Oakley PRIZM React uses electrochromic lenses that allows for cycling through three different light transitions depending on what the environment is like that day. Essentially, they eliminate the worry about lens clarity with changing weather.

Three PRIZM Lenses in One

Typically, with a standard goggle, you will have to choose a darker or lighter lens depending on the day and hope that the environment or weather doesn't change. However, PRIZM React let's you seamlessly switch between lens tints without swapping them out. The Oakley PRIZM React has three lenses in one and they all have different light filtering capabilities.


The lightest setting that PRIZM React has a 35% VLT (visible light transmission). This setting is for when lighting is limited on overcast or whiteout days.


With 20% VLT, this mid setting is ideal for variable lighting and great when going in and out of shadows on the mountain.


The darkest setting is the 10% VLT and is the darkest tint among all PRIZM lenses. This is perfect for bright and sunny days on the slopes.

What is PRIZM?

PRIZM is a lens technology that Oakley has spent over five years creating and perfecting. At a basic level, it is Oakley's ability to control how much color light you see through their lenses. They leverage the filters to maximize the amount of contrast the lens gives the user. Oakley prides themselves in being an innovative company and have found a way to seamlessly change the amount of light depending on the weather that day with their new PRIZM React.

Button Functionality

You may be wondering how to switch between these different settings? The answer is simple. Buttons on each side of the Fall Line XL allow you to change the tint setting. The left button changes the lens to a lighter setting (15% to 35% for example). Similarly, the right button works to change the lens to a darker setting. In addition, you can double tap the button to switch from the lightest to darkest setting and vice versa. The transition is also very fast! 4 seconds is all the time it takes to go from PRIZM Rose to PRIZM Black.

Haptic Motor System

In addition to the buttons, the Fall Line XL goggles also have a haptic motor that vibrates depending on what setting you are switching into. This is similar to when your phone vibrates in your pocket when you get a text message. It will vibrate once if you are moving into the lightest (35%) setting, twice if you moving into the middle (15%) setting and three times if the lens is moving to the darkest (10%) setting. There is never any confusion on the setting the lens is entering with this haptic system from Oakley.


There are no external battery packs. When the lens are combined with one of Oakley's goggles, they look and feel just like a normal pair. The battery normally lasts between two and four weeks and is charged via a mini USB cable. However, the battery power is actually based off the number of times you switch between settings. The power is good for up to 200 tint changes. If you charge the goggles before a ski trip, don't worry about PRIZM React dying in the middle of a run. If they do die on the mountain, the lens automatically switches to the default setting which is the lightest (35%). It's safer to squint than not seeing what's in front of you.

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