Are you looking for the perfect fishing sunglasses? Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, having the right pair can greatly enhance your fishing experience. In this post, we'll discuss what makes fishing eyewear special, introduce you to our top picks, and explain why they made the cut. We'll also answer questions people often ask about polarized lenses, and where to buy the best sunglasses online.

Guide to Finding the Best Sunglasses for Fishing

A. Video Overview
B. Benefits of Fishing Eyewear
C. Best Fishing Glasses & Lens Technologies
1. Costa Blackfin Pro
2. Oakley Split Shot
3. SMITH Guide's Choice
4. Maui Jim Southern Cross
5. Wiley X Boss
6. Zeal Incline
7. Native Sightcaster
D. Best Fishing Lenses FAQ
E. Polarized Prescription Fishing Glasses Online

Video Overview

Watch as TJ goes over the seven best fishing glasses in the video below. Scroll to learn more!

Every angler and fishing environment is different, so if a frame doesn't live up to your fishing A-game, let us know. Try any of our polarized fishing sunglasses for 45 days risk-free with our See Better Guarantee™.

Benefits of Fishing Eyewear

In the world of fishing, having the right gear is essential. This means having the right sunglasses is a must. However, not all sunglasses are created equal. Anglers should opt for a pair that caters to their fishing conditions. Fishing sunglasses come with distinct features that make them perfect for fishing enthusiasts. They provide excellent protection and comfort, making them an important accessory for every fishing trip.

Check out these key benefits of sunglasses for fishing!

Lenses: Vision is key when fishing and directly impacts the quality of your performance. The water acts as a mirror and magnifies the sun's effects more than other sports. Fishing glasses are equipped with polarized lenses which prevent glare from entering your eyes. This means reduced eye strain and enhanced clarity, which allows you to see better when casting and reeling in your catch.

Which lens color is best for fishing? That depends on your environment! You can take a deeper dive into the topic with our blog, What's the Best Lens Color for Fishing?

Frames: Fishing sunglasses wrap around the face more than traditional frames. You may see this wrap quality called 8-base curvature. They block out wind and keep debris from getting into your eyes. This makes them a vital tool for both serious and recreational anglers. Many brands also use lightweight yet durable materials which make them comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Accessories: Most fishing glasses come with rubberized nose pieces and temple tips which provide extra grip. They make sure your glasses stay firmly in place no matter how rough the waves get.

So, which glasses are best for fishing? Here’s the best of 2023!

Best Fishing Sunglasses of 2023

When it comes to choosing the best fishing sunglasses of 2023, there are several things to look for. Price is often a factor that stops fishermen from experiencing the clear vision that quality sunglasses can provide. However, think about how much you've already invested in fishing gear like poles, reels, boats, docks, and tackle boxes. Just like those items, sunglasses can last a long time and don't need to be constantly replaced. Investing in a high-quality pair of sunglasses is a smart move that will help you catch more fish during your next trip.

Costa Blackfin Pro

Costa is a well-known brand that makes some of the best fishing sunglasses on the market. They are famous for their Costa 580 lenses. Our top pick from Costa is the Costa Blackfin PRO which is perfect for medium to large heads. The lightweight, bio-resin frame is comfy for long days on the water and includes wide temples that provide superior sun protection. Costa Blackfin fishing glasses are a great choice for offshore fishing. The saltwater-safe frame includes vented nose pads, sweat channels, and eyewire drains to minimize fogging. It even comes with a lifetime warranty so you have peace of mind knowing your sunglasses—and ‌‌the dollars spent on them—are well worth the high price tag.

One thing to note is that the nose pad is not adjustable enough to fit all face shapes. The biggest drawback is that the sunglass lenses are available in limited colors, and are all quite dark. This means they are best suited for use in bright, open water conditions versus inshore or freshwater fishing.

Costa del Mar Blackfin Pro polarized sunglasses for fishing

Costa Blackfin Pro in Ocearch Tiger Shark frame with Green Mirror 580G lenses

Shop Costa Blackfin Pro


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Saltwater-safe
  • Excellent coverage
  • Wicks away sweat and moisture
  • Great for large heads
  • Rx-able 580 lenses


  • Higher price level
  • Limited to open ocean fishing
  • Does not adjust to all face shapes

Oakley Split Shot

The Oakley Split Shot is designed for fishing, but is also great for skiing, biking, and other outdoor activities. It uses PRIZM™ lens technology for optimal clarity and fits nicely under a hat. It comes in a medium size and should fit most anglers. But the best part is the Split Shot has comfortable nose pads and a detachable leash, so you’ll never have to worry about misplacing them or losing them at the bottom of the ocean.

Certain fisherman might find these fishing sunglasses a bit pricier than other options, but the quality is fantastic. Keep in mind that the frame is built to last and is made of a strong material called O Matter™, Oakley’s proprietary weather-resistant and durable plastic. Pro-fisherman and elite athletes around the globe trust it for its performance and protective qualities. The Split Shot also only comes with deep water, gray, black, and tungsten PRIZM lenses, which are made for brighter conditions and may not be best for cloudy weather.

oakley split shot fishing sunglasses with matte black frame and prizm deep water polarized lenses

Oakley Split Shot in Matte Black frame with Prizm Deep Water Polarized lenses

Shop Oakley Split Shot


  • Fits under a hat
  • O Matter frame material makes it last
  • Steel leash keeps them out of the water
  • Rx-able PRIZM™ lenses


  • Limited to bright fishing conditions

SMITH Guide's Choice

The SMITH Guide's Choice meets the needs of the most demanding fishermen. It features thick temples and an 8-base wrap for superior light protection. It always stays on your face or around your neck with a detachable leash, so no more misplacing them. Flying hooks are no match for the ChromaPop™ and Techlite™ lenses. These fishing sunglass lenses are made of glass, which provides the best optical experience and highest scratch-resistance.

This frame comes with Italian spring hinges, which can stretch out over time. They may slip when looking down to tie a knot or grab the pliers. It also has a mid to high price range, but if you have a hard time finding sunglasses with the right fit, the Guide’s Choice will be your best bet. It falls between a medium to large. The non-prescription lenses are also limited to darker blue, green and black shades, which work great for salt-water fishing but may be too dark for fresh water fishing.

smith guides choice sunglasses with black frame and green lenses

SMITH Guide's Choice in Matte Black frame with ChromaPop Polarized Gray Green lenses

Shop SMITH Guide's Choice


  • Glass lenses are most scratch-resistant
  • Sun protection from all angles
  • Leash cord so you never misplace them
  • Great option for big noggins
  • Rx-able ChromaPop™ lenses


  • Spring hinges may loosen the fit over time
  • Glass lenses are heavier than other materials
  • Limited to bright fishing conditions

Maui Jim Southern Cross

The Maui Jim Southern Cross is for anglers who want good style and performance out on the water. The classic rectangular lenses keep your eyes safe from flying hooks and provide a more casual look when casting at the dock. They feature patented treatments made of rare earth elements for distortion-free vision and enhanced color and clarity so you can enjoy the ocean views. PolarizedPlus2 lens technology blocks 100% of harmful UV rays and absorbs harmful HEV (high-energy visible) light, protecting your eyes in the short and long term. The non-prescription frames come with Maui Jim SuperThin (ST) Glass lenses, which are 32% thinner and lighter than standard glass.

It's worth noting that these fishing sunglasses may not be the best choice for fishing trips that last all day, as they don't have side shields to keep out the wind and sun. They’re also the most expensive sunglasses we're looking at today. However, can you really put a price on having the best optics? If you're considering getting a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses, don't dismiss the Southern Cross until you've given them a try. Once you put them on, you'll see why they cost more, both technically and literally!

Maui Jim Southern Cross sunglasses with brown frames and lenses

Maui Jim Southern Cross in Matte Tortoise Rubber frame with HCL Bronze lenses

Shop Maui Jim Southern Cross


  • Best optics on the market
  • Lightweight and can be worn all day
  • Lenses are hard to scratch
  • Versatile, rectangular stlye
  • Rx-able PolarizedPlus2® lenses


  • Less protection from the sides
  • Limited to bright fishing conditions
  • Highest price point

Wiley X Boss

WX Boss fishing sunglasses are a fantastic option for extra large noggins at affordable, all-around protection. The rectangular lenses and wrap around design provide generous coverage to keep your eyes shielded from the sun, wind, and anything else that comes your way. As part of the Wiley X Climate Control Series, the WX Boss features a removable Facial Cavity™ Seal, which is perfect for blocking excess wind during long boat trips. No more needing to cut your fishing trip short because of dry eye! The CAPTIVATE™ lenses are also ANSI Z87.1-certified, which makes sure that they can withstand the rigors of reeling in a big fish.

The Boss has a lot of great features, but there’s just one thing: the mirror coating on the lenses is not the strongest, so they scratch easily. If you plan on fishing in rougher, open waters, you may want to consider a different lens option. You don't want to set the hook at the wrong time because you're distracted by lines on your lenses! There may also be noticeable differences in the fit when switching from non-prescription to prescription lenses. The Rx frame is typically larger, which means it may easily slide down your nose or off your face.

wiley x boss in black with silver lenses

Wiley X Boss in Matte Black frame with Grey Silver Flash lenses

Shop Wiley X Boss


  • ANSI-rated eye protection for ultimate safety
  • Great for those with dry eye
  • Great price point
  • Available with Rx-able CAPTIVATE™ lenses


  • Mirror can scratch easily
  • Sizing can vary

Zeal Incline

Zeal Incline sunglasses are an excellent choice for fishermen with large heads. With these sunglasses, you can be both stylish and comfortable while enjoying the great outdoors. They are lightweight and ready for any adventure. The durable Z-Resin frame and polycarbonate lenses are made from plant-based materials to help narrow the carbon footprint and help keep our oceans and ponds a place for fish to thrive.

Zeal Incline sunglasses provide excellent value compared to the most expensive sunglasses on the market. The Incline's 8-base curvature and classic keyhole bridge give it a versatile style that's suitable for long days on the water followed by a meal of your well-deserved catch.

zeal optics incline in black frame with dark gray lenses

Zeal Incline in Matte Black frame with Ellume Polarized Dark Grey lenses

Shop Zeal Incline


  • Use in varying light conditions
  • Versatile style for on and off the boat
  • Rx-able with Ellume polarized lenses


  • Mid price point
  • Mirror isn’t very strong

Zeal Ellume Sunglasses Lens Chart

Native Sightcaster

Native Eyewear is an underrated brand that provides innovative products to enhance users' outdoor fishing experiences. The Sightcaster, a max-coverage sunglass, is an excellent example of this. With a Co-Injected Rhyno-Tuff® Air Frame, the large Sightcaster won’t warp under extreme summer temperatures and maintains the best price point on our ‘best fishing sunglasses’ list! The Sightcaster frame even prevents the lenses from flying into your eyes if a fish unexpectedly whips its tail. The sunglasses also have special hinges called Cam-Action hinges that keep them fitting snugly without getting loose. Plus, no matter the weather you face on your fishing trips, you only need the Sightcaster because its lenses are easily interchangeable to suit your fishing conditions.

The Sightcaster has relatively small nose pads, which may impact the comfort level during extended wear. The lenses may also exhibit a slight distortion when viewing at far distances.

Native Eyewear Sightcaster fishing sunglasses under 100. Crystal blue frame with blue polarized lenses,

Native Eyewear Sightcaster in Matte Smoke Crystal frame with Blue Reflex Polarized lenses

Shop Native Eyewear Sightcaster


  • Stable in extreme temperatures
  • Doesn’t loosen over time
  • Rx-able sport-optimized or custom-built polarized lenses


  • Not recommended for all-day wear
  • Not best for distance vision

Best Fishing Lenses FAQ

Whether you fish onshore, in a stream, on a lakebed, or out in the middle of the ocean, glare surrounds your environment. You need top-notch polarized sunglass protection! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions our Sports Opticians receive from those looking for the best fishing glasses.

Do Polarized Sunglasses Work for Fishing?

Polarized sunglasses offer the best protection and vision while fishing—they cut glare to prevent eye strain and unnecessary squinting. Polarized lenses help you see beyond the surface of the water, allowing you to spot your next big catch. They’re a key component to all of the best fishing glasses, but not just any polarized sunglasses will do. Only high-quality lenses cut glare and enhance colors and contrast, which helps you distinguish objects in the water like fish, rocks, and vegetation. Seeing these objects helps you make better decisions about where to cast your line and how to retrieve your bait, increasing your chances of catching fish.

What Color Polarized Lenses are Best for Fishing?

The best fishing sunglasses cater to the light conditions in your typical fishing environment. As a rule of thumb, if you spend your days fishing offshore, a gray base lens with a blue mirror is the way to go. For freshwater and inshore fishing, an amber, rose, or copper lens with a green mirror is an ideal choice.

Are Brown Polarized Lenses Good for Fishing?

Brown is one of the most recommended lens colors for inshore fishing. This includes freshwater fishing, flats fishing, and fly fishing. Brown lenses provide the perfect amount of contrast in a variety of lighting conditions, and a soothing color that eliminates eye fatigue and strain after long days under the sun.

For more about how to select the right frame and lens features for your fishing needs, check out our Fishing Sunglasses Buyer's Guide.

Polarized Prescription Fishing Sunglasses Online

Want to make a pair of prescription fishing sunglasses? Done. When you shop with SportRx, you’ll find video guides and tool tips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. The answers to all of your questions are at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, Contact Us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help you build your prescription sunglasses.

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