With snow season upon us, keeping track of all the brands’ snow goggle lens tech can get confusing. Stick with us as we go over the different varieties so you can find the best pair of snow goggles for you.

Table of Contents

1. Snow Goggle Lens Tech Overview
2. Oakley PRIZM Snow
3. SMITH ChromaPop
4. Dragon Lumalens
5. SPY HD+
6. Anon Optics SONAR
7. Giro VIVID

Snow Goggle Lens Tech Overview

Our favorite brands all have several different lens tints and VLTs (Visible Light Transmission) to cover the widest range of light conditions from bright sunlight to whiteout. To help combat quickly-changing weather in the mountains, most of our goggles also come with quick-change lens tech so you can swap out as needed.

Oakley PRIZM Snow

Oakley PRIZM Snow goggle lens tech

Oakley’s PRIZM lens tech works to boost the colors you need while blocking out the ones you don’t. The result is greater visibility in the world of sports—and now you can enjoy this same technology in the snow. Get a variety of colors for all lighting conditions as well as your personal tastes. Check out our complete PRIZM Snow Lens Guide for the details about which lens color is best for you.

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SMITH ChromaPop

SMITH ChromaPop lens tech

SMITH Optics got their start in the snow goggle world, so it’s no wonder they have one of the best lens technologies as well. Like Oakley PRIZM, ChromaPop manipulates the light spectrum to let you see better. This tech corrects color confusion by separating out red, blue, and green light. True to their name, these lenses make colors pop. Check out our full breakdown of the available colors in our SMITH ChromaPop Goggle Lens Guide!

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Dragon Lumalens

Dragon Lumalens snow goggle lens tech

Lumalens is Dragon’s lens technology that started in their goggles and has since expanded to their sunglasses as well! Lumalens offers hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings in addition to a hard coating to protect your goggles from water, oil, and regular wear and tear. By maximizing contrast and reducing eye fatigue with an ionized lens, Lumalens ensures the day will simply fly by.

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SPY HD+ snow goggle lens tech

What happens when you combine SPY’s Happy lens with HD optics? HD+ lenses! Happy lens tech blocks out harmful blue light while letting in beneficial blue light to give you an improved mood. SPY has combined this revolutionary lens technology with their clearest and best optics so you never stop having fun on the slopes.

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Anon Optics PERCEIVE



Anon’s snow goggles feature PERCEIVE contrast-enhancing lenses. This technology provides 100% UV protection and, like SPY’s lens tech, filters out the harmful blue light while leaving in the beneficial to help you spot details in the snow. Anon has optimized their lenses for clarity in all lighting conditions, so once you slide on a pair of Anon snow goggles, you won’t want to take them off.

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Giro VIVID snow goggle lens tech

Last but not least, Giro partnered with ZEISS to create VIVID lenses. These specialized snow goggle lenses reduce eye strain and improve reaction time while not oversaturating colors. They pair nicely with Giro’s detail-oriented goggle design to give you a truly action-packed snow day.

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Prescription Snow Goggles at SportRx

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