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Oakley Line Miner snow goggles are packed with the latest Oakley technology to prepare you for the winter season! Oakley's renowned technology produce some of the best snow goggles on the market. All Oakley goggles are created with the athlete in mind, and tested on the slopes in the most extreme conditions. We have a full review of the Oakley Line Miner but if you are just interested in swapping lenses, check out the video below!


5 Easy Steps on How to Change Oakley Line Miner Lens:

Oakley Line Miner goggles feature interchangeable lens technology. When you want to swap your lenses out on the slopes, follow these quick and easy steps!

  1. Step one, pull the hooks to pop off the top section.
  2. An additional cord is present in some models. The Inferno version has a frame with a hole to feed a cord into it. If you want to swap it back in, simply reverse the process.
  3. We recommend inserting the new lens from the nose area and then working the lens inside the frame by gently working from one side to the other.
  4. Finish off by inserting the rest of the lens into the top section of the frame by snapping the last section into place.
  5. Don't forget to reattach the cord into the headband if you have the Oakley PRIZM Inferno model.
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The Oakley Line Miner in Matte white with PRIZM Sapphire

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The great thing about the Line Miner is that it comes in a variety of sizes. The Line Miner is the largest, followed by the Line Miner XM which has a medium fit, and there is even a Line Miner Youth for kids! All Oakley Line Miner goggles offer triple layer face foam, a removable strap, and a cylindrical design that offers optimal peripheral vision. If you didn't learn everything you needed to know here you can check out our Oakley snow goggle guide for more information. If you're interested in the Oakley Line Miner as prescription snow goggles, give us a call or contact one of our certified opticians at SportRx today!

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