Are you on the lookout for a fresh new pair of sunglasses for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, or yourself? Our very own Sunglass Rob teams up with Alana Whitaker from Ray-Ban to talk about the best Ray-Ban sunglasses for women in 2019. You can also read on below to learn more about what to look for when shopping for Ray-Bans.

Table of Contents

1. What to Look for in Ray-Ban Women's Sunglasses
1.1. Frame Technology
1.2. Lens Technology
2. The Best Ray-Ban Women's Sunglasses of 2019
3. Other Recs

What to Look for in Ray-Ban Women's Sunglasses

Frame Technology

Known for being a luxury brand, Ray-Ban uses a large variety of high-quality materials in its frames. On this list you'll find frames made of acetate (a popular frame choice due to it being lightweight, hypoallergenic, and durable), nylon (another popular choice due to its durability and comfort), and steel (cut thin to be lightweight and strong).

Lens Technology

Similarly to the variety of frame material, Ray-Ban uses different lens materials to suit each frame. Some lenses are crystal glass, offering the greatest clarity and lens quality perfect for if you seek that everyday elegance. Other lenses are made of high-grade polycarbonate, which is lighter and more comfortable than glass. Since polycarbonate is impact-resistant, these are best if you're playing sports or lead a more active lifestyle.

Gradient, mirror, and polarized lenses are also popular choices for those looking for a further touch of style. Gradient lenses have a gradual, lighter tint at the bottom, making them better for a wide variety of lighting conditions. Meanwhile, mirror lenses reflect light away from your eyes, which is especially handy if you spend a lot of time outside and want to reduce eye strain. Last but not least, polarized lenses reduce glare from reflective surfaces, so they are great for driving and water-related activities. All of Ray-Ban's lenses offer 100% UV protection as well. Read more about Ray-Ban lenses here.

The Best Ray-Ban Women's Sunglasses of 2019

Ray-Ban RB4101 Jackie Ohh

Ray-Ban RB4101 Jackie Ohh womens sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB4101 Jackie Ohh in Light Havana with Crystal Green Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RB4101 Jackie Ohh

A bestseller for Ray-Ban, the Jackie Ohh features a modern take on the classic Cats style. The softly curved upper frame flatters all face shapes, while its nylon build makes these shades both durable and comfortable. This bold but feminine look meshes well with your wardrobe regardless of your style.

Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster

Ray-Ban RB3016 Classic Clubmaster in Sand Havana with Blue Mirror Lenses

Ray-Ban RB3016 Classic Clubmaster in Sand Havana with Blue Mirror Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster

You can't go wrong with the Ray-Ban Clubmaster. With acetate on top and metal on the bottom, this timeless and unisex frame sets you apart from the crowd and ensures your voice will be heard. Adjustable nose pads and a rounded-square shape ensures these will fit comfortably and look great on any face shape. As a bonus, the Clubmaster is a popular choice to be turned into regular eyeglasses.

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator

Ray-Ban RB3025 gold aviator with brown lenses

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator in Gold with B-15 Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator

Possibly Ray-Ban's most iconic sunglasses ever, the Aviator is always in style, looks great on anyone, and has been making a name for itself since the first military pilots wore it in the 1930s. Featuring a double bridge and adjustable nose pads on a thin metal frame, these shades draw attention to the teardrop-shaped lenses and are lightweight while staying on your face all day long. These vintage, unisex sunglasses are available in a large variety of colors and sizes. View our Aviator size guide here, and check out more Aviator styles here.

Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika

Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika in Havana with Brown Gradient Lenses

Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika in Havana with Brown Polarized Gradient Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika

The Erika is another classic Ray-Ban frame, featuring an oversized round shape—perfect if you have a square or angular face—and a keyhole nose bridge for a unique twist. The nylon frame and metal temples make the Erika comfortable and durable, and these can be found in a variety of frame and lens colors to suit your style. Also available in Asian Fit if glasses sliding down your face is a common issue for you.

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer

RB2132 New Wayfarer Black Sunglasses with Crystal Green Lenses

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer in Black with G-15 Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer

An updated version of the original Wayfarer, the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer kicks it up a notch by being rebuilt for smaller faces. Featuring a softer eye shape than its predecessor, the square frame is a lightweight and durable nylon available in a variety of colors. Bold but stylish, this bestseller is always comfortable.

Ray-Ban RB2185 Wayfarer II

Ray-Ban RB2185 Wayfarer II sunglasses in black with green g-15 lenses

Ray-Ban RB2185 Wayfarer II in Black with G-15 Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RB2185 Wayfarer II

Not to be confused with the New Wayfarer, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer II is an all-new 2019 style, featuring a round shape and a comfortable, lightweight acetate frame as opposed to the square look and nylon frame of the New Wayfarer. The thin temples and slight cat-eye (perfect for angular faces) give these sunglasses a look of sophistication.

Ray-Ban RB3647N

Ray-Ban RB3647 sunglasses in black with g-15 lenses

Ray-Ban RB3647 in Black with G-15 Polarized Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RB3647N

The N in the Ray-Ban RB3647N means these sunglasses have a flat lens—this combined with their round shape provides a unique and contemporary look to any wearer. The thin, full metal frame and double bridge further serve this pair's striking style and irresistible appeal.

Ray-Ban RB3548N

Ray-Ban RB3548N Hexagonal in Gold with Copper Mirror Lenses

Ray-Ban RB3548N Hexagonal in Gold with Copper Mirror Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RB3548N Hexagonal

Part of Ray-Ban's @Collection pairing iconic styles with new frame and lens colors, the Ray-Ban RB3548N features a flat lens for a subtle yet interesting look. The thin metal frame with acetate temple tips quietly accents the unique hexagonal shape, while the combination of curved edges and angles means these shades are both round and square at the same time. If you want the trendiest sunglasses, you can't go wrong with the RB3548N.

Ray-Ban RB3447

Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Metal in Matte Silver with Silver Mirror Lenses

Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Metal in Matte Silver with Silver Mirror Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Metal

Another retro look that's making a comeback, the Ray-Ban RB3447 finishes off our list and is sure to turn heads with its round shape and metal temples. These sunglasses feature a curved brow bar, adjustable nose pads, and plastic temple tips to ensure a comfortable fit; a style popularized by both musicians and counterculture frontrunners in the 1960s.

Ray-Ban RB2168 Meteor

Ray-Ban RB2168 Meteor

Ray-Ban RB2168 Meteor in Striped Havana with Light Brown lenses

Shop Ray-Ban RB2168 Meteor

Kicking off this list is the Ray-Ban Meteor, a retro pair of sunglasses sure to make you stand out like a shooting star—they look good on anyone, but they're an especially great fit if you have a heart-shaped face. Featuring a unique striped gradient frame made out of lightweight and durable acetate, these shades are an alternate Wayfarer style and a good alternative to the Clubmaster if you prefer a fully acetate frame over an acetate/metal one. Make a modern statement while calling back to the 50s with these snazzy shades.

Other Recs

Didn't quite find your style here? No problem! View our best of 2018 list here, or shop all our Ray-Ban women's sunglasses here. You're sure to find something you like in our extensive collection.

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