How do you know what Oakley lens to choose for those low light conditions when you can't see five feet in front of you? We have all been there before and if you don't have the right lens for the weather, it can make getting down the mountain impossible. We offer this comparison of Oakley PRIZM Rose and the all-new PRIZM Persimmon to show you how both options will help you see better when conditions get hectic. Each lens is unique in it's own way but they both fall into the low light lens category. Sunglass Rob and Tyler break down the nuances between them both.

PRIZM Rose was the first low light snow lens introduced to the PRIZM Lens Technology family. Since then, there have been two other flat light additions: PRIZM HI Pink and PRIZM Persimmon. Any PRIZM Snow lens will give you a boost in contrast so you can see and read the terrain better. If you need a lens for all-weather or bright and sunny conditions, you can also check out our complete PRIZM Snow lens guide.

Similarities Between PRIZM Persimmon and PRIZM Rose

PRIZM Lens Technology

Any PRIZM Snow lens is going to give you that contrast enhancement that Oakley PRIZM Lens Technology is so well known for. Better contrast means the details in your environment are easier to pick up and you will be able to react quicker. Have a safer and more enjoyable ride with a boost in contrast!

Dual Pane Lenses

A dual pane lens helps balance internal and external temperatures by regulating the temperature inside your goggle with the temperature outside. This reduces any chance of fogging since the cold air cannot mix with the warmer air.


Anti-fog coating comes standard with any Oakley Snow lens. This, combined with the dual pane lens structure should do the trick to keep you fog free for a full day out on the slopes.

Differences Between PRIZM Persimmon and PRIZM Rose


It may sound fairly obvious but the main difference between PRIZM Rose and Persimmon is the color. PRIZM Rose is a bit darker rose color whereas Persimmon is a lighter orange tint. Before PRIZM existed, Oakley had a low light Persimmon lens that many Oakley heads loved. Now you can get that retro-inspired look with the added benefit of PRIZM contrast!


Like Sunglass Rob points out in the video, you may get a bit more functionality out of PRIZM Rose if the sun comes out. This is because it is a darker lens and protects your eyes better from the sun. With that being said, PRIZM Persimmon will allow more light through the lens which is better in flat light conditions.


PRIZM Persimmon

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Oakley Lien Miner XM

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