When it comes to fishing, having the right gear can make all the difference. Fishing glasses are an essential part of any angler's toolkit, providing protection from the sun's glare and enhancing visibility in low-light conditions. If you're in the market for top-quality eyewear, look no further than SMITH Optics. In this guide, we'll introduce you to our picks for the best fishing sunglasses by SMITH Optics for 2024.

Once you've decided on the perfect pair, your peace of mind is our priority. That's why we offer our exclusive See Better Guarantee. Try your chosen sunglasses for 45 days, and if they don't meet your expectations, return them. We provide a full refund, effortless exchanges, or a credit towards a better pair—and, yes, we cover the cost of return shipping. Explore our extensive range of SMITH fishing sunglasses, including prescription options, online at SportRx.

Table of Contents

A. What to Look for in SMITH Fishing Sunglasses
B. Top 5 Best SMITH Fishing Sunglasses of 2024
1. Guide's Choice
2. Longfin
3. Castaway
4. Deckboss
5. Hookshot
6. Honorable Mention
C. Best SMITH Fishing Sunglasses of 2019
D. Prescription Fishing Sunglasses at SportRx

What to Look For in SMITH Fishing Sunglasses

Frame Technology

When fishing, you want to make sure that you’re not getting distracted by the sun or slipping sunglasses. Our list includes frames with a wrap around design that offers exceptional eye coverage and protection from excessive sunlight. Rubberized temples and nose pads are essential for stability and optical alignment, while a leash attachment is a great addition.

As for material, lightweight is the way to go. Nylon frames are a great choice because of how light they are. Materials such as metal and acetate can corrode over time from salt water, so it’s best to steer clear of those frames.

Lens Technology

SMITH ChromaPop Lens technology

SMITH is known for their elite lens technology known as ChromaPop™. ChromaPop™ lenses offer glare-cutting polarization and color enhancement, ideal for fishermen. True to their name, they make colors and contrast pop, and come with numerous layers of coatings and protection to give your sunglasses the best quality possible. This technology provides a better overall fishing experience for all.

As far as tint, it depends on your personal preference and the weather. Dark grey or green tints are best for bright, sunny days with a potential drawback of less contrast. Meanwhile, rose, copper, and brown tints are great for cloudier days and enhance contrast, but might not be dark enough when it's sunny out. On rainy days or for nighttime fishing, consider a yellow tint to enhance contrast in low lighting. A photochromic lens is another great option if you anticipate rapidly changing weather.

Lens coating is also a great additional feature. Many sunglasses on our list come with hydrophobic, oleophobic, and anti-reflective. Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings work to repel water and oil, while anti-reflective coatings minimize glare and reflections that bounce off lenses.

For more about buying SMITH fishing sunglasses, visit our SMITH Fishing Sunglasses Buyer’s Guide.

Top 5 Best SMITH Fishing Sunglasses of 2024

Our in-house opticians and fishing experts have teamed up to bring you the best sunglasses SMITH has to offer for fishing. Read on to find a pair that works for you!

Guide’s Choice

The sun is no match for SMITH Guide’s Choice sunglasses. These sunglasses are perfect for all kinds of fishing adventures like fly fishing, deep-sea angling, kayak fishing, and more. They effectively block out excessive sunlight and shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. Techlite glass lenses with ChromaPop™ technology provide enhanced color and clarity, making days on the water a breeze. Additionally, Megol® nose pads and temples provide all-day comfort, making these an easy choice.

Smith Guides Choice in Black with ChromaPop Blue Mirror Lens

SMITH Guides Choice in Black with ChromaPop™ Blue Mirror Lens

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SMITH Guide’s Choice Key Features

  • Includes a leash attachment for on-and-off wearing convenience
  • ChromaPop™ lenses enhance color and visual detail
  • Hydrophobic lens coating repels water
  • Lightweight and scratch-resistant Techlite lenses minimize glare
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 135 (Men’s M/Women’s L)


Spot your next big catch in a pair of SMITH Longfin sunglasses. Frame side shields offer optimal eye protection, while flexible temples provide ideal comfort. The anti-reflective lens coating and ChromaPop™ polarized technology will minimize the impact of the glare coming off the water. Rubberized grips on the nose pads and temples will provide a secure fit no matter how many waves come your way.

best polarized lens color for fishing the flats smith chromapop polarized brown mirror in smith longfin matte sunglasses

SMITH Longfin in Matte Gravy with ChromaPop™ Polarized Bronze Mirror Lenses

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SMITH Longfin Key Features

  • Side shields provide above-and-beyond eye coverage
  • Anti-reflective coating minimizes glare
  • Spring hinge allows temples to hug head securely
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 135 (Men’s M/Women’s L)


Go fishing in style with SMITH Castaway sunglasses. Flattering on all face shapes, the wrap around design provides exceptional eye coverage and protection. Spring hinges and rubberized grips make sure the sunglasses are comfortably secure, while a hydrophobic lens coating repels water. A built-in leash option allows you to secure your sunglasses so they don’t fall off or float away.

smith castaway sunglasses in black with bronze polarized lenses

SMITH Castaway in Matte Black Gold with ChromaPop™ Polarized Bronze Mirror Lenses

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SMITH Castaway Key Features

  • Made from lightweight TR-90 nylon
  • ChromaPop™ lens technology enhances color and clarity
  • Hydrophobic coating repels water from the lenses
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 136 (Men’s/Women’s L)


The SMITH Deckboss is the perfect co-captain for a day out on the water. The polarized lenses cut glare coming off the water, allowing you to clearly see what’s swimming beneath the surface. These SMITH sunglasses also feature ChromaPop™ lens technology which enhances colors for clearer details and improved visibility, which is crucial for fishing. Rubberized grips keep the sunglasses secure for a strong hold and fit.

SMITH Deckboss

SMITH Deckboss in Matte Black with ChromaPop™ Polarized Gray-Green Lens

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SMITH Deckboss Key Features

  • 8-base curve (What is a base curve?)
  • Adjustable temples for a customizable fit
  • Oleophobic lens coating that repels water, oil, and dirt
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 139 (Men’s L/Women’s XL)


Cast and reel with the best of them in a pair of SMITH Hookshot sunglasses. Large lenses with a wrap around design protect your eyes from excessive sunlight and harmful UV rays. Thanks to a hydrophobic lens coating and Megol® rubber grips, water and sweat won’t build up on your lenses or cause your sunglasses to fall off. The bio-based frame material is lightweight, meaning you’ll be able to comfortably wear these sunglasses for hours on end.

Smith Hookshot

SMITH Hookshot in matte Black with ChromaPop™ Polarized Green Mirror lens

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SMITH Hookshot Key Features

  • ChromaPop™ lens technology for color enhancement and 100% UV protection
  • Rubberized nose pads and temples that secure sunglasses in place
  • Anti-reflective lens coating reduces glare
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 140 (Men’s L/Women’s XL)

Honorable Mention – Barra

We’ve got an honorable mention to add! The SMITH Barra features square frames with side shields, perfect for additional eye coverage and protection. Made of eco-friendly material, these sunglasses come with ChromaPop™ polarized lenses and a hydrophobic and anti-reflective coating. With sweat management features and rubberized grips on the nosepad and temples, you’ll be able to comfortably wear the Barra for a full day of fishing.

SMITH Barra in Matte Forest with ChromaPop Polarized Brown lens

SMITH Barra in Matte Forest with ChromaPop™ Polarized Brown lens

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SMITH Barra Key Features

  • Hydrophobic coating repels water
  • Anti-reflective lens coating minimizes glare
  • Straight temples hit perfectly underneath a hat or visor
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 138 (Men’s/Women’s L)

Prescription Fishing Sunglasses at SportRx

Need prescription SMITH fishing sunglasses? Done. When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tooltips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, Contact Us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can get you the best prescription SMITH fishing sunglasses on the market.

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