Want to be the one who is still out riding when the snow is dumping? Or how about the last one off the mountain at the end of the night? Snow goggles with a low light lens can keep riding while others seek shelter back at the lodge. The lighter tint allows more light through so you can see with ease. This, along with a boost in contrast lets you spot all the bumps and tracks in your run so you can choose your lines carefully.

Table of Contents

1. What is VLT?
2. Contrast Enhancing Technology
3. Best Goggle Lenses for Low Light
3.1. Oakley
3.2. SMITH
3.3. Spy
3.4. Dragon
3.5. Anon

Read on or watch the video below with Sunglass Rob and Eyeglass Tyler to find the perfect pair for your next pow day.

What is VLT?

Visible Light Transmission is a measure of the percentage of light that passes through the lens to your eyes. A lens with a higher VLT will be a lighter tint since more light is transmitted through the lens. All of the lenses in this guide have a higher VLT since they are designed specifically for situations where the light from the sun is lacking.

Contrast-enhancing Technology

Each brand has their own contrast-enhancing lens technology. The idea behind contrast is to make everything in your environment more defined and vivid so you can pick up on every little detail. Most lenses provide contrast by manipulating the light spectrum through the use of colored dyes. The lens is able to filter out harsh colors while transmitting the colors that your eyes are more sensitive to. In the guide below we address the ultimate low light lenses from the top brands in the industry.

Best Snow Goggle Lenses for Low Light

There are Ski & Snowboard goggle lenses designed for every condition. All of the lenses in this guide are suitable for overcast and whiteout weather but they also function well at night. Some goggles come with two sets of lenses that are interchangeable based on weather conditions. In most cases, the goggle will feature a lens that is suitable for bright or all-around light and include a low light lens in the box. If you are looking for one lens that will get you by in a variety of conditions, we have a guide for that too. Without further ado, the best snow goggle lenses for low light conditions.


Oakley PRIZM HI-Pink

Oakley PRIZM HI-Pink


Both PRIZM Rose and HI-Pink excel in low light conditions. PRIZM HI-Pink has a higher VLT of 35-40% which lets more light through the lens but still gives you amazing contrast.

Oakley PRIZM Persimmon

prizm persimmon

Oakley PRIZM Persimmon

Functionally speaking, PRIZM Persimmon is very similar to PRIZM HI Pink. The primary difference between the two is aesthetics but you can see how they really stack up against one another in our Persimmon and HI Pink Comparison.

Oakley PRIZM Rose

prizm rose

Oakley PRIZM Rose


PRIZM Rose has a VLT of 25-28% and is recommended if your eyes are more sensitive to light. This lens is slightly darker than HI-Pink so it will let less light through the lens but is still great for low light conditions. We also have a comparison guide so you can explore all of the differences between PRIZM Rose and PRIZM HI-Pink.

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Smith Chromapop Storm Yellow Flash

Smith Chromapop Storm Yellow Flash


Chromapop Storm Yellow Flash is designed as a go-to lens for the most extreme conditions. With a VLT of 65% and Chromapop lens technology, this lens works extremely well for stormy conditions. Learn more about Smith Chromapop lenses in our complete guide.


Smith Chromapop Storm Rose Flash

Smith Chromapop Storm Rose Flash


Chromapop Storm Rose Flash is perfect if you want something slightly darker than Storm Yellow Flash. Storm Rose has become more popular than Storm Yellow because if the sun does peek out on a flat light day, you will still get great contrast and still get some protection from the sun. A VLT of 50% allows plenty of light into your eyes so you won't be left in the dark when the sun goes away.

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SPY HD+ Low Light Persimmon with Lucid Silver

SPY HD+ Low Light Persimmon with Silver Spectra


If you are a fan of SPY, then you probably already the benefits of HD+ Lens Technology. Get the contrast and the color you dig with the HD+ Low Light Persimmon with Silver Spectra lens. A 46% VLT is suitable for any flat light condition.


SPY Happy Yellow with Lucid Green

SPY HD+ Low Light Yellow With Green Spectra


Featuring a lighter tint than the HD+ Low light Persimmon with Silver Spectra, HD+ Low Light Yellow With Green Spectra is the lightest tint available with HD+ lens technology. This lens has a VLT of 53%.

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Dragon Lumalens Amber

lumalens amber

Lumalens Amber


Dragon Lumalens Amber and Rose have the same VLT of 35%. The difference here is the aesthetics and the base tint. If you favor seeing your environment in amber, this lens is for you.

Dragon Lumalens Rose

lumalens rose

Lumalens Rose


This lens features the same VLT of Lumalens Amber but has a rose base tint. We have a complete Dragon Lumalens guide if you want see all the lens options.

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Anon Perceive Variable Blue

Anon Perceive Variable Blue M4 Lens

Anon Perceive Variable Blue M4 Lens

Anon Perceive Variable Blue has a VLT of 46% and will be your new best friend on overcast days. We have a complete Anon lens guide if you want to learn more about Sonar lens technology.

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