When it comes to snow goggles, the Oakley Line Miner is just about the best value you can get for the price. This model comes standard with PRIZM Snow Lens Technology and all the other features you need in a snow goggle. The Line Miner XM was introduced as a smaller version of the ever-popular Line Miner. We discuss all the differences in the video below.

Aside from size, there is not much to talk about in the differences between the Line Miner and the Line Miner XM. The Line Miner XM is about 15-20% smaller than the Line Miner. There is also an even smaller fit, Line Miner Youth, which works well for kids age 7-12.


Oakley Line Miner XL

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Oakley Line Miner Snow Goggle in Matte Black with PRIZM Torch

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Oakley Line Miner XM

Line Miner XM prizm sapphire

Oakley Line Miner XM in Factory Pilot Whiteout with PRIZM Sapphire

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  • Cylindrical Lens- Stay cool with whats hot on the streets. A cylindrical lens is now favored by many team riders for a throw-back look that still gives you great optics. Some goggles that feature cylindrical lenses will cut out some of the peripheral view but the Line Miner XM is designed to fit close enough to your face so you can max out your peripheral and vertical viewing area. We have another guide on the differences between spherical and cylindrical lenses if you want to know more about each shape.
  • Full Rim Construction- A full rim helps to provide more stability to the goggle and holds the lens securely in place. The lens is removable and replacement lenses are available if you are looking to maximize contrast for a specific riding condition. We have a separate guide about how to choose a lens color if you want to know more about what to look for.
  • PRIZM Lens Technology- PRIZM lenses give you the contrast needed to see every little detail on the mountain. There are a variety of options available that are designed for specific conditions you will encounter on the slopes. Having a lens that will increase contrast makes for a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.
  • Dual-pane Lenses- Having two layers of lens helps to balance the outside and internal temperatures and reduces any chance of fogging. We also have a separate review showing you how to interchange lenses on the Line Miner.
  • Anti-Fog Coating- All Line Miner XMs come standard with anti-fog coating on the inside of the goggle lens.
  • Triple-Layer Foam- This is crucial for a proper seal around the edges of the goggles. With three layers of anti-microbial foam it is also very comfortable to be worn for extended periods of time.



The innovation of Oakley PRIZM Snow lenses make this goggle even more awesome. Based on decades of color science research, Oakley patented the PRIZM Lens Technology to provide unprecedented control of light transmission resulting in colors precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility. This is possible through an emphasis of specific wavelengths along the color spectrum by filtering some others. Optimizing the contrast and fine-tuned vision will give you a level of detail that you cannot get with the naked eye. This will also enable you to ride in a wider range of lighting conditions, decreasing the need to switch lenses as conditions change.

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Did you learn everything you wanted to know about the differences between these two goggles? Did you know you can get either of these in prescription? That's right! We have prescription inserts to fit any Oakley goggle so you can have crystal clear vision out on the slopes. Contact Us with any questions about the Oakley Line Miner XM or other Oakley snow goggles.

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