Whether you’re a casual daily commuter or a pro driver on the racetrack, clear vision is imperative for a safe ride. And while you may have passed your driver’s test, perhaps your vision exam left you in the dust. If you wear prescription, SportRx has you covered with driving sunglasses designed to accommodate your Rx needs. Our opticians have handpicked the top five best prescription sunglasses for driving that will keep you comfortable and seeing clearly for the drive.

Table of Contents

A. What to Look for in Prescription Driving Sunglasses
B. Best Prescription Sunglasses for Driving of 2022
1. Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator
2. SportRx Koda
3. Wiley Trek
4. Oakley Portal X
5. Maui Jim Keokea
2021 Lineup
C. Shop Prescription Driving Sunglasses Online at SportRx

What to Look for in Prescription Driving Sunglasses

In addition to all the frames being Rx-able, let's look at which criteria to consider for your driving sunglasses.

Frame Technology

One of the most crucial aspects of sunglasses for driving is a good fit. You need to stay distraction-free when you're on the road, so a properly fitting frame will make sure your hands remain on the wheel — and not fiddling with frame adjustments. Rubber grip keeps your driving sunglasses perfectly in place and adjustable features ensure a custom fit. Lightweight materials are also key in guaranteeing a comfortable ride.

Lens Technology

For lenses, you have room to play with your driving sunglasses. However, there are two main components we recommend: polarization and contrast-enhancement.

Polarization will work to block harsh glare created by other cars, open roads, and bodies of water. By cutting this blinding glare, you'll have a better view of the road ahead.

Contrast-enhancing lenses are your secret ingredient to making details pop. Whether it's potholes, unexpected obstacles, or any other component that could disrupt your smooth ride, contrast-enhancing lenses will make sure you see it before your tires feel it. This is most often found with lenses of the following colors: browns, roses, coppers, and bronzes. For even more lens recommendations, visit our extensive Driving Sunglasses Buyer's Guide!

Best Prescription Sunglasses for Driving of 2022

Let's check out the frames!

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator

One of the most recognizable sunglasses of all time, the Ray-Ban Aviator is no stranger to being in the driver's seat. Originally designed for American military pilots, Ray-Ban created the Aviator to block harsh glare and bright sun while flying at high altitudes. It was met with groundbreaking success and continues to be an iconic style today.

While you may not be steering a fighter jet, your vision deserves the same level of protection in your Tesla or '99 Accord. The RB3025 Aviator provides pristine optical clarity in a lightweight metal construction that will keep you comfortable for multi-day road trips. Adjustable fit features further enhance comfort by providing a custom fit. Flexible temple tips and maneuverable silicone nose pads can easily be adjusted to fit your unique facial features.

As for Rx-ability, the Ray-Ban Aviator can handle a range of prescriptions with ease. It is available with Ray-Ban Authentic Lenses that are tailor-made to your vision needs and in your favorite lens colors. The best part? It will even feature the signature RB logo! To learn more, visit our blog on Ray-Ban Lenses.

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator driving sunglasses in gold with gradient blue lenses.

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator in Gold with Tan Temple Tips and Gradient Blue Polarized Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Key Features:

  • Lightweight metal construction is ultra-comfortable to wear
  • Adjustable silicone nose pads & flexible temple tips allow for a custom fit
  • Teardrop lens shape provides optimal sun protection
  • Available with Ray-Ban Authentic Prescription Lenses — with the logo!
  • SportRx Frame Width: 55 eyesize - 130; 58 eyesize - 136; 62 eyesize - 145 (What is SFW?)

SportRx Koda

We're proud to introduce one of our own, the SportRx Koda. These versatile performance sunglasses can keep up with every twist and turn of your day. Their Wayfarer-inspired shape fits right at home behind-the-wheel and its sleek design is made of plant-based resin. This eco-friendly material is lightweight and durable, so you never feel the weight of your frames. Rubber nose pads also keep them exactly where you put them, so you can keep both hands on the wheel — instead of fidgeting with slipping frames.

For the lenses, the Koda is full of custom possibilities. With endless lens options and combinations, you can create a look that is as unique as your style and vision needs. It is available with single vision, bifocals, and progressive!

SportRx Koda prescription sunglasses for driving in matte black with grey lenses.

SportRx Koda in Matte Black with Grey Rx Lenses

Shop SportRx Koda

SportRx Koda Key Features:

  • Plant-based resin is lightweight, durable, & eco-friendly
  • Bent temple tips create frame security without pressure points
  • Rubber nose pads provide comfort & grip
  • Rx-able with SportRx Custom Lenses & Sport Optimized Lenses
  • SFW: 133

Wiley X Trek

A 2022 new release from Wiley X, the Trek will quickly become the frame you can't leave home without. It's casual-cool look keeps you stylish during the drive, but its CAPTIVATE™ lens technology is what will have you wishing you had gotten a pair sooner. Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lenses are fine-tuned to boost colors and contrast based on your environment and lighting conditions. Select the color that best compliments your daily commute and you may realize that the view is more beautiful than ever. You just need the right prescription sunglasses for driving to see it! All CAPTIVATE™ lenses are polarized to block glare on the road and are Rx-able.

The WX Trek is part of the Active 6 Series, which features removable side shields. This versatile feature means you can wear one frame during your drive to work, then on the job as ANSI-rated safety glasses. The Trek boasts ANSI Z87-certification and is one of the best looking safety glasses we've seen come through our doors!

Wiley X Trek sunglasses in transparent light grey with polarized green mirror lenses.

Wiley X Trek in Gloss Crystal Light Grey with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Green Mirror Lenses

Shop Wiley X Trek

Wiley X Trek Key Features:

  • ANSI Z87.1 & ANSI Z87-2-certified
  • Triloid nylon is durable, resilient, & lightweight
  • Removable side shields make these driving sunglasses ultra-versatile
  • Available with Rx-able Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lens technology
  • SFW: 134

Oakley Portal X

If your drives take you from work to happy hours, then weekend soccer matches and morning practices, look no further than the Oakley Portal X. These performance driving sunglasses are ready to tackle anything the day throws your way. They're packed with Oakley proprietary materials, like a lightweight O Matter™ construction, Unobtainium® rubber grip, and PRIZM™ lens technology. PRIZM™ lenses are available in a variety of colors, each designed to complement your surroundings and make details pop. They're also Rx-friendly and available with Sport and Everyday lens options!

Oakley Portal X prescription sunglasses for driving in black with PRIZM sapphire blue lenses.

Oakley Portal X in Polished Black with PRIZM™ Sapphire Lenses

Shop Oakley Portal X

Oakley Portal X Key Features:

  • O Matter™ frame construction is impact-resistant & comfortable for hours on end
  • Unobtainium® rubber grip gets tackier the more you sweat on summer drives
  • Straightback temples fit seamlessly with hats & helmets
  • Available with Rx-able PRIZM™ lenses in Sport & Everyday options
  • SFW: 136

Maui Jim Keokea

We started our lineup of the best prescription sunglasses for driving with the Aviator, and now we're closing things out with a Maui Jim aviator with a twist. The Keokea is a gorgeous new design from this Hawaiian-based brand and we can't get enough of it. A unique square lens design provides the sun protection you need, while delivering a unique look that will turn heads at the red light. The nylon build will keep these frames as your most precious driving companion for years to come. Rubber nose pads and embedded temples add to the comfort, so you can wear these for your greatest cross-country trips.

The Maui Jim Keokea is available with MauiBrilliant™ lenses, which is Maui Jim's most advanced lens material. Their sun lenses also feature PolarizedPlus2® lens technology that blocks 99.9% of glare, while enhancing color. And of course, they're Rx-able!

Maui Jim Keokea sunglasses in black with red lava lenses.

Maui Jim Keokea in Black Red Tortoise with Hawaii Lava Lenses

Shop Maui Jim Keokea

Maui Jim Keokea Key Features:

  • Nylon build is more durable than traditional metal aviators
  • Square lenses accommodate a range of prescriptions with ease
  • Rubber nose pads & embedded temples keep your frames securely in place
  • Available with MauiBrilliant™ lenses and Rx-able PolarizedPlus2® technology which blocks 99.9% of glare
  • SFW: 138

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Ditch risky online shopping with our See Better Guarantee™. Try your prescription driving sunglasses for 45 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied, send them back. Get a full refund, exchange, or credit towards a better pair. And return shipping? Covered. Get the best prescription sunglasses for driving online at SportRx today!

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