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SMITH® Fishing Sunglasses & SMITH® Prescription Fishing Sunglasses

Smith fishing sunglasses give you the style and reliability you'd expect when you're reeling in your catch. Smith polarized lenses create a visual environment ideal for casual or water-based activities. They're up to 12x more scratch resistant than standard lenses and 20% lighter than traditional glasses. Shop Smith fishing glasses online at SportRx for a pair of fishing sunglasses that'll deliver optimal clarity and durability.

Smith Prescription Fishing Sunglasses Online

Need a pair of quality prescription fishing sunglasses? Then you've found 'em! Here at SportRx we offer the best fishing sunglasses on the market. Our team of expert opticians are ready to assist you with any Rx needs you may have! Feel free to message us on our LiveChat or call us anytime to speak to one of our opticians.

SportRx Shipping & Return Policy

Are your fishing glasses or prescription fishing sunglasses not living up to your expectations? We've got you covered! Our See Better Guarantee policy gives you 45 days to return your fishing sunglasses, in exchange for a full refund or credit toward your next purchase of any eyewear online at SportRx. Don't worry about shipping costs, we've got those covered, too! Here at SportRx, customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

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  1. Rexy Award
    Smith Guide's Choice
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    Smith Guide's Choice
  2. Smith Longfin Elite
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    Smith Longfin Elite
  3. Smith Highwater
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    Smith Highwater
  4. Smith Transfer XL
    Smith Transfer XL
  5. Smith Redding
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    Smith Redding
  6. Smith Barra
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    Smith Barra
  7. Smith Guide's Choice
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    Smith Pathway
  8. Smith Forge
    Smith Forge
  9. Smith Caper
    Smith Caper
  10. Smith Hookshot
    Smith Hookshot
  11. Smith Guide's Choice
    Smith Castaway