Are you tired of having your goggles not provide enough contrast while you are carving down the mountain? Well then look no further, as the Jade and Torch Oakley snow goggles will solve this problem. These Oakley goggles consist of Oakley’s PRIZM Snow Technology and other amazing features that will blow you away. SportRx was up in Mammoth for Oakley week, where members of the team were able to test out the new goggles and see what the big deal was. Check out the video below to see our review of the Oakley Jade vs Torch.

Oakley PRIZM Jade vs Torch

As Tyler explains in the video, there isn’t a big difference between these two goggles. The biggest decision you need to make is if you prefer green or red colored lenses. According to our team who tested the goggles on the mountain, both the Jade and Torch provide great contrast that won't make your vision too bright or dark. We also have a comparison between PRIZM Jade and PRIZM Sapphire if you want to see the differences between the two.


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PRIZM Jade has a wide range of uses as it can go from very bright to almost overcast. You can wear them even on a white out day. The PRIZM technology allows the light transmission to reach 17-20% on a sunny or cloudy day. This lens has a rose base to give you a maximum boost in contrast.



Oakley Prizm Torch prescription goggles | Jade vs Torch

These lenses were designed for medium to bright conditions. The Oakley PRIZM Torch allow you to see everything and the contrast is amazing because of the PRIZM technology. The Torch lens has a light transmission of 17-20%, and a rose base similar to the Sapphire or Jade to give you the best contrast possible.


Oakley PRIZM Snow

oakley prizm snow

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Now that you have a little bit more insight into how Oakley’s PRIZM lens technology works, its time for you to go check out all the Oakley goggles online at SportRx. At SportRx, we can handle any prescription and we are determined to find the perfect match for you. Give us a call or check out the website so we can get you started right away!

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