The Oakley Flight Tracker is an instant classic. It has everything you need in a snow goggle to explore every inch of the mountain. This new addition to the '20/'21 winter season is available in three sizes. Check out our full review for everything you need to know.


Similarities Between the Flight Tracker XL, XM, and XS

  • Oversize Full Rim Design - The Flight Tracker features a full rim design for ultimate durability and a classic Oakley aesthetic.
  • Toric Lens Shape - The toric lens shape combines the bubble like appearance of a spherical lens with the flatter style cylindrical lens to give you the best of both worlds-great optics and a more expansive view.
  • PRIZM Lens Technology - PRIZM Snow Lens Technology boosts contrast and creates a more optimal viewing experience. It allows you to find your lines easier and ride with greater confidence.
  • Adjustable Strap - The adjustable strap is lined with silicone grip to help keep the goggles in place and on your face.
  • Anti-fog Combat - The inside of the goggle lens is treated with anti-fog coating plus there are vents in the top and bottom of the goggle to increase air flow and keep you fog free.
  • Global Fit - These goggles even have extra foam padding around the nosebridge to prevent cold air from sneaking in while also addressing the needs of individuals with a flatter nosebridge.

Differences Between the Flight Tracker XL, XM, and XS

The main difference between all three goggles are indicated by the Oakley naming convention.

  • Flight Tracker XL - Great for big heads OR if you like your goggle to be over-sized.
  • Flight Tracker XM - Ideal for medium head sizes.
  • Flight Tracker XS - Works well for small heads and youth.

Another minor difference is the thickness of the adjustable strap. The Flight Tracker XL strap is 50mm wide while the XM and XS feature a 40mm wide strap. You can check out each goggle in more depth below.

Oakley Flight Tracker XL

Oakley Flight Tracker XL

Oakley Flight Tracker XL in Matte Black with a PRIZM Black lens

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Oakley Flight Tracker XM

Oakley Flight Tracker XM

Oakley Flight Tracker XM in Matte Black with a PRIZM Torch Lens

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Oakley Flight Tracker XS

Oakley Flight Tracker XS

Oakley Flight Tracker XS in Dark Brush Mustard with a PRIZM Dark Grey Lens

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