Any experienced water goer knows that having the right pair of sunglasses is an essential part of your gear. Whether you are a deep sea fisherman or love hitting the open water with friends on the weekends, Oakley PRIZM lenses will protect your eyes and make your adventure more enjoyable. In this review we take a closer look at how PRIZM Deep Water lenses enhance your open water experience.

PRIZM Deep Water Polarized lenses are designed for open water and deep sea conditions. Being surrounded by water as far as your eyes can see is exhilarating. But after being out for a few hours, the overwhelming shades of blue can make it hard to pick up on details in the water. PRIZM and HDPolarized technologies combine to give you the contrast and protection needed out on the open water.

PRIZM Deep Water Lens Benefits:

  • Contrast- The PRIZM Deep Water lens enhances contrast by filtering out shades of blue. This makes it easier to see the other colors of the light spectrum that your eyes are sensitive to. In turn, seeing detail becomes easier. If you're a fisherman, this means spotting fish beneath the surface will be easier. PRIZM technology allows you to see into the water instead rather than the reflection coming off the surface.


  • Protection- Glare can ruin your day. It causes headaches and makes seeing anything below the surface of the water impossible. PRIZM Deep Water lenses are HDPolarized for optimal glare protection. HDPolarized is Oakley's patented polarized lens technology. The lenses are manufactured in an infusion molding process to produce one, single-layered lens for uncompromising clarity. Many competitors sandwich a polarized film between layers which are held together by glue. This method creates a clouded and distorted view because your eye is looking through multiple layers.


  • HDPolarized- Oakley polarized lenses are made as a single pair to guarantee the axis of polarization is centered across both lenses. Other brands manufacture their lenses at different times which throws off the axis of polarization and lets more glare pass through the lens. This can lead to eye fatigue and a ruined day because of a splitting headache. PRIZM Deep Water lenses also have an iridium coating which acts as a mirror to protect your eyes and help reflect light away from the lens.
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Activities: Off-shore fishing and boating

Light Conditions: Bright

Protection: 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC

Available in prescription: Yes

Polarized: Yes

Base Color: Rose

VLT: 12-20%

*VLT(visible light transmission)- measurement of the amount of light that passes through a lens to your eyes. A darker lens will have a lower VLT because less light is traveling through the lens.

What is PRIZM?

Oakley engineered PRIZM lens technology to enhance the contrast in specific environments. It works by filtering out the noisy colors while simultaneously boosting the colors that your eye is most sensitive to. Sharpening your visual acuity will allow you to perform at your best and enjoy the richness in colors that only PRIZM can provide.

With the abundance of water features that exist, Oakley saw a need for another water-specific lens. That is why Oakley developed the PRIZM Shallow Water lens for inland water features such as streams, rivers, and lakes. We also have a comparison of PRIZM Shallow and PRIZM Deep Water if you want to see how they stack up against one another. So whether you are voyaging the open sea or fishing on a river, there is a PRIZM lens for you.

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