There is a new PRIZM flat light lens coming from Oakley for the 2019-20 winter season! We were lucky enough to get our hands on a sample of the all-new PRIZM Persimmon lens during demo days at Mammoth Mountain. Mother nature must have known we were testing it out because she served up some of the gnarliest white out conditions we have ever been in! Needless to say, it was the perfect testing environment to truly get a feel for what this lens can do. Sunglass Rob and Tyler break down the newest addition to the PRIZM Snow family.

PRIZM Persimmon mixes the orange color that many people are familiar with ultra enhanced contrast that only PRIZM lenses can provide. PRIZM Persimmon is closest to HI Pink on the PRIZM spectrum. As Tyler and Rob say in the comparison video, it is may be just a hair darker than HI Pink. If you have light-sensitive eyes but need a flat light lens, Persimmon is a better option for you. Another alternative that is a darker lens would be PRIZM Rose. You can see our PRIZM Persimmon vs. Rose Review to see how they compare. And if you want even more PRIZM Snow content, we have a complete guide to all the other PRIZM Snow lenses.

PRIZM Persimmon

Oakley Line Miner XL

Oakley Line Miner XL in Factory Pilot Black with a PRIZM Persimmon lens

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Benefits of PRIZM Persimmon

  • Enhanced contrast gives you the definition needed to pick up on all the details on the slopes.
  • Allows more light through the lens so you aren't fighting to see in low light situations.
  • Easier to spot lines and bumps in the snow.
  • Dual-pane lenses help balance internal and external temperatures to reduce any chance of fogging.
  • Anti-fog treatment on the inside of the lens comes standard with any PRIZM Snow lens.

Oakley PRIZM Snow

See how PRIZM Persimmon stacks up against all the other PRIZM Snow lenses in the chart below!

oakley prizm snow

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