Whether you're headed out for a 3-dayer on the open water, catching the sunrise on your local lake, or packing up for a river trip, there's a few things to consider before you choose the best lens color for fishing. Acknowledging your environment, lighting conditions, and even weather can help you select a lens that will transform your fishing sunglasses from an afterthought to a performance-enhancing tool. Stick around to find out how the best lens color for fishing pertains to your unique experience!

Best Lens Color for Fishing

1. Neutral
2. Contrast-Enhancing
3. Low-Light
4. Mirror Coating
4.1. Blue Mirror
4.2. Green Mirror


Gray lenses are best for offshore fishing where the sun is hot and intense because they offer the most protection. Rather than being a high-contrast lens, a gray tint doesn't change color perception and allows you to see true-to-world color instead. If you're headed to open waters and need to prioritize light-blocking over color enhancement, gray is the best lens for fishing.

Maui Jim Kanaio Coast

Maui Jim Kanaio Coast in Matte Soft Black with Gray Lenses

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Copper, rose, and brown tints are your high-contrast lenses. Ideal for inshore fishing where you need to spot and track fish, these lenses boost contrast to better define color in flats, beds, and shallow water. They're still protective, but not so dark that they can't transition between sunny and cloudy weather.

Costa Montauk

Costa Montauk in Matte Black Ultra with 580 Copper lens

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While we don't often get requests for low-light fishing sunglasses, we certainly have options for anyone who wants them! Low-light lenses often have a yellow, copper, or amber base to help reduce blue light and brighten your environment when you're out at dawn, dusk, or a particularly overcast day. For instance, Costa uses their Sunrise Silver mirror, Maui Jim has an HT (high transmission) lens, and Kaenon has several combinations of yellow and copper bases with silver mirrors to maximize light transmission.

For a customized consultation with a Sports Optician, simply give us a call and we'll help you find exactly what you need.

Costa Reefton in Blackout with 580G Sunrise Silver lenses

Costa Reefton in Blackout with 580G Sunrise Silver Lenses

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Mirror Coating

Mirror coatings are applied to the front side of the lens to reflect light and provide even more sun protection.

Blue Mirror

Applying a blue mirror to your lens is perfect for deep sea fishing because it works overtime to block harsh light trying to get in from all angles. You have several options for a blue mirror, like Oakley's PRIZM Deep Water that utilizes a rose base and a blue mirror, or others like Costa and SMITH, that use a gray base with a blue mirror. Check out our PRIZM Deep Water lens review here.

Costa Rinconcito

Costa Rinconcito in Matte Black with 580P Blue Mirror Lenses

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Green Mirror

A green mirror applied to a high-contrast lens enhances your vision even further for inshore, sight fishing. It bleaches out brown, dirty water and enhances the greens to make it easier to spot fish. For instance, Costa does this by using a copper lens with a green mirror to boost contrast and illuminate your field of vision.

Costa Tuna Alley

Costa Tuna Alley in Blackout with Green Mirror 580G Lenses

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