Torch down the mountain with fiery Oakley PRIZM Torch Iridium goggles! These bright orange lenses will provide you a clear vision that you've never seen before with Oakley's PRIZM Snow Lens Technology. Our team was burning up for Torch Iridium lenses, check out our review:


PRIZM Torch are perfect for sunny or slightly cloudy days. In any weather condition, PRIZM will allow you to see everything and bring in an extra highlight. The light transmission of these lenses are 17-20% which is the same as PRIZM Jade and Sapphire. The lenses actually function the same on all three colors and the main difference just comes down to aesthetics. You can check out the comparison between PRIZM Jade and Torch for more information. Like PRIZM Sapphire and Jade, these goggles have a rose base to boost contrast so you can see every little detail on the slopes. Your vision will be so clear, it will be as if you have an unfair advantage over everyone else. And if the sun does come out, the iridium coating acts as a mirror to reflect sunlight away to protect your eyes and let you see easier.

Oakley PRIZM Torch

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Oakley Fall Line XL in Matte Black with PRIZM Torch

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PRIZM Torch lenses are versatile and will prevent you from having to switch goggles when the weather conditions change. On sunny bright days, these goggles will provide you with UV protection from harmful rays. On whiteout days, the PRIZM technology will still outperform normal goggles that are designed for low light. Torch Iridium will have you prepared for snow or shine.

PRIZM Snow Spectrum

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