Ray-Ban Lens Guide

Ray-Ban has several popular choices when it comes to picking your perfect lens. Often times, people struggle picking the perfect lens color. However, in this Ray-Ban Lens Guide, Tyler and Sunglass Rob break down the best lens colors to give you a better understanding of which is right for you.


G-15 Lens

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer prescription sunglasses Ray-Ban New Wayfarer in Black with Green lens

The G-15 is the original Ray-Ban lens. The "G" stands for green as the lens has a green/gray smoke color. This lens blocks out a majority of blue light. In addition, it prevents 85% of visible light from passing through the lens. The G-15 was so popular that it is featured in all sorts of sunglasses, Ray-Ban or not!


B-15 Lens

Ray-Ban Prescription RJ9050 Ray-Ban RJ9050 in Black with Brown lens

As you may have guessed, the "B" in B-15 stands for brown. The brown lens actually features the same performance features as the green lens. However, while the two may differ in looks there is also one key performance distinction as well. The brown lens provides greater contrast in lower light conditions.

Mirrored Lens

Ray-Ban Prescription RB3548N Ray-Ban RB3548N in Gold with Silver Mirrored lens

Mirrors are a unique option that reflects the image off the lens. However, the main performance feature is the glare reduction. The mirror coating in the lens is specially designed to reduce glare. Ray-Ban also offers mirror lenses in various colors and designs. There is a solid mirror which is more loud and fun. Additionally, there is a special gradient mirror for those looking for that bit of extra styling detail.


Polarized Lens

Ray Ban Clubmaster, Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses Ray-Ban Clubmaster with Polarized lens

Polarized lenses are the Ray-Ban lenses with the "P" on it. Thus, the "P" stands for polarized, which cuts out glare off of water, chrome, snow or on the road. Any shiny reflective object can give off glare which makes it difficult to see. However, glare is dramatically cut down with the use of polarized lenses. Additionally, polarized lenses can come in a solid tint or in a gradient tint. The gradient tint is mostly used for aesthetics and fashion. Yet, the gradient tint is ideal for drivers because it offers different tints for the road and the dashboard.

Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses

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