2019 Oakley Goggle Size Guide

New year, new sizes, new Oakley goggle size guide. Adding a few fresh styles to the already stacked arsenal, there is no holding back with Oakley snow goggles. No wrong choice can be made here but there are more optimal choices based on fit. In this guide we break down the sizes of the top 2019 Oakley Ski & Snowboard goggles. We also have a 2017-18 Oakley goggle fit guide if you want to see how the new models stack up against the previous years.



We know how important having the right fit snow goggle is and we hope this guide helps to clear things up. No matter what size you choose you will get PRIZM Lens Technology, triple layer foam, adjustable silicone-lined strap, anti-fog coating, and dual pane lenses. The 2019 Oakley Snow goggles from smallest to largest is as follows.

Line Miner XM

line miner xm Oakley Line Miner XM in Matte Black with PRIZM Torch

Shop Oakley Line Miner XM

In Oakley terminology, XM stands for extra-medium. The Line Miner XM is a smaller version of the Line Miner and it fits small heads perfectly. A cylindrical lens and full frame make the Line Miner XM well worth it. If you are looking for an alternative fit with more padding around the nosebridge, all of these snow goggles are also available in Asian Fit.

Flight Deck XM

Oakley Flight Deck XM Oakley Flight Deck XM in Matte White with Prizm HI Pink lens

Shop Oakley Flight Deck XM

Similar to the differences in size between the Line Miner XM and Line Miner, the Flight Deck XM is the smaller version of the Flight Deck. This goggle is on the smaller size and works great for a small to medium head size.

Fall Line

fall line Fall Line in Matte Black with PRIZM Sapphire

Shop Oakley Fall Line

Now we start to get a bit larger with the Fall Line. This goggle is larger than the Line Miner XM and Flight Deck XM but is still considered a medium fit. The cylindrical and rimless lens gives you a throwback look without losing out on viewing area out of the lens.


Line Miner

line miner prizm black Oakley Line Miner in PRIZM Black Iridium

Shop Oakley Line Miner

The Oakley Line Miner has a medium-large fit with a full frame cylindrical lens. Similar to the Fall Line, the lens is cylindrical for unbeatable vision.


canopy sapphire Oakley Canopy in Matte Black with PRIZM Sapphire

The Canopy came out a few years back and remains one of the top picks for large goggles. One thing this goggle has that the others do not is vents in the top of the lens.

Flight Deck

Goggle Size Guide Oakley Flight Deck Snow Goggle in Factory Pilot Blackout with PRIZM Jade

Shop Oakley Flight Deck

On the larger end of the spectrum, the Flight Deck gives you an expansive view in a large/oversize fit. The spherical and rimless lens lets you make the most of your peripheral view so you can spot oncoming riders on the slopes. We also have a separate review of the differences between the Flight Deck and Flight Deck XM.

Airbrake XL

airbrake xl white prizm torch Oakley Airbrake XL in Polished White with PRIZM Torch

Shop Oakley Airbrake XL

The Airbrake XL, Flight Deck, and Canopy are all similar in size. However, this is the only goggle that comes with two sets of interchangeable lenses.

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2018 Oakley Goggle Size Guide

Oakley goggles are bound to give you an amazing experience on the slopes, but the real question is, which goggle is best for you? Here we have outlined a Oakley goggle size guide, ranging from Oakley's smallest to largest goggles for the 2018 season. Get ready to shred some powder in a pair of these beauties.


Oakley Snow Goggles

You can't go wrong with any of these Oakley goggles. All Oakley goggles are available with PRIZM lens technology for the best contrast possible while you are out shredding the slopes. This will give you the confidence and ability to get the most out of your ride. Oakley does not want fog preventing anyone from enjoying the slopes so these awesome ski & snowboarding goggles are equipped with Oakley's three-tiered fog defense technology. All of Oakley's goggles offer dual-pane lenses, triple-layer foam, 100% UV protection, and moisture-wicking technology for all day wear.

From smallest to largest:

O-Frame 2.0 XS

These goggles are the smallest in the collection. If you have a small face and have trouble fitting into most goggles you can try these frames but they may be better for youth.


O-Frame 2.0 XM

o frame 2.0 xm Oakley O-frame 2.0 XM

Even though it's called an extra medium, the O-frame 2.0 xm is best for a small head or youth.


A-Frame 2.0

A frame 2.0

These goggles are on the smaller side still, but would be compatible with a woman's or youth head. Plus, check out those anti-fog vents!


O-Frame 2.0 XL

The biggest of the O-Frame 2.0 selection, these goggles offer a standard medium fit, and will look good on just about anyone.


Flight Deck XM

Flight Deck XM Flight Deck XM in Matte White with PRIZM Sapphire


Shop Oakley Flight Deck XM

These goggles boast a compact, mid-sized fit coupled with maximum field of view. You'll be shredding in style with this sleek rimless design.


Fall Line

Oakley Fall Line Oakley Fall Line in Black with PRIZM Black Iridium

Shop Oakley Fall Line

The newest edition in the Oakley's collection, the Fall Line does not disappoint. Designed for a medium fit, these are one of two goggles that features a cylindrical lens.


Line Miner

Goggle Size Guide Oakley Line Miner Snow Goggle in Matte Black with PRIZM Torch

Shop Oakley Line Miner

Moving onto a medium to large fit, these goggles compliment a larger head. Similar to the Fall Line, the lens is cylindrical for unbeatable vision.

Airbrake XL

airbrake xl white black iridium Oakley Airbrake in Polished White with PRIZM Black Iridium

Shop Oakley Airbrake XL

Perfect for a large to extra large head, this goggle is a larger version of the Airbrake. Featuring switch-lock technology, helmet compatibility, and noticeably sharp aesthetics.

Flight Deck

Flight Deck PRIZM Jade Oakley Flight Deck in Factory Pilout Blackout with PRIZM Jade

Shop Oakley Flight Deck

Last but not least, the biggest goggle of the line up. The Flight Deck delivers a fully rimless, spherical lens, and will help you see every curve on the slope.



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