Any fisherman knows that having the right pair of eyewear is essential out on the open water. Through applying patented lens and frame technology to fishing specific designs, Oakley has earned the respect of the most hardcore fisherman out there. Oakley fishing sunglasses give you the protection and comfort needed to make your next fishing excursion a trip to remember.

Oakley Fishing

Frame Technology

O Matter

Oakley's proprietary frame material is designed to handle any water activity. O Matter is highly durable and lightweight for the best of both worlds. Long gone are the days of having to worry about your sunglasses breaking. O Matter was specifically designed to be impact resistant and pliable while keeping weight down.


Unobtanium grip is what put Oakley on the map. First introduced as a motorcycle hand grip in 1975, Unobtanium found its use in eyewear shortly after. What makes this material so significant is it's ability to become sticker and tackier the more you sweat. You don't have to worry about your Oakley sunglasses sliding down your nose when you are busy reeling in a big catch.

Three Point fit

Being out on the water for hours on end means you need a super comfortable fit that can be worn all day long. Oakley sunglasses are designed with a Three Point Fit System which equally balances the pressure of the frames between your nosebridge and temples. Even pressure of the frames on your face creates a much more comfortable fit.


PRIZM Lens Technology

Oakley PRIZM Lens Technology works by manipulating the light spectrum and boosting contrast to make everything in your environment more vivid and easier to see. Over fifteen years of research and development went into PRIZM Technology and it was worth it! The lenses are absolutely amazing and each one is designed for a specific environment. Whether you are hitting the open waters or heading inland to a nearby river, there is a PRIZM lens for you.

PRIZM Shallow Water

PRIZM Shallow Water Polarized boosts green and copper hues making fish easier to spot. PRIZM Shallow Water will also keep the whites bright so you can spot the flash of fish, making them easier to track. The boost in contrast is also key in seeing shadow movement below the surface of the water. The improved contrast you get from these lenses will give you the upper hand over your next catch.

PRIZM Deep Water

PRIZM Deep Water lens enhances contrast by filtering out shades of blue. This makes it easier to see the other colors of the light spectrum that your eyes are sensitive to. In turn, seeing detail becomes easier. If you're a fisherman, this means spotting fish beneath the surface will be easier. PRIZM technology allows you to see into the water instead rather than the reflection coming off the surface. We even have a comparison of PRIZM Deep and Shallow Water so you can find the right lens for your needs.

oakley prizm deep water


Glare can ruin your day. It causes headaches and makes seeing anything below the surface of the water impossible. PRIZM Deep Water lenses are HDPolarized for optimal glare protection. HDPolarized is Oakley's patented polarized lens technology that blocks 99% of reflective glare! They are so successful at fighting glare because each set of lenses is made at the same time to guarantee the axis of polarization is centered across both. Other brands manufacture their lenses at different times which throws off the axis of polarization and lets more glare pass through the lens. This can lead to eye fatigue and a ruined day because of a splitting headache. Both PRIZM Deep Water and Shallow Water also have an iridium coating which acts as a mirror to protect your eyes and help reflect light away from the lens.


Oakley HD Polarized


Plutonite lens material is yet another reason why Oakley makes the best fishing sunglasses around. Plutonite is an impact resistant, high-grade polycarbonate lens. This proprietary lens material is extremely lightweight and blocks 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC rays and blue light up to 400 nanometers.

Plutonite Polarized

Not all Plutonite lenses are polarized. Since a polarized lens is a necessity on water, PRIZM Shallow and Deep Water are only available as a polarized lens. Many competitors make polarized lenses by sandwiching a polarized film between layers which are held together by glue. This method creates a clouded and distorted view because your eye is looking through multiple layers. All Oakley Plutonite Polarized lenses are manufactured in an infusion molding process to produce one, single-layered lens for uncompromising clarity.

Top Oakley Fishing Sunglasses

We have a complete guide to the Best Oakley Fishing Sunglasses of 2019 if you are looking for additional recommendations.

Oakley Split Shot

prizm shallow water

Oakley Split Shot in Polished Black with PRIZM Shallow Water

Shop Oakley Split Shot

The Split Shot is Oakley's first water-specific sunglass. Every single feature you need out on the water has been incorporated into this frame.

Frame Features:

  • Leash Equipped- A 20” lightweight coated woven steel leash (integrated into the frame but can easily be removed) keeps the sunglasses on your face or around your neck, so you can move seamlessly throughout your day.


  • Hat Compatibility- The Brow line is sloped down on the edges, avoiding contact with the brim of a curved hat. And the temple arms are slim enough to fit under a hat for maximum comfort all day long.


  • Wraparound Design- The wraparound style with extended coverage on the sides and top of the frame gives you added protection from the harsh glare off the water.


  • Unobtanium Grip- A saddle bridge with Unobtanium grip keeps these frames secure and comfortable on your face.


Oakley Turbine

Oakley Turbine with PRIZM Deep Water

Oakley Turbine in Polished Black with PRIZM Deep Water Polarized

Shop Oakley Turbine

Grip, fit, and coverage all come standard in the Oakley Turbine.

Frame Features:

  • O Matter- You get the best of both worlds with a lightweight and durable frame construction.


  • Wraparound Design- Wrap is everything a fishing sunglass. Thick temple arms and curved lenses give you the coverage you need without sacrificing your peripheral views.


  • Unobtanium Grip- Unobtanium nosepads and temple arms increase grip even if you break a sweat.

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