No matter how bright you shine down the mountain, Oakley PRIZM Black Iridium lenses are crafted to take on the sunniest days. These goggles are the darkest lens in the Oakley PRIZM Snow collection and are perfect for the bright-sunny-clear sky adventures. Even though they are designed for bright days, Oakley PRIZM Technology still provides a top-notch vision down the mountain during any type of weather condition. Check out how even when our team tested the Black Iridium lens in a stormy weather condition, they were still blown away:

The PRIZM Black Iridium lens is constructed for the traditional sunny days. These goggles have a light transmission of 10-13% and an increased contrast. The iridium coating helps to reflect the sun on bright days to help protect your eyes even more. PRIZM Black Iridium will provide the most protection on sunny days from the harmful UV rays.

Oakley PRIZM Snow Black

oakley prizm snow black

Oakley Flight Deck XM in Matte Black with PRIZM Black

The color and design of the Black Iridium are a more conservative option if you prefer a more neutral appearance. As well as style, the Black Iridium lens will also provide a crystal clear definition and clarity contrast on the mountain. Oakley Snow PRIZM goggles are built with premium technology and will bring you an unbelievable ride.

Oakley PRIZM Snow Lenses

oakley prizm snow

Prescription Oakley Goggles Online at SportRx!

Oakley goggles are jam-packed with unbeatable technology and are even Rx-able!! Ready to shine bright? The Oakley PRIZM Snow Black Iridium glasses are available for prescription at SportRx! Contact a certified optician for any questions you may have and they'll help craft your perfect pair of goggles at any prescription.