Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses manage to never go out of style and always remain popular. However, often times buying Ray-Bans can be confusing! Here at SportRx, we acknowledge this reality and are committed to helping you find the Ray-Bans that work best for you. Check out our guide below where Sunglass Rob and Tyler from SportRx break down the critical differences between the different Ray-Ban Aviator sizes.

The most popular Ray-Ban aviator design that you’ll see on a day-to-day basis is the RB 3025. The RB 3025 comes in four different sizes, and with the timeless lens shape of the aviators, it can be difficult to determine which size to order. That’s why we personally measured each Ray-Ban aviator and listed their measurements below.

A point that’s important to note is that in the sunglasses industry, when one refers to a “bridge length” the measurement refers to the narrowest point between the lenses. All Ray-Ban aviators have the same bridge length. Scared that this bridge length won’t work for you? No worries, because every nose piece is adjustable. No matter if you have a small head size, or if your head is so big that it has a gravitational pull, Ray-Ban aviators will work.

Also, another confusing part of the Ray-Ban aviator buying process is the naming. While many Ray-Ban aviators will be referred to as the RB 3025, there is also the RB 3026. Upon first glance, these two models look exactly the same. We measured the specifications of both models and found that both have the exact same specifications. What’s the difference? We found that the only difference between the models is that there are certain colors available in the RB 3025, but not the RB 3026, and vice-versa. Now, next time you panic at the sight of the RB 3026, don’t worry. It’s pretty much the same as the RB 3025.

RB 3025

Ray Ban Aviators, RB 3025, Prescription Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Aviators (RB3025)


The smallest adult-sized Ray-Ban aviator in the collection, the 55 Eyesize refers to the lens width which is 55mm. Often times when buying, people with smaller head sizes will look to buy the smallest available size. Unfortunately, Ray-Ban Aviator sizing is tricky. The smallest available model in the Aviator line is the 52 Eyesize, a size primarily made for children. With that being said, the 55 Eyesize usually works well for most women. However, the luxury of Aviator’s unisex design allows men with smaller heads to rock this size as well. Below are the measurements we took of the model:

Frame Dimensions

  • Lens Width: 55mm
  • Lens Height: 46mm
  • Bridge: 14mm
  • Temple to Temple: 130mm
  • Temple Length: 135mm


The mid sized model in the Ray Ban Aviator collection is Eyesize 58. This size works well with medium to large head sizes, and with how large the Eyesize 62 is, the 58 is usually a happy medium. At SportR, we measured all aspects and parts of the model and listed the measurements below.

Frame Dimensions

  • Lens Width: 58mm
  • Lens Height: 49mm
  • Bridge: 14mm
  • Temple to Temple: 137mm
  • Temple Length: 135mm


The largest model in the Ray-Ban Aviator collection, the Eyesize 62 works best for those with larger heads. In our video, this pair worked best for Sunglass Rob, so if you think your needs are similar, this is the pair for you!


  • Lens Width: 61.5mm
  • Lens Height: 53mm
  • Bridge: 14mm
  • Temple to Temple: 146mm
  • Temple Length: 140mm


The final size in the Ray Ban Aviator collection is the Eyesize 52. Commonly referred to as the RB 3044, this size works best for children. So, if you’re an adult looking for the smallest adult size, go with the Eyesize 55. But if you’re trying to be the coolest kid on the block, this is the pair for you!

  • Lens Width: 50mm
  • Lens Height 40mm
  • Bridge: 14mm
  • Temple to Temple: 122mm
  • Temple Length: 135mm

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