green. They are also both available polarized and with your choice of a Spectra™ mirror finish for added flair.

HD+ Bronze Lens

HD+ Bronze lenses offer superior color and contrast enhancement in addition to the mood improvement we mentioned earlier. These lenses are best when you want more contrast, like for sports or just if you enjoy seeing brighter colors than normal.

HD+ Grey-Green Lens

HD+ Grey-Green lenses tone down brightness and are perfect for mid to bright conditions. These lenses are true-to-color, making them ideal if you’re after dark sunglasses that don’t distort colors.

HD+ Polar Lens

HD+ Polar lenses are polarized to block 99.9% of glare. Available in the same bronze or grey-green tints, these polarized lenses are a great option if you love spending time on the water. However, since polarization can affect your depth perception, we don’t recommend polarized lenses for sports like golf or mountain biking.

HD+ Lens with Spectra™ Mirror

HD+ lenses are available with Spectra™ mirrors in blue, green, pink, or red. You can also get black, gold, or silver in non-Spectra mirrors. In addition to being a fashion statement, mirrored lenses reflect excess light away from the lens. This effectively gives you a darker lens.

Prescription SPY Optic Sunglasses Online at SportRx

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