If you are on or around water, having proper eyewear is a main priority. Protection from the sun, glare, and other elements is essential. Whether you are reeling in your next big catch or just hanging with friends, there are certain features that make a sunglass more suitable for a water environment. Oakley identified these needs and created the brand's first water-specific sunglass. The Split Shot features an integrated leash, hat compatibility, and maximum peripheral coverage, making it everything you need for any water activity.

Sunglass Rob and Oakley representative, Nick Farnham, check out the Split Shot in this video. See what they have to say and why they are claiming it as the ultimate water sunglass.

The Oakley Split-Shot is designed for a waterman who wants a reliable sunglass that can deliver in a wide range of conditions. Below, we take a closer look at what makes this frame an integral part of any water enthusiast's equipment.

split shot deep water polarized

Oakley Split Shot in Matte Black with PRIZM Deep Water Polarized

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Split-Shot Features:

  • Full Coverage- The Split Shot was modeled after the Turbine and features similar wraparound coverage. A wraparound frame like this prevents light from coming in through the sides or back of the frame and bouncing off the inside of the lens into your eyes. Extended side shields and a drawn-out frame top block light and keep your eyes safe. The wider lenses maximize your field of vision by increasing your peripheral view.


  • Hat Compatibility- Many water-goers prefer to wear a hat for more coverage out on the water. Nothing is worse than having to choose between your favorite hat or favorite sunglasses when you prefer to wear both. Now, you don’t have to choose one over the other because the Split Shot is built with a hat compatible design. The Brow line is sloped down on the edges, avoiding contact with the brim of a curved hat. And the temple arms are slim enough to fit under a hat for maximum comfort all day long.


  • Leash Equipped- Most sunglasses have a sock that slips over the end of the temple which is attached to the leash. Obvious problems occur from this because it is not fully secure and often hard to remove or attach. Oakley engineers developed the Integrated Retainer System, a lightweight and highly flexible 20" leash made of coated woven steel. This is a reliable and secure way to ensure the frames stay around your neck or on your face when you need them to.


  • Three-point Fit System- Oakley’s three-point fit system works to eliminate pressure points by evenly distributing the weight behind the ears and on the nose. This creates a comfortable fit that can be worn for extended periods. The saddle nosebridge is constructed entirely of Unobtanium so it makes even contact with your entire nose and won’t be moving around even if you break a sweat. O Matter frame construction is highly durable and lightweight, proving again that these frames are reliable in a variety of conditions.


  • PRIZM Lens Technology- The ultimate frame design of the Split Shot is complimented perfectly with PRIZM lenses. Oakley introduced PRIZM lenses to enhance the contrast in specific environments. It works by filtering out the noisy colors while simultaneously boosting the colors that your eye is most sensitive to. If you're a fisherman, this means spotting fish beneath the surface will be much easier. PRIZM technology allows you to see into the water rather than just the reflection coming off the surface.

PRIZM Deep Water and PRIZM Shallow Water Lens Technology

There are two types of PRIZM lenses that are designed specifically for water environments. PRIZM Deep Water Polarized is ideal for open water and deep sea conditions. PRIZM Shallow Water Polarized is designed for inland water features such as streams, rivers, and lakes. We also have a more information on the differences between PRIZM Deep and PRIZM Shallow lenses.

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